Female Model of the Month for November 2013!

There’s an old saying that persistence pays.  Well, it has certainly paid off for StarCentral’s Female Model of the Month for November 2013, Roxanna Clarke!  She describes an unconventional start to her modeling career – “…I messaged companies every week and I think people got sick of hearing me so hired me instead…” That refusal to accept ‘no’ started Roxanna’s successful run in front of the cameras.


The 23- year old’s familiarity with body image and fitness started in her early career as a professional cheerleader where she competed in events run by the British Cheerleading Association.  Her model physique is also maintained by her love for dance (as well as snowboarding, gym time, and dead lifting!).  She is classically trained in ballet but has since branched out into contemporary, jazz, disco and even salsa.  But don’t be fooled that Roxanna is only skin-deep.  One of her cherished dreams is “…I want my own Science or Discovery Channel programme… or have a job in a lab….I love science!!”

But for now, the UK-based beauty is making a name for herself as a promotional and print model nationally and internationally.  She has modeled for some of the biggest brands in the world such as motorcycle giants Ducati and Harley Davidson; high-end clothing labels Diesel and Religion, as well as skincare icon, L’Oreal.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg.  The variety of her modeling jobs perfectly plays into what Roxanna loves most about modeling – “…I love been in front of the camera and being able to express different characters of my personality…” But her favourite jobs by far are her swimwear shoots “…as I get to wear what I am most comfortable in!”  After all, who can hate being able to work by the beach?!  It is no surprise then that her favourite job so far was a beach shoot in Marbella, Spain.  “…I woke up every day at 5 am just to watch the other girls shoot and run on the beaches when we had finished sunrise shooting. Then we would walk on the rocks and swim in the cool sea…before anyone else was awake….”


The support of her family has been invaluable as Roxanna navigates the demanding, and often difficult, world of modeling.  She describes having had to deal with “…fake agencies and fake individuals who claim to be in the industry…” as well as coping with the constant struggle of staying grounded.  She always tries to keep in mind that “…everyone is of the same value, from “….a celebrity to a homeless person we are all one person with a heart…”  A recent modeling trip to Morocco also brought home to her how lucky she was to be living, and working in England – “…I now truly value everything I have and do in my life from the things I had seen over there. When I flew back to England I actually kissed the ground…never take anything for granted because one day you might not have it anymore…”


Roxanna’s stunning beauty, determination, brains and generous heart definitely stand her in good stead in enjoying even more success that she already has. 


1. Last good movie I’ve seen

Grown Ups 2!

2. What do you consider beautiful and why?

Life, because you only have one and itis precious to everyone

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could?

A back flip! I need to get back to gymnastics…

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…”

……… hmmm hard one as I am not really scared of anything. Probably jump out of a plane.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself?

My flaw is that I am very strong-minded and sometimes people don’t like it. It can get me in trouble sometimes but it has also saved me on a couple of occasions!


StarNow profile: http://www.starnow.com/Roxannaclarke

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/roxanna.clarke?fref=ts

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