You Won’t Have To Worry About A Dirty House EVER Again With This Floor Mopping Robot

If you are in search for an efficient floor cleaning device, you might want to include iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot in your list. As one of the latest products by iRobot, it is a high-end model of their floor mopping series and promises to deal with common household chores of mopping easily.

Features of the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

This floor cleaning device is highly recommended and specifically built for hardwood floors, tiles, laminates and linoleum. With the Damp/Dry mop dual mode utilizing microfiber cloth, it provides users with flexibility while cleaning. With the dry mode, it can pick up dirt and dust while the damp mode can clean out stains and grime.


The multiple pass technology ensures multiple cleaning over the same space. This will ensure that tough stains can be removed. With the Smart mapping technology with the help of sensors, it allows the device to avoid stairs, carpets and other obstacles. It is not noisy and only produces a low hum while operational. Additionally, the compact size of the device makes it easy for users to clean hard to reach furniture especially under the tables, couches and other tight spaces. It also offers adequate coverage to clean corners.

There are also replaceable cloths for the base of the device. Once they are dirty, they can be easily replaced. It is best to start with a sweeping run using the dry microfiber cloth and followed with deep cleaning using the microfiber mop cloth. The price of this device is considered affordable compared to other similar floor cleaning devices in the market.

Pros and cons of the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

The good points about the floor cleaning device are ease of use, built with smart navigation and the affordable price. As for the drawback, the technology it utilizes is similar to the Mint Plus and finding one in the market can be difficult.


Overall, the iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot is a must-have for individuals who do not have time to clean their floors. With this device, rest assured that dirt, dust, stains and grime are effectively removed in a cool and awesome way!

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