Can Can by Paris Hilton Turns Any Woman Into A Sizzling “Hot” Vixen

Can Can is the 4th women’s fragrance of famous socialite Paris Hilton which took inspiration from the song Lady Marmalade and Nicole Kidman’s movie, Moulin Rouge.

Can Can by Paris Hilton is a very sensual, floral-fruity, oriental fragrance with a top notes of nectarine, black currant, and Clementine blossom; a heart of orange blossom and orchid; and a base of precious woods, amber, and soft musk – designed in 2007 by Jean-Claude Delville. The perfume comes in a 3.4 oz. clear bottle.

Can Can has a sweet and very light scent – the lightest among Paris Hilton’s fragrances. The scent is very surprising because its name makes you think of the black and red hues in the Can Can girls’ costumes so you will expect that the perfume will be a heavy and cloying floral scent but it’s not.

According to various reviews, Can Can is a perfume that is wonderful to wear in the fall or winter season because its smell makes you warm and cozy. The scent lasts for a long time and makes you smell as luxurious as Paris Hilton. The socialite who made famous the lines “That’s hot!” has delighted buyers with her Can Can fragrance, capturing even those women who are not Paris Hilton fanatics.


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Can Can is being compared to Pink Sugar when tested on strips but smells different when sprayed directly to the skin because it is more of a musky sweet nectarine. The perfume is lauded for its longevity and versatility as it can be worn throughout the year.

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