5 Impossibly Gorgeous Shoes You’ll Want To Steal. Open It Up And You’ll See Why… Amazing.

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Carrie Bradshaw, Imelda Marcos, Missy Elliot and yours truly are all peas in the same pod when it comes to shoes…. We all cannot get enough! EVER! To me, there is no such thing as owning too many pairs of shoes. A shoe is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, whether it be a groovy sneaker or a flawless stiletto, the shoes have to be perfect! With so many retail establishment selling the same dime-a-dozen shoes these days, it’s hard to feel like anything south of your ankles is truly unique. However, I’ve found a solution and I’m willing to share it… Amazon.com! The online shopping giant stocks some of the most incredible shoes of the year so far. Take a look at five of the hottest styles below.

1.Steve Madden Women’s Trome Dress Pump

Price: $169.95 & FREE Shipping
Glamourzonian women look out! These shoes are all for you. From his single-man design studio in Brooklyn, Steve Madden has come a long way since 1990.  What hasn’t changed though is his vision for up to date, cutting edge fashion. The Trome Pump is testament to this as a continuation of his ever evolving ‘dressy sneaker’.
Halle Berry and Nicole Richie are known lovers of the gladiator style heels and now you can you be. Amazon.com makes it super easy to order and become a proud new owner of these ultra trendy pumps.
These suede and synthetic creations have a 4inch heel which will have you towering over the rest of the world. These pumps are a perfect accessory to a dressed up denim short and simple singlet combination or even a classic bandage dress. I can imagine a style conscious woman slinging these on after a day at work and meeting her friends for cocktail hour.  If you feel like you’re well stocked on beige heels, don’t distress, the Trome also comes in black.  We all know you can’t go wrong with another pair of black heels! I should mention too that the lace up detail adds a fun touch, whilst creating a beautiful line for your legs. The height at which the Trome finishes is also extremely flattering and won’t give a an unflattering ankle line.

If you’re the kind of girl who loves to keep it simple, style wise, I would highly recommend nabbing yourself a pair of these pumps. You can add such a monumental wow factor to any outfit with the simple addition of these. Day or night, these shoes will surely dazzle. If you’re a massive heel fan than you really do need at least one pair of the Trome pumps in your closet ASAP! Girly and masculine at the same time, you can collect yours online today by clicking this link; Steve Madden Women’s The Blonde Salad Trome Dress Pump


2.Loeffler Randall ‘Milla’ Ballet Flat

Price: $250.00 & FREE Shipping

Whoever said there isn’t such a thing as a nice pair of flats has obviously never seen these shining stars from Loeffler Randall. Boy oh boy, are these really something! The ‘Milla’ ballet flats are somewhat of a Magpies dream.  With the most incredible metallic leather construction, these flats will have all your friends green with envy.
With a quarter of an inch heel, these shoes are perfect for work or leisure. I can imagine Nicole Kidman donning these to have a Sunday afternoon BBQ at Woolloomoollo Bay. For that matter, I can also see Mischa Barton strolling the streets of Hollywood during a leisure Sunday afternoon shopping spree.
To all those who only praise the stiletto gods, don’t be turned off by the lack of height gracing these flats.  Make no mistake, these shoes are a serious fashion statement. Made in Brazil from genuine leather these ballet flats are both comfortable and stylish. With the pointed toe and almost completely seamless construction, these shoes would be the perfect gift for any avid ballerina.
The wavy top line of the flats is a fun and somewhat cheeky play on the traditional ballet flat. By incorporating a softly edgy touch into the traditional ballet flat shape, these shoes really are a must have. You could wear them to almost any event, whether it be formal or casual.

If you’re anti-heel, than these are the shoes for you. Just as classy and elegant as a traditional stiletto but without the ankle breaking design, these will earn you points with even the toughest of shoe critics. Trust me on this one, with a little bit of care, these shoes will stay current through decades of changing fashion. Purchase yours immediately, if not sooner from Amazon by clicking this link: Loeffler Randall ‘Milla’ Ballet Flat


3.Badgely Mischka Tory Platform Pump

Price: $199.98 – $245.00

Badgely and Mischka joined forces in 1988 and aren’t we glad they did?! The members of young Hollywood would be absolutely lost without the vision of these two superpowers of American fashion. Praised as one of America’s Top 10 Designers by none other than Vogue Magazine, it’s no wonder these shoes seem to walk themselves out the showroom door and straight onto the red carpet. Shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and 90210 wouldn’t be the same without the shoe candy supplied by this powerhouse duo.
You too can have the prettiest shoes in town with the ease and convenience of Amazon.com. The Tory Platform Pump is second to none in style and elegance. You know those iconic shoes Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the first couple of scenes of the Sex and the City movie? You see where I’m going with this don’t you, yep, you too could own a very similar pair for a fraction of the price… With free shipping too may I add.
If you’re not so keen on the statement colour, though I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be, then don’t fret.  The Tory comes in four equally delicious colours; navy, black, silver and cream. Do I hear you thinking ‘OMG these would be perfect for a wedding?’  Whether it be a wedding or special occasion, or even just a splurge you’ll be so impressed with your new platform pumps.

With a 1inch platform and a 4inch heel, you’ll find these stunners surprisingly easy to walk in. The satin fabric used renders the shoes a strictly non-wet-weather shoe. But who wants to be walking about in the rain anyway!? You can purchase yours from Amazon.com today via this link; Badgely Mischka Tory Platform Pump

4.Jessica Simpson Women’s Fedelee Platform Pump

Price: $88.95 – $89.99

We all know Jessica Simpson for her on air air-headedness and upbeat music, but I think this is where she really shines; fashion! Her signature range of accessories includes these hot to trot Platform Pumps, mysteriously named Fedelee. Not only a complete bargain but a real find, these pumps are a must have for the Spring season. With bright colours gracing catwalk all over the globe, it’s no wonder the Fedelee Pumps are hot, hot, hot.
With three equally enticing and energetic colours to choose from on Amazon, the hardest part of the transaction will be picking only one! Black, twilight magenta and symphony blue are the choices and believe me, they’re all winners.
The man made sole is accented with coloured fabric mesh, faux leather upper and a rubber outsole. Translation – perfect for the races, clubbing or everyday use. These are the kind of wonderful shoes that are great in any situation you may find yourself in. The heel measures a total of 4.5inches and the platform is a mere three quarters of an inch.

Mesh covering are hugely trendy right now so stop thinking about it and just do it! All that’s left to do now is choose your colour and get onto Amazon by clicking this link Jessica Simpson Women’s Fedelee Platform Pump

5.PUMA Women’s Sky Wedge Fashion Sneakers

Price: $32.59 – $139.99

When you think Puma, you can’t help but think of things like sweaty gym bags and even sweater daggy sneakers. However, get those thoughts out of your head because Puma’s new fashion focused range of sneakers are anything but daggy! Completely cool and simply dripping with gangsta swag, anybody who’s anybody needs to get their hands on a pair or two of these bad boys.
Missy Elliot is rumoured to have over 200 pairs of sneakers in her accessory closet. Now while most of us aren’t quite as sneaker focused, there has to be at least one pair in everyone’s cupboard. May I suggest, this be them! Indescribably cool, Puma has really outdone themselves with this design.
The small wedge heel is all but invisible to the naked eye, it’s only on closer inspection can you see the little injection of height. There are both laces and Velcro straps to juggle on the front of the high tops. The mismatched synthetic prints are lashed across the sneakers in an effortless fashion to create an ultra trendy overall look. Coming in four awesome colours – basic black, fluorescent yellow, blue and sparkling grape, these shoes are nothing less than genius. Reaching about 6inches from the base of the shoe, you’ll be sure to have a protective and supportive ankle guard.

For both sportsmen and fashionistas alike, the Reptile Sneakers are just drop dead amazing. Not to mention depending on your size you could be saving up to 40% when you purchase these sassy sneakers. Perfect for the modern BBoy or skater girl these shoes will not disappoint. Stocks are limited on these so be quick and order on Amazon via this link: PUMA Women’s Sky Wedge Fashion Sneakers

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