Female Model of the Month for May 2013!

18 months ago, intrigued by the world of modeling, Sarah Stewart (tied for StarCentral Magazine’s Female Model of the Month for May 2013), decided to enter into a few competitions.  After competing in catwalk contests, she decided to try photographic modeling.  “…After landing a few shoots I just continued and still continue to gain as much experience in the industry…it’s definitely a newfound passion of mine.”

pnd75_34afPv6K5bKZyFbPcg2DJznAz0gjPjPKNd66I-Heidi Hannele

Photo by: Heidi Hannele

She may be considered a newcomer in the industry but this laid-back Aussie beauty has compiled an impressive portfolio that most veterans would envy.  She has competed in multiple competitions, pageants and has been featured in many a magazine.  She is also the brand ambassador for h3o Swimwear, the face of ‘Absolute Blond’ and is a model for hot brands such as Porsche and Ferrari.  Despite the hard work that goes into a shoot, Sarah enjoys “…getting the chance to feel glamorous…it’s still nice to get my hair, makeup and styling done.”

Having already met a lot of interesting individuals in her short time in the modeling world, Sarah counts her friend, photographer, Richard Higgins as the most interesting.  “…we usually talk more than shoot, and I always end up laughing myself into stitches…”  But perhaps her most memorable experience has been working with Australia’s foremost glamour photographer, Richard Arthur.  Arthur’s portfolio includes Australian TV shows as well as national and international magazines such as Zoo, Playboy, Maxim, FHM and Penthouse.  “…He’s a fantastic photographer with a great energy. I loved the glamour bikinis I got to wear and the hair and makeup was done by Lyndle Bryan who is absolutely incredible at what she does…”

DSC_5483-Edit-36-Oliver Higgins

Photo by: Oliver Higgins

Perhaps because of her successes, keeping herself grounded is a constant challenge – “It’s definitely not easy. I have days where I overthink my flaws and pick myself apart, just like everyone. But being grateful for what I do have and what I don’t have is something that keeps me grounded. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m grateful to have that. The rest doesn’t matter…”  She also sticks to the lessons she’s learned so far. “…go with your instincts always. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And also, that hard work pays off, and it’s not what you know but WHO you know.”

F9rCD0qxZVnVI3Y_C41h8LrK01MhcH2LbWbJ0voVBdI-Heidi Hannele

Photo by: Heidi Hannele

Sarah has many plans for her future and all are backed “100%” by her family.  The multi-talented 21-year old (she also plays the flute, has 10 years dance experience under her belt and has a degree in Childcare) hopes to one day be a model for Australian lingerie chain, ‘Bras N’ Things’.  “…I look up to their models and it’s always been a personal goal of mine. As for outside my career, I hope to get married in the next few years and I’d love to travel with my partner…”


What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

“Burts Bees lip balm”

What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks?

“I’m not that brave. I’ve never even changed from being blonde, but I recently got 3 inches cut off my hair, haha.”

What is in your makeup bag when you travel?

“Pretty much everything just in case I go out, but I usually don’t need the whole lot. Foundation, mascara, nude eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, a few lipsticks, bronzer and blush.”

What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself?

“The first thing I thought of when this question came up was physical flaws, but I suppose it applied to personality traits too. I probably wouldn’t change my stubbornness because it’s given me a lot of drive and motivation to achieve what I want.”

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