5 Underrated Nail Polish Brands That You Need To Try This Year


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Let’s face it; girls like to keep themselves pretty all the time from their head down to their toes. That’s why they take extra care when it comes to choosing their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Hair and makeup are always done carefully and flawlessly to complement their outfits and nails are a priority too.

Having beautiful nails makes your hand more attractive and more feminine. Apart from accessories, nail polish beautifies your hands. In fact, you can probably do without accessories if you have pretty nails. If you are beauty-conscious then we’re sure you would be interested to know what nail polish brands would be hot this year.

We did some digging around and we recommend the following nail polish colours that would be best to wear for 2017.

#1 Natural Nails

Keeping your nails’ natural colour is a noteworthy trend this year.  Clean and natural nails are still appealing but you can also cover your nails with light-coloured nail polish like soft pink, beige, pale peach, milky white, and other light shades that give a nude effect to your nails. Trim your nails short or medium length and shape them in almond or half circle. This ZOYA Nail Polish from Amazon can actually make your nails look natural so it’s well worth a shot.

#2 Metallic Shades

If you don’t like glittery nails, then nail polish in metallic shades can make your nails look shiny. Metallic shade is a trend that is appropriate for everyday wear that gives you eye-catching nails easily. We found this BMC Metallic Gray Color Nail Stamping Lacquer which is very elegant when applied to your fingernails.

#3 Red Nails

Red nail polish is a colour that never goes out of style. You can wear it as a single colour or paired with lighter shades based on the nail polish design that you want to create. From muted tones to bold colours, red nail polishes like OPI Nail Polish will be one of the hottest colours this year.

#4 Golden Nails

Golden nails are in fashion this year especially this season. Gold dominates the trends in clothes, accessories, and nail polishes as it adds elegance and brightness to your hands. Gold nail colour like Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer can be used for French manicure, for creating various prints and patterns, or as a single shade to fully cover your nails.

#5 Matching Colours

Matching nail polish with your lipstick, your shoes, or your clothes is another hot trend that you can try this year. You can easily choose nail colour to match what you wear so you don’t have to get a different shade like you used to do. If you like to change nail polish colours every week then, it would be best to get them in sets of mini bottles like Kleancolor Green Addicts Vision of Greens Nail Lacquer from Amazon.

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