Sexiest Woman of the Month for October 2013!

Dominique Tells All: Defining the New Sexy!


One of the most prominent personalities in the world of modelling these days is Dominique, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for October 2013. She has been the face of the top Sri Lankan modelling magazine, ‘Modelz Mag,’ after being discovered at a shopping centre in Colombo. It was the Miss Sri Lanka pageant’s photographer who asked her for a photo shoot, which eventually lead to a two-page spread in the magazine.

When asked about the perks of modelling, the young lady said she’s delighted by the creativity exhibited by the hair and wardrobe stylists, photographers and artists, “…It’s a big collaboration and it’s always so exciting of what can be thought of next.”

While modelling can be exhausting due to countless pictorials and full-day photo shoots, she finds it to be a memorable experience. She treasures all the people she encounters every day. Dominique told us she feels grateful at how holistic the growth was and how these people have contributed to her as a person and model she is today.

Aside from her dreams to be in a magazine spread, she had also appeared as part of music videos, print ads and commercials. She always sees a day in the pictorial as a learning opportunity. She said, “They have all given me new insights, tips and confidence in modelling and my career couldn’t have taken off without every single one of them!”

When ask about the virtue she treasures that guides her in the stint as a model, she said she has learned how to be kind to everyone and most especially, to herself. Dominique acknowledges that this is a harsh industry but searching for the brighter things and finding the right opportunities helps you feel satisfied.

0008 (1)-SQI Photography 

Photo by: SQI Photography

While Dominique knows that nothing is permanent in the scene, she always makes sure she’s having fun. She has always sought for her family’s support and while she’s always tired, they became her backbone and have kept her sane. Her family is truly her inspiration from the get-go.

When asked about the future, without hesitation, she said she would love to travel and gain new experiences. This adventurous woman wants to find love and happiness, with the comforts of healthy living. She’s planning to prosper her career in acting as well.

Dominique Maber is turning twenty. Fun fact!?! She has a brother, Tristan, who plays guitar and collaborates with her on some songs. This half-Sri Lankan, half-English model is also single and based in Brisbane, Australia.

During her free time, she exposes herself to sports like long-boarding. She meditates and finds it relaxing to go on the beach while playing video games. She’s also a fan of computer games and consoles!

r6xwK-m9TcYCUB9BfLHU5u-wpNN5DqMfevNYAIZP4GE-Refugee Photo Imaging

Photo by: Refugee Photo Imaging

Among her other interests are fantasies, anime, poetry and reading. She’s a great fan of Tolkien and Stephen King! She’s also an artist – a painter at that! She hopes to exhibit her work and sell them on her website soon.

This optimistic girl recommends the movie Monty Python’s Life of Brian. She’s all about being real and finds honesty as the most important value. 

When asked about risking, she said, “If I had no fear, I’d fly with Virgin Galactic into sub-orbital space! One day!”

Truly an inspiration to miniature-sized models, Dominique stands 5’2” and she’s confident about it. She says she loves her height and it didn’t stop her from achieving her goals.


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