10 Sexiest Women for the Month of May

Unlike other mainstream magazine’s such as Who, People, FHM or Maxim, StarCentral Daily is not the sort of outlet that you’d come to in search for a list of the sexiest, most desirable, or most beautiful people and celebrities in the world. StarCentral Daily is a website whose sole purpose is to promote local artists and models from all over the world. It is our aim to promote overlooked untapped, undervalued and upcoming models, talents and local artists out there that deserve to be recognised.

We now present to you our very own list of the sexiest and most fascinating models and local artists for the month of May. Our “Sexiest List” has a key focus on mostly local and upcoming models, talents and local artists so don’t expect the usual blah, blah, blah’s such as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or Rihanna.   Starting today we will be putting together a list every month of the sexiest men and women and the most fascinating local artists mainly within the local scene. StarCentral’s hot list is not just about physical beauty or a hot body, nor is it just about bulging biceps, washboard abs, nice cleavages, full lips, slim waists or great butts. Besides the obvious, it’s also about public persona, style, attitude, personality and charisma. The list is filled with models, singers, dance groups, fashionista’s, rappers and hip hop groups giving everyone something to look at and read about. You’ll be pleased to see some familiar hunks and beauties along with other fresh new faces.

So who’s hot for the month of May? Take a peek at the list we’ve put together, regularly come back every month for a new list of the hottest artists and models and then come back at the end of the year to meet StarCentral Magazine’s sexiest men and women as well as the most fascinating artists!

Now here’s the list for the top 10 sexiest women for the month of May:

10. Nicalesha


Nicalesha is a Graphic Designer by trade; however, her true passion was to one day see herself in some of the most popular Australian men’s magazines around. She started breaking into the modelling world by joining modelling competitions all around Sydney, then progressing later on into spots for Ralph finals & Inside Sport finals. She then slowly made her way into well known magazine – Zoo Real Girl 2007. Soon enough FHM magazine granted her a spot in Top Ten FHM Girl Next Door 2007 competition after her stint with Zoo. This spot scored her a photo shoot with FHM magazine for the Girl Next Door 2007 September edition. Nicalesha continues to be invited to make appearances to numerous Sydney events and as always she does her best to please the crowd with her brilliant smile and energetic personality.

9. Amani


Amani is not just a model, she’s also a singer, a song writer, and a dancer – talk about multi-talented! She always wanted to be a singer and a model but she didn’t know how to go about it before so she put that dream on hold until well after her teen years when she signed with a modelling agency and got her first big break with Jim Beam. She was “the girlfriend” in the Jim Beam commercial and after that TV stint she immediately got featured in Ralph magazine and Ralph TV. Amani is currently working as a TV presenter.

8. Lorelee Prentice


StarCentral Magazine’s 2007 Cover Girl winner Lorelee Anne Prentice grew up in southern Sydney. She has a love for people, and possess an eagerness to travel and experience new things. She enjoys life as it is, keeping herself occupied through music, art, drama and modelling. Lorelee’s first taste of modelling was at thirteen years old when she joined the MPC Miss teen Philippines- Australia pageant to help raise funds for the MPC project. She received the titles, best in beach wear, best in evening wear, best in Filipiniana, miss photogenic and MPC Miss Teen Philippine Australia 2004. Since then Lorelee has participated in different promotional jobs for various groups and businesses. Lorelee was also granted the opportunity to model in the Pan Pacific Annual Hair Olympics in 2005, representing the Philippines and was awarded 3rd place in the avant garde total looks category.

7. Ann Maree Bowdler


There must be something in the water in Newcastle. First, there was Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins and now there’s Ann-Maree Bowdler – model, product endorser, actor, singer, dancer and….Miss Earth Australia 2005! It seems there’s a pattern forming between where you’re born and success! Born and bred in Newcastle, Ann-Maree’s career started at the tender age of 3 years old when she enrolled in the Johnny Young Talent Time School. Concentrating on ballet and jazz dance for a while, she didn’t start singing again until high school when she rediscovered her passion for singing and she hasn’t looked back since. And not just singing and song writing (she performed a self-penned work: “It’ll Come” at the Miss Earth Australia contest which won her “Best in Talent” and most likely, the crown!). This multi-talented young lady does acting, modelling and dancing! Under the care of Big Boi Management, Ann-Maree has had a lot of opportunities to fuel that passion she has for performing and it’s only the beginning.

6. Kirra Wilden


Armed with a sweet smile and a gorgeous face – Kirra Wilden is the definition of “adorable” sex appeal. But modelling isn’t her only talent – Kirra is also a make-up artist, an upcoming paramedic and a proficient netball player. Kirra’s natural charms were first noticed when she graced the stage of Wenty Leagues club as a cover girl finalist for StarCentral Magazine’s ultimate cover girl competition. Afterwards she also became a finalist for Model Quest 2008 and the rest you can say is history. With a silky smooth hair, a shimmering skin, a great body and a sparkling personality – there is no doubt that Kirra Wilden definitely has a future in the modelling scene.

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