20 Insanely Unique and Unusual Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself


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Browsing Google 24/7 isn’t really going inspire any cool and unique gift ideas. We at StarCentral have actually done the research for you and all you have to do now is to sit down, relax, put your feet up and get ready to be amazed! Whether you’re shopping for your special someone, your parents, your friends, or even your annoying boss – there are several gift ideas on this list. No annoying traffic, no arguments and no lining up – You’re welcome.

1. iPhone Stun Gun Case

Price: $108.98 & FREE Shipping

According to a report on crime statistics, the New York Police Department claimed that there is a staggering 40% increase compared to the previous year. With such an astounding spike in Apple-related crimes, it’s good to announce that Yellow Jacket now provides an iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case!

Yes, you heard it right. This Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 Stun Gun case is both an iPhone case and a stun gun. This product measures 5.6” high and 1.0” deep. It weighs 4.6 ounces approximately. It is available in 4 colors: black, pink, white and yellow for only $108.98.

As a Case

One of the primary purposes of this product is as an iPhone 4 and 4S case. It’s made of superior PC & ABS plastic to protect your iPhone from external damage. It also has dedicated holes to make sure you can still operate your phone fully even with the case on.

As a Stun Gun

As a stun gun, it releases 650k Volts of power! The taser makes it really terrifying although the tase is not that strong. Still, it is a great deterring device for thieves. It can give you a good head start so that you can run off. It’s quite a relief that it’s actually not lethal. It has two safety features too to avoid accidental discharges: the electrode cover and the activation button.

Additional Features

One of the great things about this stun gun case is that it can provide 20 hours of extra battery life to your phone using the external battery from the stun gun. Top stuff! This is a multi-purpose product that’s definitely built right. You can grab one online by clicking on this link: Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case for iPhone 4

 2.Tipsy Wine Glasses 

Price: $29.95 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Is it really the booze talking or is it your wine glass definitely looks like it’s tipsy and could use another drink?? These Tipsy Wine Glasses with slightly bent stems are certainly taking parties, cocktail hours, and soirees by storm. They’re not just your regular wine glasses with fancy, ergonomic stems – they’re slightly bent to one side giving you the impression of a somewhat drunk goblet. They come in sets of two at 12 oz. capacity and they’re perfect as conversation starters, novelty bar décor, or as a gift to your party’s host. The shape of the wine glasses maybe fun, but the real life of the party starts when you serve your best booze in them and see how your guests react to the seemingly flawed, yet perfect wine goblet.

Your guests will thank you profusely because these don’t just serve as goblets for your cocktails and wines but they’ll have something to talk about during lulls and dull moments in a supposedly lively soiree. These wine glasses are one of the trending kitchen goodies featured in Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and 9gag.com because they’re not just your regular goblets. They give a whole new meaning to cocktail hour that will surely keep your tipsier-by-the-moment guests guessing if they’ve had more than enough to drink already or the party hasn’t even started yet. They’re made of high-quality glass but try not to let these babies slip from your grasp because they’re quite fragile too. The point is, they’re great conversation starters, potluck gifts, and will definitely add more life to your party by adding a little bubblier guffaw at the funny way the glass stems are bent. You can grab some Tipsy Wine Glasses online by clicking on this link:: Tipsy Wine Glasses 

3.Digital PeepHole Viewer

List Price: $129.99 Sale: $69.99 & FREE Shipping

What I like about this product is that it lets you see whose outside without giving away that you’re inside the house. With just the old peephole, the lens darkens when you look into it. This is perfect for me especially that I’m a solo-parent with a pre-schooler, and baby, and I don’t think I would be able to defend my family completely if someone dangerous invades our home. And even though I live in a relatively peaceful suburban neighborhood, I feel the need to equip my home with extra security.

Additionally, it has an uncomplicated installation setup that is why I was able to put it up on our door as soon as I got it. All you have to do is unscrew the peephole (this product comes with a tightening tool that you can use to undo the peephole) to install the base flange and peephole barrel. Make sure it is tight, and then mount the digital peephole. It is easy-peasy!

The digital viewer comes with AA batteries so you can use them immediately. It also doesn’t take much energy because it turns off after 9 to 10 seconds. It has a straightforward push button control that turns on and shows whoever is at my door, and you can even zoom in case you need a better look on your guest.

The LCD screen display is way better than with our old peephole, and I thought I actually made a really good decision in purchasing this Brinno PHV133012 Digital PeepHole Viewer. However, the view is not very clear when there is not much light. Fortunately, I have a porch light so I still get great visibility even at night. You can grab a Digital PeepHole Viewer online by clicking on this link: Digital PeepHole Viewer

4. Spill-Resistant Martini Style Party Glass

Price: $80.00 & FREE Shipping

This set of four exquisitely and purposely designed Sipatiniz Spill-Resistant Martini Style Party Glass is a best buy for being user-friendly with its highly-functional design and for its unbelievable affordability.

Sipatiniz’ glass design solves all your worries away from spilling and getting wet with your favourite martini at a cocktail party or any event you are attending or holding. Sipatiniz’s spill-resistant martini style glass design allows you to walk around, mingle, dance or engage in conversations with the people around you with ease and without having to give extra care in handling your martini because you are now protected by such an innovative and spill-resistant design. No more oops here and there or asking for table napkins, wipes, paper towels, tissue or sponge to dry yourself from the spillage.

Sipatiniz spill-resistant martini style party glass has a hole opening for acrylic straws or any fitting straws at hand that can be inserted on it for a nice and convenient sip of that gorgeous wine. From the looks of it, it speaks of high grade quality for its crystal clear transparent appearance. Martinis in different colours will look fun and attractive when poured into this fabulous transparent spill-resistant glass. It is also safe to use and clean for its smooth edgings.

The Sipatiniz spill-resistant martini style party glass truly deserves to be the winner of the highly acclaimed “Next Big Thing” award that was given at the Dallas Market Center because it has eliminated the chronic concerns of party-goers on spillage and inconvenience in sipping martinis while mingling around. You can grab a Spill-Resistant Martini Style Party Glass online by clicking on this link: Sipatiniz Spill-Resistant Martini Style Party Glass

5. Smartphone Controlled Lightbulb

Price: $59.00 & FREE Shipping

Do you have a smartphone? If so, then you can use your smartphone in controlling the long-lasting and high-performance Robosmart Wireless LED Lighting System. You can control this 110 Volt AC LED Light Bulb in just a click from your smartphone. All you need to do is to install the light bulb and launch its free application. Once setup is complete and secured on your device, getting out of bed during the night to turn off the lights on the other side of the house will be easier on your part. You can choose your own preference of how bright or dim you want the bulb to be.

This 40w bulb actually lasts for 10 years and it can save you up to $40 in your electric bill! I have tested it and it runs compatibly with iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices. The advantage that comes with this device is that it has SmartSense. It automatically turns off all the lights if you had left and forgotten to turn it off yourself. That just helps you save money! Timer is also built in on each bulb so that if you are out of the house, it seems that someone is home. You do not have to buy dimmer switches because it has been programmed to dim all fixtures.

This wireless control is so easy to install, you don’t need to configure or buy anything else. With this device, your life would be easier than before. Control your light right in the palm of your hands with just a click away! You can grab a Smartphone Controlled Lightbulb online by clicking on this link: Robosmart Wireless Smart LED Bulb

6. Rifle Style Umbrella

Price: $29.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Sunny weather? Rainy weather? Whatever the weather is, this perfectly looking Rifle Style Umbrella is the right tool for you! It protects you from the scorching heat of the sun and keeps you dry from the downpour. Like any other umbrellas, this just gets the job done. But, here’s the catch: it looks like a real rifle! The exquisite look of this item comes with a handle that resembles a legit rifle butt, a triggered-open canopy, and a tip that that looks like a barrel with an outfitted sight. It goes with a sling and a cloth case, also. Entertain yourself and other, too, with the unique trigger-pull action to open the umbrella compared to the traditional push-button of regular umbrellas.

The samurai style umbrellas have been around for quite some time already so this umbrella could be the new trend. If you are more of a gun man then a bushido master, this is the right gun—I mean, umbrella for you!

This umbrella comes in two body lengths, 73 cm and 100 cm. The handles come in two colors also, old wood and the plain black color. It is made in sturdy metals and plastics with a shiny finish. The rifle style umbrella is very affordable, ranging from 18$ to 30$ for both sizes.

Go anywhere and style yourself with the rifle style umbrella. You are assured to stir attention and curiosity from people around you. This will also be a great item for friends and family, especially those guys who loves rare and exquisite items. You can grab a rifle style umbrella online by clicking on this link: Rifle Style Umbrella

7. IPhone Case with integrated charger

List Price: $69.95 Sale: $59.95 & FREE Shipping

This is one accessory that seems to level up with iPhone’s high tech upgrading is the Prong PocketPlug iPhone Case and Integrated A/C Charger for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s – Black. This accessory not only serves as protector for the iPhone 5 and 5s from damage and from being broken from a bad fall but what is most beneficial and highly innovative about this product is its other usage – as a CHARGER while protecting it at the same time. Now, that is sheer convenience for the user. No more tangled cables or bringing of a space consuming charger creating a hunchback shape on the outside of your flat handbag.

It also has a micro USB port in case a micro USB cord is available for charging through a computer desktop or laptop. Otherwise, the PocketPlug iPhone Case can always do the job. The plug of this 2-in-1 product can be retracted to fit into standard sockets and can be flattened when not in use thus it will not pierce into anything near it. The PocketPlug also allows clearer and louder audio as it has the feature of enhancing the speaker and mic of the iPhone 5 and 5s. No worries about its safety as it will not damage your iPhone for it has been manufactured with the most highly advanced and reliable technology. It’s a great buy for such a low price. So this product is really worth buying as it offers comfort from its versatility of a product that has ever come out in the market today. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: iPhone Case with Integrated A/C Charger

8. Pepper Spray Case for iPhone 4

List Price: $41.98 Price: $25.96 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

This Product is Awesome! I bought the Pepper Spray iPhone Case because it is a practical and stylish way of getting the personal protection I need. I don’t need to worry about leaving my pepper spray at home since it is plugged in to my iPhone and yet the pepper spray cartridge is so discreet no one would even notice it’s there. The device is also convenient to carry whenever and wherever I go. I can put it in my bag, pouch, or pocket without any trouble. This is also a good product if you are a person like me who loves to travel.

Some Airport terminals allow 4-ounce container of pepper spray included in the checked baggage, all you have to do is to remove the cartridge prior to entering airport security.

It has a preventive mechanism that avoids accidental firing, allowing me to safely handle the device. I don’t worry about spraying it on my face or onto another person’s face unintentionally. I love the fact that a test cartridge is included because it allows first time users like me to practice installing and spraying the device prior to using the actual pepper spray cartridge.

This product contains ingredients that would really disable an attacker which makes me feel at ease whenever I travel alone.

This is a great gift for your loved ones and even yourself. This device is perfect for people who are always on-the-go, stylish and wants personal protection like me. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link:Pepper Spray Case for iPhone 4

9. Iphone gaming control

List Price: $99.24 & FREE Shipping

If you’re pretty big on mobile gaming and can’t stand your thumb blocking your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen, this’ll fix that right up. It features a slim design with standard button placements that will feel very familiar for most gamers. The controller itself comes with its own power supply, giving you enough juice to keep your phone alive for even the most graphic intensive games.

What I like about the PowerShell is its usability and overall look. Popping your iPhone 5 is usually a snap, but the best part is that you can still call or snap pictures with your camera so your iPhone’s functionality is never encumbered. The rubber grip is solid and comfortable for extended playing times. The input response on button presses is usually stellar, though this tends to be not the case for a few games.

While there are certainly less expensive or more touch responsive controllers out there in the market, Logitech’s PowerShell are one of the few models that truly removes the awkwardness of sliding your device into the controller and gives you a standard button-mashing controller with a built-in power bank for longer play times or for emergency charges during the day.

More than anything else, this product is pretty much Logitech’s answer to hardcore gamers for the iPhone 5. The price itself can be steep for a controller attachment, and the fact that it restricts itself to the latest IPhone 5/5S and 5th generation iPod Touch may upset gamers with older devices. But the PowerShell’s portability, accessibility and sleekness are unparalleled. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: PowerShell Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5

10. Keychain Breathalyzer

List Price: $39.99 Price: $25.95 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

The BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a revolutionary, portable Breathalyzer. Let us examine this product and find out how useful it is.


The BACTrack Keychain Breathalyzer only measures 1.4×0.6×2.4 inches and only weighs 0.2 ounces. This means that it can be easily placed in your purse or even in the pocket. Aside from that, it is also a keychain which is a big plus to its portability.

 Ease of Use

Not only is this portable Breathalyzer very small, it is also very easy to use too. It has a folding mouthpiece which can be folded in when not in use. It also has an optional mouthpiece. With just breathing in the Breathalyzer for 5 seconds, you can easily estimate your BAC or Blood Alcohol Content. The results can easily be seen in the 2-digit LED display.


This innovative Breathalyzer uses advanced technology. It displays a wide range of results from 0.00-0.40% BAC. Aside from that, it has a sensor accuracy of +/- 0.01 at 0.02 % BAC. Accuracy is very important when it comes to alcohol analyzers.


As for the price, the BACTrack Keychain Breathalyzer is quite competitive. It is available for only $25.95 in Amazon and priced regularly at $39.99. The kit includes the Breathalyzer, three extra mouthpieces, one AAA battery, the manual and one year warranty.

The BACTrack Keychain Breathalyzer is definitely an innovative and revolutionary device. It is approved by the FDA for personal use. With it, you can actually save a life because you can keep you and your friends in check with this reliable and portable breathalyzer. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

11. Iron Man Hand USB Drive

List Price: $54.95 Sale: $46.99 & FREE Shipping

Jarvis has a new option for the Iron Man mobile suit that fans just like me would certainly enjoy! Check out the new Iron Man Hand USB drive! It is one of the most interesting gadgets I have seen in the market which definitely works for people on the go, for students who have school presentations and projects, or for people who would like to save files in a more “superhero” way. It perfectly fits into ports for desktops and laptops and its impressive detailed designs, features, and function are truly remarkable.

You can choose from 8 GB to 16 GB depending on how much data you usually need or for your computer’s back-up storage. Although the price range is a little high, I guarantee you that the Iron Man Hand USB drive is completely worth it. The Iron Man Hand USB drive offers a wide range of amazing features like the Repuslor ray surges whenever it is plugged in to read and open the folder of your saved files, the joints of the fingers are unbelievably impermanent individually that you can replicate hand gestures easily like an “OK” sign, goat head, or the peace sign, whatever gesture you can think of and it also makes a great keychain. The Iron Man Hand USB drive comes in different Marvel characters and different Iron Man body parts available that you can now collect. I would, without a doubt recommend this to my friends, and their friends because it is such an awesome product. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Iron Man Hand USB Drive

12. Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness

Price: $250.00 + $11.95 shipping


When finding suitable camera straps, you will discover that the selection is plentiful, but most have dull and boring designs. With the Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness, it is a unique option that can add style and convenience when carrying your camera around.


When it comes to the overall design and style of the Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness, it is used as a backpack with the straps that has the X configuration at the back for superior support. The leather harness is made out of high-quality leather that can support two cameras on your hips with the in-built metal D-rings. With the X configuration at the back, it provides users with comfort since the weight is distributed evenly on both shoulders. It simply means that fatigue is no longer an issue with this camera harness.

The Speed Clutch mechanism will allow users to easily slide the camera along the harness up to the eye level. For security, there are two Camera HoldFasts that can be screwed into the ¼-20 inch tripod socket of the camera. Aside from the cameras, the Camera Leashes can also be used to hang other items such as keys, water bottles or anything that you can readily reach while shooting. This camera harness is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty on the manufacturer’s defects.


Even though the sliding harnesses provide convenience to the users, one noticeable drawback is that it is visually noticeable and the metal sliding mechanism can be quite noisy when moving around.


By choosing the Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness, it is truly unique, specially designed and provides convenience to the users. This camera harness allows easy portability of 2-3 cameras as well as providing comfort especially to users who move around a lot. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link; Holdfast Gear Money Maker Multi-Camera Harness

13.Rechargeable Heated Insole

Price: $79.18 – $169.51

The ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole was released back in 2012 and buyers have their own share of good sides and bad sides regarding the product. If you are planning to purchase one to help warm up your feet during the cold season, you might as well take close look on what it can provide.

 Features of the ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

Each insole has an in-built RF receiver, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a heating element under the front part of the foot. The best part is that the insole is water-resistant. You can recharge the batteries using a charger that will take up to 4 hours. The insoles can be easily used within your boots or shoes.

It comes with a push-button wireless remote that allows users to switch between medium, high and “no heat” setting. On high setting, the temperature is 43 C while the medium setting can reach 38 C. As for the “no heat” setting, the heating element is turned off which is useful in saving the battery life. The LED lights will indicate if the insoles are turned on and the setting.

By utilizing high-end wireless thermal technology, you no longer have to deal with wires, Velcro straps, extension cords, battery straps and batteries on the shoes or ankles anymore.


Overall, at the price range between $79.18 – $169.51, this is definitely a high-end heated insole that can provide heat to your feet during the cold season with its superior heating technology. There are a variety of sizes to choose from that can be trimmed to ensure the right fit. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole 

14.Hand Squeeze Shirt

Price: $15.34 + $4.49 shipping

It’s amusing to watch a guy stroll down the sidewalk wearing this funny hand squeeze shirt. A large hand (obviously a man’s) was painted on the shirt clutching the wearer’s waist and squeezing it, or attempting to, by the looks of it. This t-shirt for men is the perfect gift for a brother, son, or friend with a great sense of humor. One look at this shirt and he’ll surely laugh!

This style of mens apparel is made of 100% cotton and the artwork is officially licensed. It’s available in white fabric with a big hand sketch already painted in tan and black. The quality of the silk screen printing on pure cotton looks good. So far, customers who bought this shirt have been happy with their decision and enjoyed wearing this to casual occasions. They all had a good laugh looking at that big hand wrapped around their friend’s waist.

As of now, the only sizes available are small, extra large, and double-extra large. For men, a small shirt fits around a 36-inch chest and a 30-inch waist. Larger sizes fit comfortably on men who measure about 42 to 46 inches around the waist. Many men on the heavy side seem to look skinnier when they wear this shirt. The black background behind the printed hand creates an illusion of a thinner torso.

If a man in your life has a birthday coming up or you just want to give someone you care about a present, then this Big Hand Squeeze t-shirt seems like the right kind of gift to make him smile. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Funny Squeeze White Mens T-shirt

15. Windshield Display GPS

List Price: $149.99 Sale: $142.24 & FREE Shipping

When you have a GPS head-up display mounted on your car’s dashboard, you won’t be going around in circles anymore or blindly turning to side streets that lead to dead ends. This navigation device also has a windshield projector that shows you the directions to get to your destination, the estimated time of your arrival, and the number of miles or metres you’re nearer to your target location. In addition, this gadget displays speed, traffic and safety camera alerts on its LCD screen, project the information onto the windshield, and also send them to a compatible Bluetooth-enabled smartphone via a paid mobile application.

This GPS gadget from Garmin has a smart projector screen that automatically adjusts its brightness to let the driver see clearly the information displayed during broad daylight or at night. The projector screen is either a transparent film or a reflector lens that sticks to the inside surface of the windshield without blocking the driver’s line of sight. The display measures less than 5 inches so it looks unobtrusive from the outside and yet very visible from inside the vehicle.

It’s meant to be used with the Garmin StreetPilot app for iPhones or the NAVIGON mobile app for iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Check a street-level map on your phone and punch in your destination. The HUD takes care of the voice-prompted turn-by-turn instructions. In case you do get lost, the emergency locator displays your exact latitude and longitude in degrees, the nearest address on the map and the closest intersections, and where the closest hospitals, police stations, and gas stations can be found. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Windshield Display GPS

16. Folding Guitar

List Price: $499.00 Sale: $399.00 & FREE Shipping

For anyone who habitually brings a guitar, offering a design that will lessen the worries in carrying one while traveling is a definite advantage. Voyage-Air Guitar, a California-based business that specializes in guitars for the musician who is always on the go, understands this. As such, they have created Voyage-Air Guitar Acoustic Folding Guitar.

The Voyage-Air is the brainchild of company co-founder Harvey Leach who has been building high-end guitars for more than 35 years. Voyage-Air guitars are full-sized guitars that are scaled down for traveling, and made with a patented hinged neck designed to fold over the body. When packed up, a Voyage-Air guitar fits into a soft case that is set either for storing in the overhead bin of an airplane. It can even be hand carried as the whole pack meets most airlines’ carry-on size requirements. It can perfectly fit in the back of a car as well.

Voyage-Air Acoustic Guitar looks like any other well-made guitar, except for a couple of modifications made by its designer. First, a hinge is attached to its fret board exactly at the spot where it connects to the hollow body. Second, a heavy-duty, screw-in bolt on the back of the fret board is secured into a mounting hole on the body of the guitar. All Voyage-Air acoustic guitars are equipped with D’Addario Phosphor-Bronze “Light” gauge strings and are available in a number of styles, including the Voyage-Air Transit Series VAOM-02 Folding Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar. It also comes in a number of price points to fit any budget.

Unscrewing the fastening bolt, will allow the hinge around the neck and the fret board of the guitar to fold forward so it all rests on its hollow body. The strings remain fastened to both the tuning board and the base of the guitar, however.

Once folded nearly against itself, the Voyage-Air can then be packed up into the specially designed case, which looks like half a guitar case—only without the neck—and, becomes more or less a carry-on bag. Each Voyage-Air case is packaged with Velcro wraps that help keep it secure. The carrier also comes with straps that one can wear as a backpack.

Each Voyage-air Guitar is guaranteed to be of highest quality as every piece has been manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, using the finest CNC machines and with unsurpassed workmanship.

The Transit Series VAOM-02 Folding Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar sells at $399 and is being offered at amazon.com with free shipping. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Folding Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar

17.Floor Mopping Robot

Price: $299.97 & FREE Shipping

If you are in search for an efficient floor cleaning device, you might want to include iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot in your list. As one of the latest products by iRobot, it is a high-end model of their floor mopping series and promises to deal with common household chores of mopping easily.

Features of the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

This floor cleaning device is highly recommended and specifically built for hardwood floors, tiles, laminates and linoleum. With the Damp/Dry mop dual mode utilizing microfiber cloth, it provides users with flexibility while cleaning. With the dry mode, it can pick up dirt and dust while the damp mode can clean out stains and grime.

The multiple pass technology ensures multiple cleaning over the same space. This will ensure that tough stains can be removed. With the Smart mapping technology with the help of sensors, it allows the device to avoid stairs, carpets and other obstacles. It is not noisy and only produces a low hum while operational. Additionally, the compact size of the device makes it easy for users to clean hard to reach furniture especially under the tables, couches and other tight spaces. It also offers adequate coverage to clean corners.

There are also replaceable cloths for the base of the device. Once they are dirty, they can be easily replaced. It is best to start with a sweeping run using the dry microfiber cloth and followed with deep cleaning using the microfiber mop cloth. The price of this device is considered affordable compared to other similar floor cleaning devices in the market.

Pros and cons of the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

The good points about the floor cleaning device are ease of use, built with smart navigation and the affordable price. As for the drawback, the technology it utilizes is similar to the Mint Plus and finding one in the market can be difficult.


Overall, the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot is a must-have for individuals who do not have time to clean their floors. With this device, rest assured that dirt, dust, stains and grime are effectively removed in a cool and awesome way! You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Floor Mopping Robot

18.Real Hands Over Chest Shirt

Price: $29.99 + $3.99 shipping

If you want attention and if you want to stand out in a crowd, this naughty Realistic Hands Over Chest shirt is a real a head turner! The hands are printed on the chest area in 3D so that at first glance you may think it is real. With this shirt you will not only enjoy the attention from all types of people with varied reactions but you will also get your money’s worth because it is made of high quality material.

You can actually choose a size that fits you well so that the contours of your chest will match that of the design. On the other hand, if you want your t-shirt loose, there will still be no problem since the design is set like a smaller shirt with reddish brown color over a white background.

This is a creative way of expressing one’s freedom and individuality. Simply expect two kinds of looks. The carefree and young would admire you and even ask you where they can get the same item. However, with the older and more traditional, you may get that reprimanding look as if you have done a scandalous criminal act.

Whatever reaction you may get, the fun side of it is that you have caught everybody’s attention and you have become a hot item for once in your life. If you are looking for some kind of adventure, try this shirt design and brace yourself for unique fun and excitement. You can surely prank unsuspecting people on different occasions and locations. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Real Hands Over Chest

19.Weighted Workout Shirt

Price: $225.00 – $249.99

For those out there who need an added boost during their workout, the TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System is definitely a product worth considering. Let’s take a close look on what this product is all about.

Features of the TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System

This is considered as the only weighted compression shirt in the world. This durable, weighted shirt system boasts an interior shirt with a zipper that has 14 strategically-positioned pockets that holds up to 8 pounds of the fit-right inserts made out of hydro-gel all over the upper arms and upper body.

The double-stitched, moisture locking compression shirt seals the weight while at the same time promoting increased circulation of blood in the body. By wearing this workout shirt, it can help boost speed, endurance and strength. It simply means that users can enjoy highly efficient workouts with improved balance, speed and endurance.

The best part is that you can naturally move without difficulty or adding stress to the joints in the body. The workout shirt can be used during workouts as well as training programs. This can be heated or cooled during or after workouts.

The TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System basically includes 3 training enhancing components.

• 14-pocket interior shirt acts as the base layer

• Fit-right inserts made out of hydro-gel are slipped into the tactically-positioned interior shirt pockets

• Moisture-preventing exterior compression shirt that seals the gel inserts to keep the weight securely in place during workouts.


Overall, the TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System can provide users with an added boost during any workout or exercise routine, especially when it comes to strength, endurance and speed. You can grab this item online by clicking on this linke: TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System

20.Alcohol Shot Gun

Price: $15.65 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Ever heard of strawpedoes and beer bongs? How about shotgunning a beer can? Now, you don’t have to pierce a tin can and stick it to your waiting mouth for a fun way of drinking beer or any kind of liquor. Spice up your drinking games with an alcohol shot gun!

Simply pour your favorite alcoholic beverage into the empty barrel where a real gun’s bullets are usually found. The canister holds one fluid ounce of any liquid you want to enjoy shooting into your mate’s mouth. When shooting off a stream of beer, grip the bottom of the gun firmly and pull the trigger. The amber liquid jettisons roughly three to five inches before the pressure weakens and it feels like you’re drinking from a water fountain.

Like most toy guns filled with liquid, it doesn’t look and feel like a real weapon. It’s made of white plastic while the canister is painted grey. Sometimes, there’s a few seconds delay between pulling the trigger and seeing an ounce of tequila shoot into someone else’s open mouth. You also have to frequently reload the cartridge with alcoholic drink one fluid ounce at a time.

Well, it doesn’t matter that the feeling of that plastic muzzle in your mouth seems unfamiliar or you only got spurts of vodka coming out of it. You and your mates will surely enjoy playing a drinking game of Russian Vodka Roulette with this alcohol shot gun. You can grab this item online by clicking on this link: Alcohol Shot Gun

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