Sexiest Woman of the Year for 2012!

“I guess I ‘accidentally’ fell into modeling…”  Stephanie Williamson, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Year for 2012, was asked by a family member to be the ring girl for their Muay Thai kickboxing show, ‘Shins of Steel.’  “From there I was asked to do promotional modeling, which then also grew into photographic modeling. The more I did, the more I was noticed and approached, so I have never really had to search for work. I….consider myself very blessed.” Modeling was always something that Stephanie wanted to try but for a long time, lacked the confidence to try.  But all that doubt vanished when at “…the first competition I ever entered, I won!  That really gave me a boost of confidence, and pushed me to try harder.”


The beautiful 23 year old from small town, Whyalla, South Australia, is not only a model but a dancer as well.  Mostly trained in hip-hop and jazz, she has been the podium and stage dancer for numerous night clubs around Australia, dance concerts, as well as participating (and winning!) in various dance competitions.  She admits that one day, she would like to try the ‘burlesque’ style of dancing, “…or something really feminine!!”


Being a model has allowed Stephanie the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences, and while she loves being “pampered” while on a shoot, her own fashion sense runs more towards casual than fashionable!  “I dress for comfort! I don’t really like sparkle and bling, I love natural colours, baggy tops and letting my hair do what it wants!”  She attributes her down-to-earth to earth nature to her being from a small town and surrounding herself with people who ground her like her parents whom she considers her role models (“…My dad is a businessman who works hard to achieve big. My mum is a country girl and she puts everyone before herself and could find happiness sitting under a tree. I take what I can from both my parents; to make myself a better person….”) as well as her ‘Whyalla parents’, Chrissy and Justin (“…I don’t think they realise how much they helped me…”).


For Stephanie, modeling has taught her many valuable lessons.  The most important being “…not compare myself to others. Everybody has their faults, this is what makes us unique!”  She understands that rejection comes with being in the industry “…and all you can do is accept it with composure, and carry on.”  This young woman’s looks and attitude are certainly huge points in her favour for a long and successful career.  “I am excited to see what the future holds!”

Photos by: Etch Studio

**portions of this article are taken from Stephanie’s interview with ‘Mediasearch’ by Carmine Pascuzzi

Stephanie’s StarNow profile:

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