Sexiest Woman of the Month for December 2013!

By: Jenny Aluning

It’s a long-held misconception that while models are blessed in their looks, they’re sadly lacking in the brains department.  While some, sadly, fit this to a tee, there are others who definitely don’t.  Take supermodels Cindy Crawford and Iman who studied Chemical Engineering and Political Science respectively.  Iman also speaks 5 languages!  And peppered among the many gorgeous NBA and NFL cheerleaders are lawyers, financial analysts and multiple degree holders.  Joining the ranks of the ‘beauty and brains’ pantheon is StarCentral’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for December 2013, Madeline Cole.  Madeline is the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthroplogy with a minor in Biology from the University of Maryland.  She is also in the process of completing her Master’s Degree.


But there are 2 more things that sets Madeline apart from the rest – Heart and Strength.  When her mother lost her fight with breast cancer when she was just 12 years old (her father was non-existent long before that), Madeline developed a deep well of inner courage.  That well, and the steadfast support of her big brother, has fuelled her as she established her modeling career and in her intellectual pursuits as well.

Modeling began for the Germany-born beauty when at 15-years old, she was discovered by a local photographer.  Hooked from that very first session, Madeline’s enjoyment of her career has only grown.  She enjoys “…playing new roles with every shoot…”, being able to travel and meet new people.  She’s learned one downside to being a model though – “…I NEVER want to do my makeup because it doesn’t compare to how amazing my makeup artists are…”  Some of her fellow models are her closest friends such as Brit Bliss (“…she’s my love for life!”) whom she counts as one of the most interesting people she’s met so far.


The 22-year old’s early lessons on self-reliance shaped the way she approaches her modeling.  While many models might have taken the advice of Tyra Banks, host of America’s Next Top Model, Madeline “…found most of my work on my own without the help of an agent and I’m still doing fashion after all these years when so many said it wouldn’t be possible…”  That approach has landed her not just the cover of Maxim and Solis Magazine’s November 2013 issue (a fashion magazine highlighting her as a ‘Diamond In The Rough’), but the respect of industry professionals she’s worked with so far.  Madeline was also named as a “#1 Hottie” on G4’s (a US cable network) ‘Attack of the Show.’

The Dayton, Ohio-based beauty has many plans for her future and those plans cover both her life in front of the camera and behind it.  Madeline may very well be dressed in khakis working with primates in a zoo (a dream of hers) or causing car accidents as a model (which she did all those years ago at her first session!) or BOTH!



What film have you seen more than any other? – All of the X-Men movies

3 most important characteristics in a person – Kindness, humor, intelligence

What do you consider beautiful and why? – Someone who can find the beauty in the small things.

What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? – Travel the globe

Your best way to combat nerves…. – Eat junk food or go for a good run


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  1. Thank you so much for having the very beautiful and sexy Madeline Cole as your model of the month. She’s amazing and would love to see more of her from you. Madeline is the sexiest of every month

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