Sexiest Woman Of The Month For August 2012

Not many models like to be both in front and behind the camera. But that is just one of many things that’s unique about Monica Winczura, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for August 2012. Her fledgling career is not only fueled by the end result, the final image, but also by her desire to learn all that went into creating that image. So great is her respect for the team behind that final shot that she credits photographer, Japs Rodriguez, and make-up artist, Steph Ferré for helping her win the competition.

The 20-year old model/photographer was more proactive than others in starting her modeling career. “I was never actually discovered; I started off wanting to get some professional photos taken for an advertising & extras agency and I really enjoyed the photo shoot and the whole experience…” and since then has worked with multiple creative teams not just to expand her portfolio but to learn from them. “I have learnt so much…such as make up tips, photography ideas, and modelling skills. It’s the small details which I believe make a huge difference…”

But for Monica, her career is not about ‘being’ a model – that’s part of the job – it’s the entire creative experience behind it that keeps her motivated and interested. “I think modeling is similar to acting…I feel like a different person because I can change looks and emotions… the job doesn’t define who I am, and it definitely doesn’t affect who I am or my personality..” It is the imaginative side to the industry that inspires her. “I love being able to experiment with clothing styles, with make-up styles, with the location and with my body angles. I also love to connect with the camera through my eyes and being able to connect the viewer with the image.” To that end, she is currently in university, studying for a degree in Bachelor of Communications.

With her beauty, a level head and a down-to-earth attitude, Monica has all it takes for a long career – whether it be as the model or as the photographer.

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