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If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the sexiest women of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Alternatively, if you’re already twittering away right now, why don’t you add us on Twitter and send us a message expressing your interest?


Vote for who you think should be the “sexiest woman of the YEAR” in the poll below! Whoever ends up in the top 10 out of the whole list will not just be featured on our website but will also be featured in the special February issue of our magazine next year with the winner gaining the most exposure! The poll closes on the 6th of January, 2010 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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  1. I have had a lot of messages in my Twitter inbox and Im having problems as to how to remove these messages. Thanks for this Karen
    Argie Monroy recently posted..Blog Engage Blogger Spotlight Contest: Reasons Why You Should Get Portion

  2. I met Lindsay in high school and I have been searching for a better looking girl my entire life. I am not 26 and still searching!!!!!

  3. I have to say Bixsos, your final breakdown IS interesting. 478 for EACH of the top two is a heck of a lot of votes. It’s as if a higher power came down and said you two girls split the votes, end of story, now go to bed!

  4. SC MAG Reader, Just because Arienne’s fans got excited and many wanted to write supporting her doesn’t qualify as spam. As a reader, u have the option to NOT read what annoys u. She has no control over that.

    I believe the comment on Bixsos (regarding poll manipulation) was written because someone may have thought IT to be annoying. Even though I feel the person should’ve ignored it, my guess is they THOUGHT it was directed towards Arienne since that is when her votes began to go up. Her fans are a passionate breed, but one bad apple should not have stirred u to voting against her.

    I mean look at the last couple of postings. U have a person AFTER the contest ended writing as Arienne, saying she lost because she’s ugly.
    U then have an Arienne fan that did NOT stoop to that level. I also see early on several of Arienne’s fans asking for the ugliness to stop. How u decide to vote is your decision, but do not blame her fans, both sides had their mudslinging. I personally still believe that Arienne was bashed far too much, but that is MY opinion. I am glad this is finally over so people can go about their business again.

  5. To “BS” –

    Yes, Arienne was “attacked” and that’s where it all started.

    Someone said Arienne looked “too young” – and from there hell broke loose. Nothing but SPAM, SPAM, SPAM. – We get it! “ARIENNE is a NATURAL, Sexy, Latin Beauty!”

    But hearing it over, and over, AND OVER – gets annoying.

    and as far as “Arienne’s fans began fighting back after she was attacked”

    An ARIENNE FAN said this:

    “Looks to me that someone’s too focussed on this poll and needs to get out there and get some life! ”

    An ARIENNE fan attacked someone who was simply questioning the stats. Not even directing his statement at Arienne.

    Yeah… nice fans. Can’t even take a question/statement NOT directed at them OR Arienne.

    yeah… it wasn’t Arienne’s fans that started the flame war, it was the “haters”

  6. The person who wrote as Arienne is so despicably low that if I wanted to lash back, I could write as Lindsay, and provide some really negative, insulting comments as to why and how Lindsay won.
    But this has gone too far and the contest is over. Give it a rest already. Shut up and find someone else to pick on.
    Arienne is a very loving person who would not hurt anyone, and does not deserve to get hurt.

  7. In the last 37 hours of the contest (11:00am AEST 1-4-10 to 12:00am AEST 1-6-10) 1,113 votes were cast. Amazingly, in a partial blind vote only 22 of those went to the bottom 13. Sheridyn got 29; Brooke 30; Joelyne 76; and Lindsey and Arienne each got 478. Interesting.

  8. SC MAG Reader, u have nothing to decent to contribute. If in fact, u read ANYTHING, u would have noted that Arienne’s fans began fighting back after she was attacked. And if u were decent at all, u wouldn’t have voted for the same person whose fans started the BS. U should’ve voted for the 3rd runner up or 4th. But wait, then Lindsey’s fan would’ve attacked them and u and yours would’ve voted for Lindsey anyway. So she gets rewarded for her fans shameful behavior. NOT very smart.

  9. Unlike most of the people posting here, I read the magazine and have no idea who most of these girls are.

    And I have to say, Arienne, your fans ruined your chances of winning.

    I don’t know how much of the “hospital hacker” story is true – but my friends and I over here vote every day for whoever is beating Arienne.

    From what I’ve read Arienne is a sweet person. It really is a shame that her fans had to ruin her chances of winning with their foul and childish spam.

  10. We didn’t say Lindsay tampered, we said a programmer friend at the hospital did. And yes, there are SEVERAL other ways to get votes, but from what we could see thru our computers that’s not what happened. Either way, what do you care? She got the win, the contest is over.
    As far as bashing is concerned you should’ve said that when Arienne was being bashed….not cool is right. But people do fight back when being attacked.

  11. what makes you think just because Lindsay works for a hospital shes tampering with the servers?? There are many other ways out there to get votes…social networking sites, forums, friends, family…word of mouth, etc. Maybe she put a little more effort into it since she saw how close the votes were getting. People… be more positie about this than bashing everyone…not cool.

  12. Arienne is our California Sexiest Woman! She sttill has the hottest portfolio and she’s the youngest one here. So watch out, she’s just getting started!
    Love you baby!

  13. Surely all is a kind of nice, but I think the only Sheridyn should win because it is the best of these all. Sheri therefore I am for you xx

  14. Tikrai visos yra savotiskai gražios, bet Sheridyn manau vienintele turi laimeti, nes ji geriausia is situ visu. Todel sheri as uz tave xx

  15. I would just like to say…

    THANK YOU to StarCentral Magazine, for allowing my daughter Joelyne,

    and giving her the opportunity, to participate in this event and be voted!

    It has been an honour and such a great pleasure.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH StarCentral Magazine!!!

    And to ALL the MODELS, good luck and best wishes to you…

    …IN ALL ways

    AND ALL ways

    in all your endeavors in your life 🙂

    Beautiful blessings to EVERYONE

    ~Angie Karan

  16. I am aware of what I’ve said. I am also aware that Lindsey has gotten more cumulative votes over the weekend than she has at any time, but this is the last weekend. I would expect all of the ladies voters to be plugging in now more than ever. But I would not suggest that someone would tamper with a hospital’s servers just to pad votes. That would be a serious breach of security with Federal overtones.

    The issue is uncharacteristic changes: getting a few votes in a 24 hr period, then many; having an apparent smoothly voting period, then a spike. It’s the spikes on the chart that raise questions. Arienne’s voting has slowed while Lindsey’s has increased. Maybe someone sent a memo to everyone at the hospital. Maybe Arienne’s people didn’t get the memo, lol. Had to add that. I apologize Arienne.

    With all the idiosyncrasies of this contest maybe SCM should take the top two; or better yet, reverse the order and take the one with the lowest vote total.

    Beautiful sunset about 2 hours ago.


  17. I agree with …??? never has she jumped that high…arienne’s fans have never been negitive to any of the models…they’ve commented back on negetive comments being said about arienne…So plz don’t get it twisted…goooo Joleyn….

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