The Five Keys To Becoming A Successful Artist

By: Erlita Annas

Artists, models and actors are born artists, models and actors.  Generally called artists, they possess skills, talents, imagination, inclination and passion in the arts in its broad spectrum of music, theatre, dance, performing, film and literature.  Nonetheless, these are skills which need to be cultured and honed to be considered in the upper echelons of their craft.

To be called an artist, however, is not easy.  Skills and talent alone are not enough, and even when paired with imagination and passion, success and recognition is still not guaranteed.  Many do succeed, but others fail and even more remain mediocre – just like in any other profession.  So, how do you escape the middle ground?  The following are keys to becoming successful artists: 

Foremost is training. The reason why training is a very important factor is because the arts is a well-studied discipline. It stems from history, theory and practice. Here, it refers to its study and practice wherein it can be earned in full or part-time studies as a degree or certificate; workshops; and daily class/training. Examples include degrees or certificates in fine arts; acting workshops; modeling workshops; classes for ballet, etc. These trainings include routines and disciplines which define and hone skills. It explores imagination of talents through complex and comprehensive mentoring. Thorough and consistent training are keys to mastery. Furthermore, training gauges the level of performance of the artist. 

Second is discipline. Early on in the training, one has to breathe in discipline. It becomes second nature like doing warm-up exercises and stretching prior to joining a ballet class, for example. Discipline includes coming to class prepared and on time. Preparation includes the materials or costumes as needed.  Some training require coming to class very early than the scheduled time. Hence, discipline is necessary.

top 5 keys 

Third is attitude. There should be focus when coming to class. Attitude encompasses skills, talent and passion. When the proper attitude towards a particular activity is attained, the artist is most likely on the right track and will reap the fruits of his labor in due time. Patience is a virtue.

Fourth is apprenticeship. Always look for opportunities to become an apprentice in your chosen field. This will be a perfect springboard to a budding career. Success starts small or unrecognized until your talent is acknowledged. Aim to standout.

Fifth is finding support. It is your responsibility to find support from parents, siblings, friends, etc. You will encourage their approval by showing them that you are worthy to your artistry.  Investment is as important a factor to be able to continue training.  

The above points only serve as guidelines on how to become successful as artists, models and actors. The list can go on and on. But if you can pocket those basic guidelines, opportunities are endless in the arts industry. Don’t stop. Strive. Keep on looking until you get hold of what fits you best. Do not settle for less – reach for the star!

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