Sexiest Man Of The Month: Dan Murphy

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Nothing speaks of one’s achievements as loudly as your actions. This could be the most suitable mantra to outsmart negativities in the popularity game. Take it from a man whose well-maintained physique and talent positioned him on top of his game while staying humble. As StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Month for the month of July 2015, Murfeedee or Dan Murphy represents the importance of healthy lifestyle and how it helps him in the glamorous industry.

Dan’s path to the modelling industry began when he met the awesome photographer Pedro Virgil. The conversation had opened floodgates of opportunities for him as it turned into his first ever photo shoot. He remembered being nervous and out of his comfort zone but he is a risk-taker more than anything else. That experience had boosted his self-confidence and shaped the model that we know today.

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He is aptly created for this industry. The variety and the experience that he gets from his career have revealed unique opportunities that he would have never discovered if he did not open himself to it at the beginning. Dan embraces all aspects of his career including the lows, although he believes that modelling does not pose any downside to it as it just depends on your perspective. Indeed he is a good opportunist who accepts everything in for knowledge and memorable moments. These can be sourced through his list of acting performances and modelling stints.

You may have wondered how he juggles different industries at the same time, from acting, to modelling, and managing his gym, Aventus Health and Fitness, but his drive springs from his dedication to his craft. Dan loves connecting with all types of people and owning a gym which kind of becomes a rendezvous for interesting people. This allowed him to meet amazing personalities such as Dwayne Johnson, Paul Fenech, the Housos crew, and numerous fitness industry celebrities. He was also once invited by Paramount Pictures and the TV show The Project to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Terminator Premier. The connection is almost endless. This mirrors his fascination with people and their journeys.

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Despite all his accomplishments, Dan never allows the attention to drown him. He ensures that he’s grounded all the time by surrounding himself with the people he loves and who love and support him unconditionally. Always with a good head on his shoulder, he believes that one’s worth can never be based on his physique. He shares that while looking after physical self is important, this should not overpower the attractiveness of having the right attitude.

Dan Murphy

Dan continues to acquire more memorable experiences and hopes that it will grow even more as he plans to explore the industry further. He aims to continue building a strong brand for Aventus Health and Fitness while he immerses deeply into modelling, TV, or radio. ‘I love the idea of people and being able to share my positive energy and to generate smiles and happiness’, he ends.


1. Last good movie I’ve seen. San Andreas

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? To me it is more than looks. It’s an action or a point of view, a personality or how you speak, a selfless act, and also it is the life itself. Why? Because it’s how I see it and choose to see it and how I know whether someone has a good heart. I refuse any negative people or energy into my life, that way I can only see how good or beautiful things really are.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Become a presenter in TV or radio but I’m working on it.

4. Complete this sentence: ‘If I had no fear, I’d…’ That’s tricky because I have no fear in taking risks. That’s when life becomes exciting!

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My over-persistent nature. I am a very persistent person and I will always push for an answer or to get something which I would assume could come off extremely annoying! LOL

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