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Being a human being living on this wonderful planet we like to call Earth there are a few staple items which happen to make life ever so easy. Cell phones, bottled water, sliced bread and yep, you guessed it, a device to tell the time! Whether it be on your phone screen, hanging in your office or stylishly positioned on your wrist, knowing the time is an integral part to daily existence. We at StarCentral are firm believers that wearing a wristwatch has never gone out of style. Perhaps Amazon knew this when the online shopping site decided to stock some of the planet’s most gorgeous and fashion forward time telling devices. Below is a list of the five hottest watches right now… Just a heads up, you better start saving pronto because number five will have you drooling!

1. Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Price: $250.00 & FREE Shipping

The oversized yet simplistic face of this watch is only overshadowed by the dazzling royal blue face.  I’m not a massive fan of colourful watches, however, this one is a game changer. With the residence of a peacock and the elegance of a swan, it’s no wonder that the Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet Watch is gracing the Amazon.com best seller list.
The watch is everything, and I mean EVERYTHING a watch should be. Understated but somehow totally captivating. The gold bracelet is a perfect accompaniment to the blue face, and at that, the perfect accompaniment to any business or casual attire.  At $250 this classic timepiece is truly a fantastically cheap, lifelong investment.
At almost 4cm across, the watch takes pride and place on your wrist, commanding attention.  The Japanese Quartz movement with analog display ensures that telling the time is always as simple as a quick flick of the eyes in the mere direction of that bright face. The Kenneth Jay Lane is water resistant to 50 metres, making it not only stylish, but versatile. The protective mineral crystal dial window allows you to have the peace of mind when wearing it in everyday situations.

The Olsen Twins are proud supporters of Kenneth Jay Lane watches, and for that matter, so was Lady Di. It’s easy to be as stylish and modern as celebrities with Amazon. Simply order yours today, and be wearing it by tomorrow! Oh and not to mention you also receive a swish gift/storage box that will make this purchase even more sweet. Follow this link and you can buy yours today; Kenneth Jay Lane Women’s KJLane-1706 Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

2.Michael Kors Women’s Runway Brown Watch

Price: $160 with Free Shipping

Boho chic is a term that gets thrown around in excess by numerous fashion magazines. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually looks like, then I have your answer. This watch is simply dripping with boho chic.  Basically, you can’t get more boho chic than this baby. Michael Kors delivers once again with this simplistic, yet completely fashion forward Runway Brown Watch.
At first you might seem hesitant to buy because of the different band style however,  trust me, once you try it on, all doubts will go out of the window faster than a NYC firefighter. The wrap design is actually uber simple to fasten and wear. Not only do you get twice the amount of that satiating leather feel on your skin than a classic watch, you’re also getting a free add on accessory- the bracelet.
The Quartz movement allows the three hand analog movement to flow effortlessly and with a 10 metre water proofing, it will ensure you’ll always be on time, wherever you are! Made for both land and sea, I can imagine this watch playing a huge role on family holidays or romantic getaways.  On that note, the stainless steel detail and clutch will ensure the watch won’t rust or tarnish either.  Imagine the simplicity and convenience of being able to slip your Michael Kors watch on in the morning and go to the beach, then take it off after your elegant nightly dinner.  And if you are worried about tiny creatures, from pets to pesky toddlers interfering with the divine beauty of your watch, fear not! The durable mineral crystal watch face protects the entire movement from scratches.

Michael Kors isn’t known for his luxury sportswear designs for nothing. This watch is a true testament to his craft and eye for stylish detail. If you’re still not sold, the watch comes with a two year limited warranty too. So rest assured, your perfect timepiece is in safe hands. Don’t miss out, you can purchase yours from Amazon today; Michael Kors Runway MK2256 Brown


3. Pebble Unisex Smartwatch

Price: $149.99 & FREE Shipping

If you go gaga over gadgets then boy oh boy have I found the watch for you! The Pebble Smartwatch… and before you ask, yes it’s compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems! This watch is truly space age and will have you so well connected you might as well throw your phone in the trash! Well, almost.
Let’s jump straight into its capabilities shall we.  By enabling a link between phone and watch, you’re given access to notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendars and your favourite apps on your wrist? If that wasn’t enough you too can download watch faces and apps to suit your style and interests.  So even if you decide you’re tired of looking at the original display settings, you can transform your watch into a totally new aesthetic – digital or analog! Talk about versatile technology and fun time telling! Speaking of versatility, the Pebble Smartwatch comes in five colours – black, white, grey, orange and red. So no matter what your style, you’re sure to find a colour that will speak to you!
Like any smartphone, this SmartWatch has a rechargeable battery which can last up to seven days on a single charge. However, this diminishes to five days if you’re planning on going App crazy. Now that I mention Apps, I should say you can have complete control of your music playing on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more too.
I can imagine a Steven Spielberg or Mark Zuckerberg sporting one of these and relying as heavily on their watch as they do their personal assistants. This Pebble Smartwatch really is paving the future for watches. Why not jump on board and see what all the fuss is about!

Any technology buff would be lucky to have this watch, and now with Amazon, it’s as easy as a few clicks. Not to mention the 8% saving you’ll get if you order yours today! You can find the watch on this link if you’re interested; Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android


4.Timex Unisex Weekender Watch

List Price: $44.95 / Sale: $28.94 & FREE Shipping

Prep school meets county club sophistication is what comes to mind when I think about this watch. This Timex Weekender Watch has been adequately named and believe me, when you’re wearing it, you’ll feel like your on holiday! The unisex design allows it to transcend any ideas of what a holiday watch is all about. Both durable and lightweight, the Weekender is a perfect accompaniment to any tennis game or cocktail hour.
The navy and tan nylon band allows the freedom to pair it with most outfit combinations too. With celebrity style, you could even team it with bright patterns or colours… A sort of tribute to Diana Von Furstenburg if you will. Many celebrities are loving the mismatched, eclectic look. Take Katy Perry or Kristen Stewart for instance. Although they always seem to be wearing something that shouldn’t quite work together, yet somehow it just does! You too can attain that look with this edgy watch.
Not only fashion forward but also practical. The Weekender boasts a 30 metre water resistance, indiglo night light and a quartz movement with analog display. Reliable and appealing, the brass cased watch also has a protective mineral dial window.

Timex has long been a favourite in the American market, and now with the simplicity of Amazon.com, we here on the other side of the world can easily enjoy these timepieces too. Feel instantly relaxed, yet in control with a Timex Weekender Watch today;  Timex Unisex T2P1429J “Weekender” Watch

5.Rado Women’s Jubile Two Tone Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch

List Price: $1,300.00 / Sale: $993.30 & FREE Shipping

Elegant, luxurious and a VIP price tag are the three elements that go along with this watch. Once you’ve finished gawking at the exorbitant price of this product, take a look at its simple beauty and you’ll begin to understand why it’s so upper market. While I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, ahem, budget, it is simply stunning so it belongs in this collection.
Everyone should have a luxury watch in their collection. Whether you have the pleasure of owning it at 14 or 40 is where we will all differ. However, there is something to be said about the status a luxury watch can give the wearer. With more than thirty international design awards under this belt, it’s no wonder Rado are still delivering such elegant and special products.
The luxury is both in the aesthetic and in the craftsmanship of the timepiece. The quartz movement is paired with a sapphire crystal face, which not only protects the watch from scratches but acts as an anti reflective barrier. Measuring a touch over 3 cm in diameter the gold-tone stainless steel case comes in a two tone black colouring. Whether your attending a black tie benefit or a particularly special dinner, this watch is sure to finish off any outfit to perfection. Look at any red carpet event and you’ll be sure to see starlets dripping with luxury, including luxurious watches. Join the club and purchase your little slice of luxury for Amazon.com today.

Whether it be a graduation gift, wedding present or self splurge, there is no reason you shouldn’t adorn yourself or your loved ones with one of these Rado Jubile Watches;  Rado Women’s R30930712 Centric Jubile Two Tone Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch

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