Sexiest Woman Of The Month: Ainsley Henderson


Modelling and travelling at the same time sounds like anybody’s ideal career. While this is true, Ainsley shares that the industry of glamour is not as perfect as what others have deemed it to be. In fact, there are setbacks just like in any other profession, but the real test is surpassing the downsides in order to claim satisfying rewards. This is exactly how Ainsley Jae Henderson, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for the month of December, manoeuvres her career throughout the years. She is British who currently lives in Scotland where multiple modelling opportunities found her.


At the age of 20, Ainsley has learned to market her skills. She was initially discovered when she started her professional portfolio. Since then, photographers have never stopped contacting her. This modelling breakthrough led her to fly between Scotland and London where photo shoots and even film appearances abound. ‘Being a model is great. Not only has it given me confidence, it has also given me some fantastic opportunities such as travelling’, tells Ainsley. She has also been honest to admit that meeting people who may not feel pleased for others’ achievements may be part of the journey but this downside is effortlessly overshadowed by the gratifying experience. Modelling allows Ainsley to become diverse. Every shoot is different and this is where her imagination for ideas takes part.

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Ainsley’s determination and passion have graciously thrown her memorable experiences that would have not been possible if she chose another path.  Out of thousands of applicants, she is chosen as one of the grand finalists for the Top Model UK 2016 to be held in London. ‘I realised how much of an achievement this is for me and I am very thankful’, she states. Ainsley could also never thank her family enough for all the support they have given her. Her loved ones, lovely boyfriend Calvin, and close friends have been the ultimate backbone that helped her achieve all that she has achieved at the moment. ‘Having a strong support unit and a partner who always encourages and pushes me to do well is a complete blessing to me. They remind me always of who I am’, adds Ainsley.

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When asked further about the inspiring people she has met through the years, Ainsley thoughtfully shares her experience with regards to working with children. She works with children who need extra support throughout their education which truthfully opens her to the most valuable things in life. ‘Each one of them is comical and special in their own little ways. Every day is different with them all. It’s great.’ Armed with meaningful encounters and the right attitude, Ainsley believes that the most valuable lesson one could source from the modelling industry is to be herself in order to succeed. She is natural, diverse, comfortable, and most importantly determined – attributes that truly mark a good model beyond the superficial qualities.

Ainsley, who admittedly remembers growing up as a shy person has no troubles staying grounded. She embraces the complements and the criticisms and takes them all with her in every photo shoot to ensure a positive result. Being a model does not happen overnight, but Ainsley dedicates herself to carry on in the future by working with the most professional photographers, new and upcoming agencies, and to utilise her full advantage by carrying out charity works. Ainsley believes that her dream has been achieved and so she embarks on an even bigger journey with bigger rewards.


  1. Last good movie I’ve seen. The Mechanic with Jason Statham. It just kept me on edge the whole time. It’s a great movie. I would highly recommend it.
  2. What do you consider beautiful and why? I consider people with a big heart and soul beautiful. A person with generous personality who always likes to see others do well.
  3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could?  I have not travelled the world yet, I want to see as many places as I possibly can and experience how people all over the world live.
  4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” be able to water raft. I have a fear of drowning.
  5. What is the one flaw you wouldn’t change about yourself? I would never change my caring, loving, and very generous personality.

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