Meet the Breakout Stars of the Year 2010!

It’s here, it’s finally here!

This Sunday, October 17, marks the first round of Star Central Magazine’s ‘Breakout Star of the Year’ contest. In conjunction with StarConnect, Star Central Magazine’s social networking site promoting talents and performers the globe-over, the competition aims to provide exposure for the hottest, most talented artists, models and performers from all over the world!

The focus is entirely on the talented individuals nominated by the StarCentral team. What makes this competition so special is that there is no national focus- our nominees are from all over the world. The same goes with the judging- you, from anywhere in the world, can actually make up the judging panel by voting, once per day, on the nominee you feel best represents Star Central Magazine’s ‘Breakout Star of the Year’.

All the nominees have a profile on, where you are able to read their bio’s, view their photos and really make your mind up over whether they should advance into the next round or not.

If you want to get to know or support and interact with the nominees you can join as ‘fans’ and be a part of the entourage list of your favourite star. Please note that StarConnect is an exclusive online community so to uphold the quality of this website, all members of this online club are required to provide a legitimate photo. Any profile without a legitimate photo will be DELETED.

The nominees are divided into three pools of 14- two dedicated to artists and performers, and one specifically for established and upcoming models. Four nominees per pool will be eliminated each elimination round- which means that a total of twelve nominees are eliminated every elimination round – there are three elimination rounds overall. The FINAL FIFTEEN will be revealed on December 11 and the nominees who comes first on their pool on 2 out of 3 elimination rounds will get a bonus 100 VOTES headstart – making it that much more important to get your votes in for your favourite nominee every elimination round!

The nominee with the most votes each elimination round gains a 50 vote bonus for the next round, making it easier for them to sustain votes each round. So it really is important to get voting for your favourite stars!

In Pool One we have 14 spectacular artists competing for the ‘Breakout Star’ title:

1./ Tranley is a musician from Southern California, who writes his own music.

2./ Heather Witcher is a religious 22 year old musician who hails from United States. 

3./ Since Forever is a pop-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.

4./ Lauren is a 16 year old student, and musician from the United States.

5./ Tim Whybrow is an Australian musician with an established following in Youtube.

6./ Cezka Mariz is a 17 year old musician living in Australia, being born in Saudi Arabia.

7./ Scott Yoshimoto is a 21 year old Japanese American filmmaker/singer/songwriter.

8./ Sam Mangubat is a singer who hails from the Phillipines.

9./ Jeffrey Calaro is a  20 year old Filipino American singer from Hawaii.

10./ Daniela is an 18 year old musician hailing from Canada.

11./ Lou Papa is a 19 year old musician also from Canada.

12./ Ground Zero is a band from Germany, whose focus is acoustic pop and rock.

13./ Natalie Kerr is an actress from Canada, in the verge of breaking into the industry.

14./ Kelly Rose is an established ‘Youtube’ singer from LA.

Pool Two is made up of a further 14 artists:

1./ Louise Nuss is a 19 year old singer from Australia.

2./ Jmore is a musician who also hails from Australia.

3./ Slimchance is a rapper who’s based in New York.

4./ Kayte Grace is a singer/songwriter who hails from United States.

5./ Melissa Cancio 20 year old American musician from the Bay area.

6./ Kainos Harmon is a 24 year old singer from Arizona.

7./ The Verbas is a band made up of 3 siblings, all from the USA.

8./ Rayden Lee is a talented singer and model from Australia.

9./ Huu is a singer/musician from France.

10./ ANAK is a Filipino R&B singing group from the Bay Area, California.

11./ Keelia is an artist of many forms- painting, singing and acting- from Canada.

12./ Yvonne is a singer from Canada.

13./ Jiovanna is a singer/songwriter from the UK.

14./ Emily is a 17 year old musician from the US.

Altogether there are a huge 28 artists nominated for the title of ‘Breakout Star of the Year’, combined with the 14 established and upcoming models who make up Pool Three.

Pool Three consists of:

1./ Holli Wood is a 21 year old actress/model from the US.

2./ Cherelle Marie Cruz is a 21 year old model from California.

3./ Hannah Watson is a 15 year old model from the UK.

4./ Brittney Lee is a 22 year old model based in Everett, Washington.

5./ Mary Gacuma is a 19 year old upcoming model who hails from Australia.

6./ Michelle is a 21 year old promotion model from Australia.

7./ Clare Brooke is a freelance photographic model from the UK.

8./ Tola Lao is a 19 year old upcoming model from Cambodia.

9./ Isabel is a 39 year old model from Canada.

10./ Josh is a 29 year old model from Canada.

11./ Chanelle Januarie is a 20 year old model from South Africa.

12./ Nicole is an upcoming model who hails from Australia.

13./ Macey is a 20 year old dancer from Canada.

14./ Teddy Valintines is a dancer who hails from the US.

The FIRST ROUND of voting starts this Sunday at 2pm AEST, closing on Sunday October 24, at 2pm AEST. After the first round of voting finishes, 4 nominees from each pool will be eliminated and the voting poll will re-open the next day. Here’s the schedule:

Round 1

Voting poll starts on: Oct 17, 2pm AEST and ends on Oct 24, 2pm AEST.

Voting poll re-opens on: Oct 25, 10pm AEST

Round 2

Voting poll starts on: Oct 25, 10pm AEST and ends on Nov 21, 2pm AEST

Voting poll re-opens on: Nov 22, 10pm AEST

Round 3

Voting poll starts on: Nov 22, 10pm AEST and ends on Dec 11, 2pm AEST

Voting poll re-opens on: Dec 11, 10pm AEST

Grand Finals

Voting poll starts on: Dec 11, 10pm AEST and ends on Dec 28, 2pm AEST

You are only allowed to vote ONCE per day, so be sure to spread the word ab0ut your favourite nominees!

The ultimate winner/winners will be revealed on Dec 29, where he/she/they will take home $1000 cash (via paypal), a gold StarCentral plaque, and will also grace the cover of Star Central Magazine!

So are you ready to vote for your favourite Breakout Star? Then what are you waiting for! Start connecting with the nominees now, to decide who will be getting your vote this Sunday!

  1. HUU IS THE BEST SINGER EVER…he needs to put his stuff on itunes it is always better than the original song!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR HUU 🙂

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