You Won’t Have To Worry About Being Perved At Ever Again With This Hands Over Chest Shirt

If you want attention and if you want to stand out in a crowd, this naughty Realistic Hands Over Chest shirt is really a head turner. The hands are printed on the chest area in 3D that at first glance you may think it is real. Besides, you will not only enjoy the attention from all types of people with varied reactions but you will also get your money’s worth because it is made of high quality material.

You can actually choose a size that fits you well so that the contours of your chest will match that of the design. On the other hand, if you want your t-shirt loose, there will still be no problem since the design is set like a smaller shirt with reddish brown colour over a white background.

This is a creative way of expressing one’s freedom and individuality. Simply expect two kinds of looks. The carefree and young would admire you and even ask you where they can get the same item. However, with the older and more traditional, you may get that reprimanding look as if you have done a scandalous criminal act.


According to the original uploader of the video, the man was a wanted criminal and was later detained by the police. It’s hard to tell what he was trying to do in the middle of the road, but please be careful out there!

Whatever reaction you may get, the fun side of it is that you have caught everybody’s attention and you have become a hot item for once in your life. If you are looking for some kind of adventure, try this shirt design and brace yourself for unique fun and excitement. You can surely prank unsuspecting people on different occasions and locations.

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