Sexiest Woman Of The Month: Brittany Watters

Brittany Watters

When not singing along and dancing to music with friends or going for walks down the beach with her two dogs Chester and Charlie, expect to see Brittany Watters in front of the camera living her dream. This strong-willed, 20-year old lady is a model with sensible words. She’s an ex-gymnast for 15 years, a passionate performer, and StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for the month of July 2015.

Unlike other budding artists who waltzed through one audition after another, Brittany’s unexpected discovery happened while she was competing in a pageant during the Queen of the Melbourne Latin Summer Festival 2015. Brittany did not win any of the top three categories but her stand-out personality and star quality caught the attention of Amanda Pollard, the Managing director of Mint Management Australia who was one of the judges in the event. After exchanging business cards and a week of discussing modelling opportunities, Brittany happily signed with the management.

Brittany Watters2

The industry, though glamorous, is not always rose-tinted. She highlights that people’s perception of models is based on what they see in the photographs, oblivious to the fact that those are just part of their job and it does not necessarily represent who they really are within. Brittany’s open-mindedness makes her take the bad with the good. For her, modelling is an art form where models are played like blank canvas. As an artist, to be given an opportunity like this to freely express herself through diverse roles is rewarding. No one refuses a masterpiece like this.

Brittany has recently reconnected with her biological mother after being away from her for eight years. This has further reinforces her already strong support ground built by her 3adoptive family who has pushed her to live her dreams and create a life worth living. Her family and friends are her biggest success and she extends her gratitude by making other people feel the same way. This explains why her memorable experience was seeing a fellow pageant contestant, Laura signed by Mint Management Australia even before her turn came. As they are both country girls, Brittany could never be happier than seeing each other did it together which she thought was unachievable.

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Brittany is keen to point out that modelling is what she does and it does not define her as a human being. ‘I believe that staying true to who you are and living each day to its fullest potential is a way to be the happiest within yourself’, she shares. As someone who works in a diverse industry, she has learned to embrace individual differences and use it to keep herself well grounded. She considers everyone she met as interesting people because of the different life stories they tell.

There’s a lot more work to be done. While her future includes plans such as travelling to the U.S and networking with fellow models, actresses, and dancers, she also dreams to become a supermodel at an internationally recognised level. Seeing her face on the front cover of Vogue or on billboard modelling for top designers of the world certainly summarises her absolute dream. ‘I want to be financially stable and happy with whom I am inside and out, that’s my main goal in life’, she reflects.

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