Top 5 sexiest men for the month of August 5 sexiest men of the month is a top-list of the sexiest up and coming as well as established men from all over the world.

5. Darko Vukosavljev


Darko was originally from Serbia but has now moved to New York to pursue a modelling career. He’s a graphic design student who is currently on his masters. He likes working out, making people laugh, modelling, and designing. He has high ambitions and he wants to be make it big in the Fashion industry.


4. Andy Rother




Andy is currently studying Bachelor of Business majoring in Management. He hasn’t really done any modelling before, but is open for future possibilities. He went straight from school into completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science degree and now he is currently working for his father in their business of controlling the production line.


3. Thomas Stubbings




Thomas first got a taste of being a model about a year ago when he got into the finals of an Australian modeling competition ran by Replay and Oyster Magazine. He takes modeling as it comes, and he definitely wants to build a career in the Fashion industry. He also wants to be a Fashion Buyer later and is currently on the slow path to achieving that dream right now.


2. Harris Constantine Karatzetzos




Harris is an interesting mix of Greek and Filipino. He’s currently finishing his final semester of honours in bachelor of visual communications and he is at present a freelance designer and promoter for NOJON entertainment. He’s a down to earth guy, humble in nature and unique in his tastes. Although he has not modeled professionally as of yet, he has actually been involved in various photo shoots for various people.


1. Tyler Stokes: A damn sexy product of Vegas.




Most people go to Vegas to gamble.

Some people go to Vegas purely to check out hot men and hot women that float around in casinos. Now if your main reason in hitting Vegas was mainly to check out hot guys, then I’m pretty sure you would have looked twice if you ever came across this sexy hunk!

Meet Tyler Stokes: StarCentral Magazine’s sexiest man for the month of August!

Tyler originally moved to Los Angeles about a year ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to further pursue a career in modelling and acting. He was actually discovered in Vegas out of all places, hence, the Vegas introduction. There was a competition in Vegas where he competed in the modelling and acting divisions – and he actually won “Model of the Year!” Since then he has gone and signed with Ford Modelling Agency and the rest you can say is history.

Now Tyler might work hard when it comes to his modelling career, but he also knows how to have a good time. His inspiration apparently stems from wanting to help fix his family’s financial issues – now isn’t he such a darling hunk of a man?

When asked what his future plans are, he simple responded with “I don’t have any set plans for the future, I just plan to let modelling take me wherever it does.”

Well Tyler, wherever the wind takes you, we will definitely be keeping a lookout for you!


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