Sexiest Woman Of The Month For July 2016: Hannah Henderson


Hannah officially became part of the modelling industry when she was only 14 years old. But even though she was still young then, she already demonstrated huge potential in her chosen field and had in fact done numerous photo shoots and catwalks. She shared that starting in her career at an early age helped her build her confidence. Also, as a child, she never really considered being a part of the world that she is in now. But when the opportunity rose she decided to take it, and later on embraced it.

Moreover, when quizzed about the things that she loves most about her job as a model, she tells us that it was the idea that she gets to do something different that is not repetitive or something you can get bored with. The variety of the challenges she is given provides her the opportunity to learn new modelling techniques, and at the same time, grow as an individual.


“I am constantly surrounded by creative energy and people who push me to become better at what I do. The traveling is always something I look forward to as I enjoy making friends, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I’m extremely blessed that I’ve been able to see a lot of the world already at a young age and do what I enjoy every day”, says Hannah.

Moreover, the gorgeous charmer revealed that her job also does have its moments, which could sometimes get you down or even force you to quit if you do not have the right attitude and motivation towards it.

“Day can be long, and I mean really long. And, I can’t always plan ahead, as my schedule can change at short notice. In the past, I have hopped on a plane, flown home only to land and be told to get back on a flight for another shoot from the country I just flew in. There are lots of castings… So I just try my best and luckily I seem to be always successful.


There is a price to pay for being in the public eye. People can be very quick to judge and bring you down. Models are very stereotyped, it has happened a lot when people meet me and then say “Wow! You are actually really nice.” I just rise above it and surround myself with positive people. The most important thing to me is making my family, friends and myself proud, then nothing else really matters,” she revealed.

Furthermore, she shared that modelling has allowed her to experience many exciting things from acting to pageantry. Ms. Henderson considered her being runner-up for Miss New Zealand as one of the highlights of her career, which gave her a way to work with charities and other organizations that aim to aid people.

Not only that, she has learned many lessons in her journey as a model, which she continually shares with others. “Don’t throw away your dream because of someone else’s criticism. Modelling would have to be one of the most judged, and criticized industries out there, but you need to remember that if it makes you happy, someone else’s opinion shouldn’t matter. Don’t let judgment get to you. Some people have this idea of how a model should look like. I’m definitely not the slimmest, clear skin, or tall. There are a lot of beautiful girls out there, but I have a positive killer attitude, and maybe some Beyonce or Rihanna beats in the background and do my absolute best to provide the photographer and company with the best shots I can. I don’t take myself too seriously and try to be a good role model for others,” the stunning model advised.


And, even with everything she has achieved in the industry, she remains grounded with the help of her family and her boyfriend, whom she admits had been very supportive to all of her efforts. “To me, the key to staying grounded is to surround yourself with family, loved ones, and never take anything for granted,” she says.

She has a number of plans in the future and she firmly believes that life is an adventure. She plans to always keep an open mind and make the most of the opportunities to come. And with that gorgeous smile and positive killer attitude, it’s only a matter of time before Hannah Henderson makes her mark in the modelling world.

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