5 Amazing Colours To Wear For Summer 2017


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Its summer time girls! Time to shed those thick, bulky sweaters and jackets that you have been wearing the whole winter season and slip on lighter clothes that are more comfortable this season. Are you prepared to venture outside your home wearing your summer-appropriate clothes? If yes, are they the right colours for this year?

If you are not certain, there’s still time to upgrade your wardrobe! StarCentral gives you our top 5 colours to wear for summer 2017 based on the top hues released by Pantone.

Getting the right colours not just the design are the secret to an effective, well-put ensemble. The top colours that designers prefer this year have an eclectic mix of pale pastels, nature-like neutrals, and understated brights. They are calming and cool colours that are very appropriate for the spring season: aquamarine, tangerine, glacier gray, toasted almond, and strawberry ice.

#5 Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light and airy colour that helps relieve stress. It has a calming blue that is cool, watery and has a wet feel. This Hispter Tribal Arrows A-Line Skirt is perfect to wear this summer with your top of choice and ankle booties.

#4 Tangerine

Tangerine is a juicy orange colour that cheers and energizes your summer ensemble. In full colour or in prints, tangerine gives the splash of colour that you need to add vitality in your pastels and neutrals. Young girls would look good wearing this XOXO Junior’s Mesh Insert Sheath Dress.

#3 Glacier Gray

This softer, lighter shade of gray is perfect to mix ‘n match with any colours. We picked this Scarleton Trendy Vintage Crossbody Bag for its design and structure that can amplify even the most boring outfit.

#2 Toasted Almond

Another neutral colour, toasted almond has a sun-tanned shade that gives comfort and warmth. This elegant hue is a colour that never goes out of fashion. Investing on bags and shoes like this Women’s Classic Closed Toe Kitten Heel Pump is a smart decision that you will never regret. Just ensure that you get high-quality, durable ones that would last long.

#1 Strawberry Ice

A very feminine, beautiful hue, strawberry ice gives you a healthy glow as it evokes the “pink feeling” which we can equate with happiness, health, and liveliness. This Tory Burch Amanda Double Handle Classic Leather Convertible Hobo Lobster is a stylish must-have that you would be proud to bring anywhere with you.

These five colours are not just for clothes, footwear, and accessories – you can try them on your nails too! What’s good about these colours are, they can be combined together to create a fabulous ensemble or matched with other brighter or lighter shades for a more dramatic look.

Celebrate your freedom from cumbersome clothes and chilly weather with the trendiest and the most attractive ensembles that you can create – inspired by the top 5 summer colours that StarCentral magazine highly recommends.

Remember that keeping pace with the trend does not mean spending more money – just be a smart shopper!

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