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Saw is a 2004 independent horror film directed by James Wan. The screenplay, written by Leigh Whannell, is based on a story by Wan and Whannell. The film stars Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, Ken Leung, Tobin Bell, and Whannell. The initial movie is the debut of Wan and Whannell and the first installment of the seven-part Saw franchise. The film’s story revolves around Adam (Whannell) and Lawrence (Elwes), two men who are chained in a dilapidated subterranean bathroom and are each given instructions via a microcassette recorder explaining how to escape. Adam is told he must escape the bathroom, while Lawrence is told to kill Adam before a certain time, or Lawrence’s family will die. Meanwhile, police detectives investigate and attempt to find the victims’ location and apprehend the mastermind behind the current “game” and several other similar incidents.

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Useful customer reviews:

“I want to play a game…” By DEAD2RITES

What can I say, with the exception of the third film I love the SAW series. Probably my favourite horror series other than Romaro’s Dead series. If this set is legit and includes the unrated version of the first film then it is a steal.

“If you have a brain, buy this for its price! By J

This thing is cheap as hell and would already cost you less than just buying two Saw movies. I’m only a fan of the first three (the trilogy that was originally intended before it became a cash cow franchise). You’d be dumb not to buy this, unless you already own them, and it’ll probably look neat as a collector’s item. Already determined to buy this soon!

“A SOLID series and an unbeatable price.” By Justin McGill

I am judging solely at this point on the contents, and the value of the set. Just under 20 bucks for SEVEN films, even if a few do fall a bit short (to me the only ones that truly disappoint in the series are the 5th, which to me was a minor stumble and the fatal stumble in the final entry). I do feel a bit disappointed that they are cramming ALL seven films onto 3 Blu-ray discs, but doing away with the R-rated cuts in favor of the UNRATED ones. But I am assuming in the trade off one of the discs will actually hold three films, and it does leave precious little rooms for any of the bonus content of the previous discs. Honestly if the set were at 40 with 7 discs, I would consider it quite a bargain. I can only hope that the set is as good an experience as New Line’s Nightmare on Elm St. set which while it may have been less consistent in quality (even while Saw might not have been amazing or great film making, the quality between entries of the Nightmare series was very erratic much like the Friday the 13th series. I felt even at its worst the Saw series only made a major fumble in its last entry. I’ll be back in September to update the review as I am sure I’ll be buying this as I have only the last entry on Blu-ray (the previous I had gotten on dvd). So even without the extras the price value alone for the entire series is hard to pass up.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of this offer and buy NOW:Saw: The Complete Movie Collection

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