10 Sexiest Men for the Month of June

10.  Nathaniel Roberto


Nathaniel was actually voted as StarCentral Magazine’s “male look of the year” for this year’s Entertainment Awards. He first got a taste of the modeling scene when he entered Model Quest back in 2003, where he ended up placing as runner up. Determined to follow through with his goals, he entered Model Quest yet again the following year and that time he ended up becoming the ultimate winner. Contrary to what some people might think, Nathaniel is just your average guy who enjoys sports such as basketball and touch football. He studies Science at University and he’s also a youth leader for the “revolution youth group.” We only have one thing to say about Nathaniel – What a hunky man of God!

9. Christian Elamparo


Christian Elamparo is a full blooded Filipino who has been raised mostly in Columbia, South Carolina. At present, he’s a full time student at the University of South Carolina and is currently studying Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He’s an extremely hardworking individual who is utterly dedicated in reaching the goals that he has set for himself. With each new project that he tackles, he hopes to expand his horizons as well as expand his portfolio. Well one thing’s for sure, this hunk has just expanded to number 9 on our sexiest list for the month of June!

8. Matt Cusson


Not only has Matt been blessed with good looks, this man is also a singer/songwriter who has a suave, sexy and soulful voice as well. As a singer he has already received a stack of attention from not only his fans, but also from entertainment industry heavy hitters such as James Taylor, Brian McKnight and Randy Jackson. They’ve all actually raved about how extraordinary and how gifted Matt is, as an artist. He’s genre is a mix of RnB, jazz, pop, gospel, soul and rock – proving just how versatile he is as a singer. His versatility is what actually earned him a spot in Christina Aguilera’s tour as well as share the same stage and studio with renowned artists such as Babyface, Bebe Winans, Jon B and Jessica Simpson, just to name a few. Matt’s impressive talent and overall hunk appeal definitely ensures that he is here to stick around.

7. Anthony


Here’s a guy that can surely make heads turn and mouths drool. With his alluring mix of Filipino and Italian good looks – he is irresistible! Not only is he an eye candy though, he’s also a smart savvy individual who has graduated with a BA in business management. He has a bizarre addiction to adrenaline which somehow draws him to death defying activities; basically he’s tried everything but bungee jumping. He keeps his athletic stature and physique by surfing for 15 years and by riding sports bikes. He also enjoys traveling and experiencing life by just getting out there and being spontaneous, he’s always up for new adventures. A spontaneous and adventurous sexy hunk? We like that!

6. Barry Southgate


Barry spent his childhood on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa where he still has fond memories of chilling with his family and enjoying a good time. He then moved to New Zealand to spend his teen years and then finally to Sydney to begin his new life. Aside from being an attractive and cultured guy, he was also blessed with a beautiful voice. He grew up in a house full of music where he would often hear Stevie Wonder, Chicago and Earth, Wind and fire, Elton John or Nat King Cole playing in the background. Hearing these songs actually inspired him to pursue a career within the music industry. Barry has stunning good looks and a soothing voice to serenade women with – what more can you want from a guy?

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