8 Shocking Pictures Of Celebrity Bodies Without The Magic Of Photoshop!


Let’s face it; looking at photos of gorgeous celebrities with their beautiful faces, flawless skin and super slim figures can make you feel so bad for yourself that you refuse to eat a tic tac! Young women in particular grow up idolising celebrities because of their flawless good looks and hot bodies not realising that the photos they see have actually been “photo shopped” or manipulated. Come on ladies -NO ONE looks perfect in real life! Most of the images of these celebrities are “perfected” with the help of Photoshop to the point that they appear almost un-human or unrealistic. You’ll be surprised at what some celebrities actually look like without Photoshop!

Photoshop is one of the most useful photo-editing applications because it enables you to manipulate any photo and turn them into anything you want.” Photo shopping” can remove stretch marks, cellulites, wrinkles and unwanted love handles to make a person look perfect. The photos below should serve as an eye opener to women out there because these photos actually show how a number of celebrities look when you take away the element of image manipulation. Scroll through these photos now and see reality up close and personal – I guarantee that you’ll forget about your ridiculous diet and you’ll have a decent meal later. Bon appetite!

 1. Cameron Diaz Photoshopped


The REAL Cameron Diaz


 2. Jennifer Love Hewitt Photoshopped


The REAL Jennifer Love Hewitt


3. Lauren Conrad Photoshopped


The REAL Lauren Conrad


4. Kate Moss Photoshopped


The REAL Kate Moss

Kate Moss Mexico Beach, Mexico December 1, 2007

5. Mischa Barton Photoshopped


The REAL Mischa Barton


6. Tara Reid Photoshopped

The REAL Tara Reid


7. Kesha Photoshopped


The REAL Kesha


8. Kelly Brook Photoshopped

The REAL Kelly Brook

kelly-brooke-2 (1)


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  1. These are photos of them in their younger days, photoshopped vs. photos of them at least 10 years later, not photoshopped. No comparison.

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