5 Jaw Dropping Jewellery Pieces You’ll Actually Wish You Owned Right Now


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One very wise, very stylish and very famous blonde once rhythmically declared that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. Another, not so rhythmically talented blonde (aka me!) would argue that all jewellery are a girl’s best friend. Whether it be a statement piece bound to dazzle or a subtle frosting of pearl earrings, women everywhere know the value of good accessorising. Let me tell you, so does Amazon.com. With an online market absolutely overflowing with gorgeous jewellery, it’s no wonder people are flocking to purchase any and every piece of jewellery they need… And for that matter, don’t need! Here is a list of the the top five sizzling pieces right now.

1.Yellow Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

List Price: $75.00 / Sale: $35.00 & FREE Shipping

Ask any girl what they think of when posed with the question of jewellery and I almost bet the word pearl is mentioned within the first sentence. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Pride and Prejudice and your mind will be filled with regal images of dames and princesses dripping with elegant pearl jewellery.  Whether it be a necklace, earrings or a ring you really can never go wrong when you choose pearls. If you’re new to pearls then this pair of Akoya earrings are your perfect introduction to your new found inner lady.
With a 14 carat yellow gold back and fixture, you really cannot get more timeless than these pearlers (see what I did there?).  Believe me when I say that this dainty earrings will compliment ANY outfit.  From a little black dress, to a simple office two piece suit, you will absolutely get amazing use out of your new pearl earrings!
Elegant as they are versatile, celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Scarlett Johanssen are serial pearl wearers! Be it at a red carpet event or dodging the paparazzi, you can see these stylish ladies sporting a pair of classic pearl earrings. There really isn’t a single outfit you can’t accessorise with pearls.
Better yet, each pair of these Akoya earrings are completely unique. With the natural process of pearl formation, no two pearls can ever be identical, meaning there will be subtle variations in size, form, shape and colour. It’s because of these factors that the pairs of earrings differ in size from 7.5mm to 8mm in diameter.
If you’re not completely sold, then get excited because Amazon.com is currently selling the Akoya Cultured Pearl earrings at an unbelievable 53% off the regular listing price. So, what are you waiting for?! Order yours today;  Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

2. Sorrelli Octagonal Crystal Cocktail Adjustable Ring

Price: $35.20 & FREE Shipping

Glitz, glamour and attitude have been brought to life in this spectacularly eye-catching ring. Cocktail party goers everywhere have been crying out for a ring like this since the invention of Cosmopolitans at 5pm.  The aptly named Aurora Sky ring bought to you by Sorrelli is a statement ring in desperate need of a fabulous party dress. Whether it be simple or OTT, this ring is sure to create quite a stir in inner and outer circles.

With a peacock like array of colours, and bargain price tag there really isn’t any excuse not to purchase one of these bedazzling beauties. Glamourzons like Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian live in pieces like this, and now with the help of Amazon.com, so can you! Even for the sheer wow value alone, it’s worth purchasing one.

If you want that glamorous celebrity style, without the celebrity price tag then jump onto Amazon today to get yours before they sell out; Sorrelli Octagonal Crystal Cocktail Adjustable Ring

3. Betsy Johnson ‘Vintage Kitty’ Cameo Toggle Bracelet 

The Olsen twins, Vanessa Hudgens and Shakira are all big on small bracelets… And lots of them for that matter. Open any magazine and you’ll see these celebrities (and many more for that matter) loading up their wrists with countless delicate bracelets. You too can achieve this look, for a lot cheaper than the aforementioned too! Simply jump onto Amazon.com and punch in Betsey Johnson and you’ll be overwhelmed with a mass of cute and delicate bracelets. My personal favourite is the Vintage Kitty Cameo Toggle Bracelet. At only $38.00 with free shipping, you’ll be looking cooler than Mary- Kate Olsen on Hollywood Boulevard.
This handmade piece is an eclectic mix of gold tone bits and pieces.  Included in the mix is a fish skeleton, crown, hearts and many eye catching crystals. As the name suggests, the centrepiece of the bracelet is a playful kitten cameo.  The cuter than pie kitten is happily perched, bow and all, in the centre of a gold toned setting.
Kitschy cool and a completely necessary addition to any accessory junkies closet, there are countless ways you can make this bracelet work. Whether you team it with a playful jumpsuit or a brightly coloured bikini, I guarantee you’ll be hard pressed finding a reason to take it off.
Fashionable, fun and completely necessary get yours on Amazon.com today.

4.Devon Leigh Green Onyx and Green Quartz Multi-Strand Necklace

Price: $895.00 FREE One-Day Shipping & Free Returns

Wow! This piece screams elegance…actually it’s more of a loud whisper, with it’s understated charm and gorgeous allure. Completely made by hand, there is no better example of mesmerising charm than this. The onyx and quartz stones used are very ‘now’ and will guarantee to have your friends just as green as your necklace with envy.
The multi-strand design is very trendy right now in accordance with many celebrities who have been seen layering their jewellery. Think Drew Barrymore and Beyoncé! Another fantastic attribute of the multi-strand look is that it appears as if you have two different gemstone necklaces on, when in fact you only have one. On the note of gemstones, because they are a naturally occurring stone – colours and sizes will vary slightly throughout the range. If you thought it couldn’t get any more luxurious, think again! The clasp and small joining chain is 14carat gold. Not only are you wearing beautiful gemstones, but gold too. You might as well be a royal! Believe me, people will be treating you like one when they see the magic happening around your neck.

Made in the USA, and currently sitting at around 20% off the regular list price, why not treat yourself for sticking to all of those New Year’s resolutions. You deserve it! Stars like Angelina Jolie and Amy Adams are known for their love of emerald jewellery. If they saw this piece by Devon Leigh, I’m certain they’d be putting it in their shopping cart quicker than you can say American Hustle. So can you at; Devon Leigh Green Onyx

List Price: $205.31 / Sale: $71.00 & FREE Shipping

Sometimes your special guy is just so hard to buy for, right? Well look no further! Simply click away, stock up on a pair of these and hide them in your present box because I guarantee these sophisticated cuff links will have your guy smiling more than the Joker.
No suit should ever be debuted without a pair of cuff links. It’s like if a woman left the house without her shoes or handbag…. It would just be plain wrong! The best thing about these luxurious diamond encrusted accessories is that they will match any suit, colour or personality type. Even the toughest of guys will melt when they see how good they look with this bling adorning their wrists.  Take the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, or George Clooney… These guys ooze effortless style, and trust me they’d never be seen dead without a fantastic link! For that matter, neither should your man.
With 0.05 of a carats of diamonds in each of the cuff links, this gift is sure to wow even the most fussy of boyfriends, brothers or dads. Currently sitting at 65% off the regular listing price, you’d be mad not to bag yourself a pair or two of these before they sell out.

In true Amazon.com style, this item comes with complimentary two day shipping. Which is perfect because let’s face it, if your man friend is underprepared (I know mine is!) for a special upcoming party or event, you can still have him completely ready in time without a hiccup. So what are you waiting for? Jump online today to order your Sterling Silver Cushion Diamond Cuff Links because girls shouldn’t be the only ones who have fun accessorizing; Men’s Sterling Silver Cushion Diamond Cuff Links

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