Sexiest Woman Of The Month For The Month of August 2016: Emily Attard


There is so much more than meets the eye for this stunning model.

Emily Attard rides and competes with horses, and admits to fancying Jigsaw puzzles. Besides possessing an amazing face and a sexy body, she also has a kick ass personality as well.

Emily Maree Attard has been modelling for a little while before she finally had her break through the Miss V8 Supercars, which involved bikini modelling. It was a true leap of faith for Emily to join the competition because she was not confident with the kind of modelling that the competition required. However, the risk she took did pay off, and joining this competition landed her a number of projects after that.


“I never thought I would have the confidence to do (bikini modelling). But good thing I did because I met the director or Aurora Event Management, where she asked me to be one of their models for the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas,” she excitedly told us.

According to our sexiest woman of the month, she enjoys meeting new and interesting people, which is exactly one of the things she loves about the industry. “The social side is a big part of modelling as you can gain connections for later, which can help you get more jobs. It always pays to be friendly with everybody!” said the 21-year old model.

“The most interesting person I’ve met was this girl while I was modelling for Damsel in this Dress on the Gold Coast. She was not only interesting but her strength was very admirable,” she remembered.


Aside from getting to know some pretty interest people, the work itself can be very exciting and memorable. The beautiful Aussie lass shares that her most memorable experience was modelling for Redken in 2015. It was the blonde idol Australian tour of the company and she go to meet some amazing people.

“My stylist from Redken, who has a salon based in Sydney, has travelled and lived all over the world for work. We had so many laughs while listening and singing to Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’ song over and over again after we watched the music clip for the first time. The team from Redken were awesome and very welcoming to us five models. Once our hair and makeup were done, we put our A-game, and posed for those who took a million photos,” she recalled.

Moreover, the runaway can be a very competitive place especially that certain physical attributes are required for a certain job. To this beauty, height can be a bit of a challenge because most jobs need girls who are about 170 cm.

But this little hiccup does not stop Emily from pursuing her passion though. She explains that it just really comes down to personality, knowing that not everything is perfect. “You do not always win, and there are always things to learn. I don’t care if I am not ‘pretty’ enough for some jobs or if someone says something mean. I just move on and try harder for the next thing”, she explained when asked how she stays grounded.


“I was recently told I look like Miranda Kerr but just a chubby version of her and now that is the height of jokes with a lot of friends. We laugh about it all the time while I’m eating my 24 nugget meal from McDonalds,” she jokingly added.

When asked about the most valuable lesson she has learned in the business, she said, “You don’t always get picked!”

She rationalized that there are a million girls lined up and sometimes the photographer is looking for a certain ‘look’ for their shoot so there is no need to feel down for not getting picked.

“I have been picked for a job just because my hair had not been tampered with so much. I also get a lot of promo work due to my personality and ability to speak to people. It is not always about your waist size or how you look; different people are after different things; what may not be good for one will be good for another,” she revealed.

Certainly, she has what it takes to make it in the tough world of modelling. She also wants to try acting one day, which has been a dream of hers since she was in 8th grade.

Emily is prepared to do whatever it takes to make it to the top and she’s confident that she’ll get there one day especially since she has the undying support of her family and friends.

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