10 Sexiest Women for the Month of June

10. Syleena

june13 Just by looking at Syleena, you can already tell that she’s one heck of a dime piece. This 22 year old beauty was born in Germany and since the beginning has actually been surrounded by the military life. At the moment she’s still working for the military selling cars to soldiers and army civilians. She was a bit hesitant at first to pursue modeling, but a motherly push helped her to really get into the industry. So far she has only been doing it for 6 months and is trying to do as much modeling as she can before she joins the army/ air force in the future. A gorgeous army officer?? Now tell me who hasn’t fantasized about that!

8. Alexa Demara

june11 Alexa Demara is one of the top up-and-coming talents in both the modeling and acting industries. She was originally a small-town girl born in Wisconsin in the U.S., and is a college student with academic success. This model and actress is currently going for a major in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. Although she has not been in the modeling scene that long, she has shot for international publications and has a fan base of over 200,000 and over 2,000,000 views on popular networking sites such as MySpace.com. She has been in various fashion shows, pageants, radio shows, commercials, independent films, magazines, and featured on a large number of websites. More notably she was in the top 10 of an FHM contest back in September 2006 and a Finesse hair model finalist back in March 2007.

7. Arienne Moran

june12 Arienne is a model, a go go dancer and a caregiver for the elderly – and that’s definitely hot! Arienne is mix of Salvadorian, Peruvian and Columbian who is currently studying to become a lawyer in Criminal Law. She has also been featured on several websites and has been the cover girl of Glammodelz magazine in just her first year of modeling. A go go dancer who’s also a caregiver? Who says nice girls can’t be smoking hot!

6. Nicole Schmitz

june15 Nicole Schmitz is a 20 years old half German and half Filipino hottie. She is currently studying Law/Psychology at Macquarie University, and has been doing modeling internationally and in Australia on the side for 5 years now. She has an extensive experience in ramp and print. She was a runner up for Miss Teen Philippines, a Miss Binibining Pilipinas finalist in 2007, was Model Quest winner in 2007 as well as being crowned as Miss Philippine Australia last year. She has been on various ramp shows including brands such as Lee, Benson and Dickies and even modeled for the Bench FEVER Fashion Show in Manila Fashion Week 2006. Nicole has proven that she is a force to be reckoned within the modeling industry – and we’re not surprised!

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