How To Live Like A Celebrity On A Shoestring Budget!


You may not have their money and you may not have their lifestyle but did you know that there are numerous everyday cheats and workarounds that you can use to help you live like a celebrity even on a shoestring budget?

When stepping out of the spotlight, celebrities are often seen around town looking chic and respectable – well most of the time anyway especially when alcohol isn’t involved. More often than not they’re usually dressed to the nines sporting the latest fashion, make-up and hairstyles. For most of us, it’s simply not possible to just go out and spend, spend, spend on expensive items because we don’t have the money nor the means to do so.

Here’s a tip, have a look around, flick through a few magazines and check out what’s hot and what’s not. Typically next to each eye-catching item there’s bound to be a brand name and a price tag that’ll quite frankly make you weep! However, if you can become a shrewd shopper who’s able to spot similar garments at a much cheaper shop such as TK Maxx or local charity shops, you can piece together a similar outfit or two for a fraction of the price.


When it comes to hairstyles and make-up, the purse strings will be stretched to breaking point if you’re not a little more wise and astute as to where your money goes. Try to find local schools and colleges that have stylist courses and training that are looking for volunteers to have their hair cut and styled by the students there. It may be a risk to put your hair in the hands of someone with less experience however, if they can give you a celebrity style for free then who’s complaining right?


From a physical perspective you may be thinking about your overall health and fitness. Celebs often share details about their diets and workout plans. They of course have the time and money to hire personal trainers and equipment. Now if you don’t have the time and money to hire personal trainers and equipment then have a look around and find cheap courses and deals at your local gym and you’ll have all the equipment you’ll need. At the end of the day, as long as you have focus and a suitable pair of trainers you can begin exercising right away. Take a look online and YouTube at all the various workouts and exercise video plans you can get involved with so that you can start tightening things up.


If you’re keener on the celebrity lifestyle that involves jetting off to various places around the world and indulging yourself, then there are ways to get around without having to spend thousands on luxurious holidays abroad. There are many great cruise destinations to choose form, but don’t go straight to the cruise lines themselves, search online and call around and if you’re lucky enough to find a last minute deal you could be saving hundreds on your next sea-faring trip!


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