Sexiest Man Of The Month For July 2016: Zac Steel


I’m sure every lady is screaming when they get hold of this month’s Sexiest Man. Zac Preston, also known as Zac Steel. He certainly know how to charm a crowd with his sizzling hot body, big heart, and one of a kind personality.

This sweet and gorgeous lad is actually a male stripper. Yes, you read it right.

He is in fact one of the stunning young men featured in Magic Men, which is now quite popular in Melbourne. Magic Men is inspired by the movie Magic Mike starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey, which was aimed to give people a new and different view on the male stripping industry.


Zac enlightens us that the Magic Men has changed how people should look at male strippers. It is not about being sexual, nor is it anything even close to prostitution. It is basically just entertainment, and providing people, mostly women safe and harmless fun. For a sneak peak, you can find him on the website

Before he got into Magic Men, he has done dozens of photo shoots. He has not signed up with any agency yet, however, he has had several experiences with modelling, which he also enjoys because it gives him the ability to capture a moment and create something out of it. “It a great way to reflect on the things that you have done in your life especially when you see a work you’ve done 5 years ago, and realize how far you have come”, says the sexy model.


He was also your regular high school student with two older brothers with an inter score of 82 when he graduated. He is fond of reading and researching about anything he finds fascinating in history. He has a wonderfully open mind, which he considers a flaw he would never change about himself.

Currently, he is one of the hottest attractions in Magic Men, which he also proud of. He shares that the most memorable experience of his career is touring with Magic Men. “To be a part of such a great company and to grow with them each year is one heck of an opportunity. There is honestly nothing like getting paid to travel around the world with some of your best mates. There is a reason why we sell out everywhere we go, and I think girls like the aspect that we are quite unique from other groups. Plus, the energy of the people around you when you walk into the room, or even when one of my colleagues is performing on stage can be quite addictive. There is a lot of positive energy and screaming flowing around in that place. I love it”, he added.


Though his family has not been very supportive of his career choices because of the negative and traditional notions towards male strippers, he continued to push for what he believed in. When they saw that he is passionate about it, and explained what his work really is about, Zac family had eventually supported his choices.

He further reveals that working with the company has led him to meet the most interesting people all over the world. “Everyone has a different story. Being a part of a lively crowd, who is there to watch their show can be quite exhilarating. It feels good to make people smile and laugh and allow them to let go of some of their worries for awhile and let them enjoy life, which people should. It is definitely an amazing experience,” Zac tells us.

He explains that there is more to it than stripping. “Every situation is always so different from the next, it is a form of entertainment and the hot men are there to perform and make every girl in the room special. Stripping five years ago is associated with sleaze bags offering cheap rates just to be unprofessional towards the girls, which is completely different to what it is now. Magic Men has turned it into flashing lights, back flips, bow ties, smiles and most importantly, respect, which exactly what girls want when they come to see the show,” he continues.


According to Zac, the most valuable lesson that anyone in his industry should remember is to be humble. “Yes, people will say you’re hot or that you are a good dancer, or that you have a wonderful physique, but all of that will not matter when you behave arrogantly. Being friendly and humble is adamant. It can be hard to stay humble especially when you start growing as a celebrity in the industry but you just need to constantly remember where you came from. And, at the end of the day, you are no different from the guy standing next to you. You cannot let the flashing lights and the screaming girls get to your head,” he discloses.

Surely, this attractive and humble man has a number of wonderful things in stored in his future. He plans to continue growing in the field he has chosen like to become a professional model or a performer. Most of all, he just wants to see the world, survive dangerous adventures, see behind closed doors, break down barriers, and maybe adopt 30 dogs.

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