Sexiest Men Of The YEAR

If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the sexiest men of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Alternatively, if you’re already twittering away right now, why don’t you add us on Twitter and send us a message expressing your interest?


Vote for who you think should be the “sexiest man of the YEAR” in the poll below! Whoever ends up in the top 10 out of the whole list will not just be featured on our website but will also be featured in the special February issue of our magazine next year with the winner gaining the most exposure! The poll closes on the 6th of January, 2010 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!


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  1. I see Michael in person once in a while. What’s the hype? There’s plenty of better looking Asian males. Michael is not deserving of starcentralmagazine sexiest man. Why? Because it’s basically all his asian friends spreading that link all over facebook, and everyone just votes because they wanna be cool.

  2. Hey Fashion Magazine CD who do you think you are you stuck up Fashion Queen wannabe!

    SORRY mr Creative Director for a Fashion Magazine, StarCentral is nothing but a speck of dust compared to your AWESOMENESS! We all bow at your marvelous feet oh famous one! Geez …. Get a hold of yourself.

    StarCentral Mag has been featuring up and coming artists for a number of years now so I they’ve garnered quite a high readership and I don’t think it would hurt Aaron’s career at all if he is featured as the sexiest man of the year! What’s stuck up your ass creative director for a Fashion Magazine? Your dog didn’t give you some again?? Oh poor you, better get your fashionable friends to tickle your hiney again!

    Oh and what are you doing in the StarCentral site wasting your time to post nonesense comments? Why waste your time in such a small site when you have SUPER FAMOUS things to look after?? It doesn’t add up! So shut your trap because you’re also one of the IDIOTS who supposedly got tricked into visiting this website. At least StarCentral is doing something to help these up coming models and artists to move up in their careers!

  3. Come on guys… are you serious? What kind of fame can you get from StarCentral Magazine?! Aaron had a better chance with Esquire or whatever it was that he had modeled for before… this is such a joke…

    You do know that StarCentral just tricked everyone into giving them lots of hits to their websites… it’s not going to benefit anyone… haha.

    Best wishes,

    Creative Director for a Fashion Magazine that happened to stumble upon this idiotic competition

  4. You are disgusting get a life, shatting on someones face is disturbing. I actually sharted on his lower back but it was a shart not a shat. grow up and get a life.


  6. From Michael,

    “I just wanted to give thanks to each and every one of you for all of your support…at this point, having all of you on my side has meant the world to me and honestly means more to me than actually winning. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for your friendship and support.

    Cheers and Happy New Year,

    Mike “

  7. Seeing how many and how close the votes were, I hope StarCentral can take into consideration the .0017% vote difference and feature both sexy men. ; )

    I’ll buy your magazine if you do.

    Congratulations, Aaron! Way to go, Michael!

    Also, congrats to the Top 10!

  8. However it is, Michael wins in our heart because of his natural appearance, and if you get to know him, his wonderful personality and demeanor.

    Congratulation all for having make it here. To Michael, it’s a chance StarCentral Magazine lost to know you more.

    I didn’t know one can gain so much votes during sleeping hours of the nights to beat Michael w/in a few hours. T-T

  9. If it’s any consolation to anybody here, I asked around ucsb for their opinions, and found that 24 out of about 30 or so thought Mike had a fresh approach to it. His look has been described as “made for a magazine cause it seems like he’s teasing you to peek inside and read what’s in it.” I’m not dissing anybody here, I’m just saying what I’ve heard after hearing from other people.

  10. I completely agree with California Love. We support our homegrown hero. (And our Californians :D)!

    I will have to differ with the statements goAaron and Damien has been saying.

    So what? Michael has an impact as a committed Debate coach and positive figure in the local area’s schools. Don’t hate on the fact that he actually has a good support base that has these students, because hey, to him, he is LOCAL TALENT, and beautiful inside and out. I’m not saying you’re not genuine to your work, or support, but really, to judge someone who’s fresh in the business on the basis that they need a flashy portfolio is a bit elitist and rude.

    There’s sexy, and there’s charming sexy. I’ve seen many people with the same features here. If you wanna say that Michael’s nothing special, look outside mates, there’s other gorgeous brown, green, gray or blue eyed, dark or light haired guys who are just as good looking. It’s just a matter of luck, and support.

    I also agree with a post earlier. Aaron’s portfolio is very professional and gorgeous!!! (need I any more emphasis?) but maybe the fact he is so CK, AX ad ready, only made others more fresh. I swore I thought he was Channing Tatum’s character in various movies with that shot.

    I don’t know the other people’s stories, so I won’t take a stab at anything.

    I’m just supporting my homegrown hero.

  11. @go Aaron
    “BUT if you look at Michael’s Potfolio on MM, compare him to the rest he shouldn’t be on top. His picutres are not Professionally taken unlike the others on MM. Others have work a lot harder than him.”

    I wasn’t aware juggling jobs as an aspiring actor and model while dealing with his “real” job of being a substitute teacher and coaching the speech and debate team (in the process, giving up many of his weekends) isn’t working hard enough.

    If anything, the elitism that permeates throughout your comment is flat out wrong. You are entitled to your opinion on who is the “sexiest person” is. But when you say that, “Oh, his pictures aren’t professional, it’s obvious that he doesn’t work hard enough,” it just shows your vast misunderstanding at someone’s situation. Perhaps you should get off your high perch and your head out of the clouds and look at reality, a reality that you are in no position to critique.

    On a less directed note:
    Like others have said; it’s a popularity contest. No need to make ad hominem attacks on the candidates; it just makes you seem juvenile. May the most popular win.

  12. Here’s an excerpt from StarCentral Magazine’s website:

    “…the concept for StarCentral Magazine is derived from the need to establish a publication that informs and promotes local talents from all over the world. The aim of the magazine is to make our readers aware that there is so much hidden talent out there. Our main objective is to encourage the local community to support their homegrown heroes.”

    To encourage, not to discourage.

    The point is to support your homegrown heroes and to expose us all of the different talent out there. You have guys here who are already established models with a vast portfolio vs. those who are just starting out who are looking for a break. That’s the life of the model and aspiring model. You get the break you need or you look for another one.

    I’m glad Michael and Aaron are on top. California knows how to party. 😉

  13. To me, Michael looks like the rest of high school students. I see a lot of asian guys with his looks and its the same thing. Nothing sexy. Its the same boring look. I vote for Aaron.

  14. I agree with Damien Shippee. I honestly think that Michael is ahead of everyone because he has convinced many high school students and others to vote. BUT if you look at Michael’s Potfolio on MM, compare him to the rest he shouldn’t be on top. His picutres are not Professionally taken unlike the others on MM. Others have work a lot harder than him. I’ve met Michael in person before because he was a sub-teacher for my high school. He is just an average guy. And the other thing is that I don’t think Michael should be the SEXIEST man of the year, honestly. Look at the others and their portfolio on MM.

  15. =] Please feel free to add me to facebook. Or my MM. I think my work will speak for itself. Good luck to the top 2…And i just checked out Michael’s MM…and it looks like he commissioned a random stranger with a sony cybershot to take his pics. Someone needs to book him a hair stylist next time. It’s true it’s a contest on who can convince their friends to vote, but honestly compare his work/look to aaron, troy, and travis. I mean honestly it should be them on top.

    Good luck…and btw whoever threw out the asian jokes…they weren’t funny.

  16. and maybe a little bit asian haha=D I was actually thinking about getting some dim sum, and maybe some shabu shabu. <3

  17. Hey people, I’m with Rock. If you guys are voting for someone who is clearly not in the lead (aka people other than Michael and Aaron) then vote for the stain!!!!! (otherwise known as Troy) no lie, let’s see how many votes we can give this guy before the competition ends! Maybe we can get him to win and l go home with the prize money to buy himself some toilet paper to wipe that shit off of his face. lol 🙂

  18. I admire the fact that Michael and Aaron are both in the lead. One thing I noticed is that Aaron is coming in second for a particular reason. His looks are not original. I feel like I have seen many of Aaron’s before in my life and Michael just has that fresh look that no one else has.

  19. @aaronFTW

    Not taking any side, but just to note, don’t assume that every woman like “men with a good-looking tone cut body.”
    Just want to say, this is all opinions. Can’t everyone just get along and vote for the person that they like and not resort to insult? All of them have worked hard to get picked for the final selection. All of them deserve recognition.

  20. Competition really brings out the worst in people with their petty remarks, like “Name” up there, and like a lot of comments from all sides of this poll. Anyone who knows Michael wouldn’t call him a douche bag unless he stole their last cookie, and he wouldn’t take the last cookie without having it offered in the first place. If he took the last cookie after being offered it, he’d split it with you, giving up the bigger half.

    Michael is the friendliest, funnest, and most creative guy I know. He’d do anything for his friends and anyone who needs a helping hand, even if it means giving up most of his own time. Besides being sexy with his killer stare, he has a sophisticated charm and a strong yet welcoming presence. More importantly, he can serenade you and make you feel all giddy inside by reciting lines from Rocky IV.

    Now that is sexy.

  21. @ Hmm

    soo, why don’t u tell me what’s so sexy about Michael? Men should have sexy tone cut body not a Femle Body , DUHH, unless you are saying Michale is a female. jeeez… females are attracted to men with a good-looking tone cut body.

  22. whatever. Ryden isnt the most sexiest vietnamese guy, Michael is! He can sing much better and he’s way more sexy.

  23. so “Name”, why are you on this site then? Obviously if you know Michael then more than likely you don’t know any of these other contestants, so you’re just holding some kind of grudge perhaps and instead of actually facing your problems with Michael, you insult him via online? =/ Kind of sad in my opinion. Also, if you’re going to say you’re on here to vote for whoever you’re voting for, shouldn’t you thank Michael for more than likely introducing you to this site? Could be indirectly due to you knowing Michael then you more than likely have mutual friends with Michael that are supporting him.

  24. And how much do you know Michael good sir? Are you saying everyone with a buff body is sexy? So are you saying you’d date a female body builder? Dear god that’s terrible. o_o

  25. THINK ABOUT IT! The reason Michael wears “clothes” in his photographs is because he doesn’t have a BODY to begin with!! DUH!! And Michael is a douche bag, as far as I’ve known him. Seriously.

  26. i totally think that osnp should get a life loser. ppl can say wat they want. AARON is not a cheater

  27. Okay either Aaron fans are really cheating, or hes just got alot of fans. At 9:20 AM Aaron had a 15 vote lead… 10 minutes later he had a 70 vote lead.

    Quite queer…P.S. I love you Barack Obama! Made my day hahaha.

  28. osnp! you are an idiot and a half! How the heck did you come up with 100 votes in 5 minutes at 4am?? I’ve been tracking this poll all this time and Ive never noticed Aaron receive 100 votes in 5 minutes! Michael just got 200 plus votes in 2 hours but do you see any Aaron fans complain about it?? NO! So stop sulking and whinning and go get a social life weirdo!

    PS. Oh, and just in case you’ve just finished kindergarten and don’t really know how the internet works, votes go up and down! Sometimes all it takes is one link at the right moment at the right time and someone can get a hundred votes in a split second. How do you think Michael gets his hundreds of votes on a constant basis?? Now that you’ve learned a little something about the web, you can go back to your room and play with yourself now you loser!

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