Sexiest Woman Of The Month For September 2016: Daniella Seoane

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Danielle Seoane, StarCentral’s Sexiest Woman of the Month for September 2016 is a perfect example of putting in the hard work to realise one’s dreams. Once Daniella decided to make modeling her career, she said she “basically took it upon myself to gain exposure, i created my own instagram page, Facebook page, Model Mayhem account and Starnow account and ever since I have been contacted by many photographers and jobs since.” She has also enjoyed success in the world of pageantry having been named the runner-up at the Miss Latina Australia pageant that was held on July 9 this year in Northcote, Victoria. The 22-year old beauty was also named Miss Charity that night.

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5 years into her modeling career, there are still no signs of Daniella’s enthusiasm waning for her chosen profession. “Modelling is amazing, you get to experience working with many photographers, HMUas and other models and you get to learn how to work with different styles…”, she said. A lot of lessons have also been learned in those last 5 years. Most notably, Daniella reveals is that “you can’t please everyone but if you are there giving it your all and you’re pushing yourself to do things you never thought you would and could do, then that is the biggest accomplishment and it is a lesson to myself that I do have what it takes and I do have so much more confidence that I ever thought I would have.”

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As with any career though, there is an uglier side. Beyond the glitz and glamour is the constant critiquing and judging that is part and parcel of being a model. Daniella reveals that she’s trained herself to ignore it all and instead, use it as fuel to make her work harder and bring out her best. The Sydney-based stunner also reveals that she always strives to remain humble as she knows “I am not perfect, I’m like everyone else…I have always believed that if somebody has a selfish, uncaring heart that no matter what they look like, they aren’t a beautiful person. I believe everyone is just like one another and to have a caring heart and beautiful personality then that is what I define as beauty.”

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Multi-talented Daniella (she is also an experienced dancer in a variety of styles such as the Uruguayan dance form of candombe) can count on the support of her family as she continues on her modeling journey. She laughs when she says that “sometimes when I get opportunities they seem to get a lot more excited than I do…” She has two ultimate dreams of strutting down a Paris catwalk as well as becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. She has already shown that she can back up her passion of being a model with the work ethic required to make things happen, Daniella Seoane can very well be one face that the modeling world will remember.

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1. Last good movie I’ve seen – Nothing beats a repetitive movie night with a Nicholas Sparks marathon… ‘The Notebook’ \ ‘The Vow’

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? I consider a beautiful heart and personality beautiful.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Travel out of Australia but it’s only a matter of time!

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear…” “If I had no fear, I’d probably go sky diving and swimming with sharks…”

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My nose. I don’t have a button nose and I do wish I had one although my nose makes me who I am and if I wanted to change it and decided to do so then I would be changing my whole appearance and I then wouldn’t be me.


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