4 Makeup Bags Every Female Traveler Must Own

Being mostly a solo female traveler, I’ve had to find creative ways to pack what I need in a limited (and lighter) number of space.  I’ve been doing well but I stumbled upon this blog and realized I could be doing so much better!  Sonia Gil (host and co-creator of Sonia’s Travels) compiled this list of makeup bags that makes looking good while traveling that little bit easier.


Bobbi’s Essentials Basic Brush Case

Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Set

Photo source: Polyvore

Bobbi Brown’s Basic Brush case is the perfect size for traveling.  It includes elasticized compartments for makeup brushes as well other makeup essentials. Not only does it look stylish but it is sturdily constructed.  The case zips open so that it can lay flat for easy access.  It can be bought with or without the brushes.  Available through the Bobbi Brown website, it is also available in Sephora.


For Just Brushes

Makeup Brush Roll-il_570xN_590168172_l8cd

This one is available through an Etsy store called Frog Blossoms.  The store specializes in creating compact bags (that can be rolled up) with sections for storing your makeup brushes.  Quite reasonably priced and comes in a multitude of colours.


Makeup Bag Sets


These makeup bag sets are available through an Etsy store called IrresistiblesLLC.  What I love about these bags is that they’re made from oilcloth which means that they’re waterproof!  Another special feature is that the store offers monogramming.  They create not only makeup bags but anything from totes to laundry bags, changing mats and even pillows!


All-In-One Makeup Bag

Makeup bag open-il_570xN_532119957_6amhMakeup bag closed-il_570xN_532033458_58g4

This makeup bag is a really cool find!  Consisting of elastic brush holders as well as 3 zippered pouches, it folds up into a nice-sized clutch.  The bag is custom made to order and is made of cotton fabric in variety of colours and patterns. Available through Etsy store, ReisPeices.

Click here to read the original article by Sonia Gil.


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