Sexiest Woman Of The Year For 2015: Karla Gutteridge


Few things can make one jump to instant conclusions than the sight of tattoos – especially multiple tattoos! Labels such as ‘rebel’, ‘troublemaker’, ‘biker’ are applied without knowing more about the person underneath the ink.  For StarCentral’s Sexiest Woman of the Year for 2015, Karla Gutteridge, this is the discrimination she faces every day.  Luckily, StarCentral’s readers are much more open-minded and saw Karla for the beautiful woman she is.

Though she is a relative newcomer to the modeling world, Karla has nevertheless gained a lot of experience with being in front of the camera of multiple photographers.  She enjoys being able to see the final product and “seeing that perfect shot! It boosts my confidence and makes me believe I am beautiful.”  The competitive nature of the industry is a challenge she faces all the time and it can be especially frustrating for Karla as she has “always been a first place sort of person and I always want to be the best!”  But she’s developed the mentality that her not being chosen for a particular job isn’t an affront to her, but only because she didn’t have the look the job called for – “…we are all different, and my definition of beauty could be very different to others, we all see beauty in different things!”


One of her favourite experiences so far has been taking part in a multi-cultural fashion show.  “Each model came from a different place and had different experience and goals, but when it came down to the runway we all wanted to look our best. These girls were so lovely and welcoming even though we were all strangers. It wasn’t competitive and I felt like I could 100% be myself with a large group of people, and that can be rare. That whole experience made me feel very lucky to meet those people.”


Another favourite, and her most memorable has been shooting a music video for Lecia Louise’s ‘Shock Me’ (Louise is an Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist whose second album, ‘Into Being’ gained airplay in the US as well as all over Australia and New Zealand.  Her inspiration comes from a wide variety of musical styles but her heart lies with 60’s and 70’s rock).  “It was such a different, but fun experience. I got to work with a great team and we were always having a laugh! Video shoots are very different to photo shoots, and this was one of my first video shoots so I was very excited.”


Knowing her ink could make it more difficult for her to enter the mainstream modeling world, the Australian 18-year old beauty (who is also a qualified assistant nurse and is the social media coordinator for iModel Fashion Magazine, a bi-monthly online and limited print fashion magazine) nevertheless dreams of becoming a “well known tattoo model. I want to show everyone that tattooed people can still be as classy and clean and anyone else. To do this I want to make it as a model for some of the big, fancy brands such as Chanel.”  The unfailing support of friends and family will certainly help her achieve her dreams though her “mum eeks when she sees revealing photos…but they are all proud of me and are glad it’s something I love.”

There is another of Karla’s that puts her above the rest – her total belief in herself.  “There is no one like me. I can 100% be myself and although some people may not like it, I will always stay true to who I am and never try to be someone I’m not.”  Karla Gutteridge, the world awaits your arrival.



1. Last good movie you’ve seen “The Call”

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? To me ‘beautiful’ is anyone who counts themselves as beautiful. Because there is nothing more sexy then confidence.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could?  I haven’t travelled! I would love to go anywhere and everywhere.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…”  If I had no fear I’d go to countries with high sickness and help everyone, including getting rid of wars.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself?  The one flaw I wouldn’t change about myself is my freckles. I sometimes hate them and feel like my skin is so unclear, but at the same time they make me more unique and are a part of me.

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