Amazing Originals and Covers from StarCentral’s A-List!

There’s no doubt that StarCentral’s featured artists are a talented bunch!  Check out their originals and covers in this edition of StarCentral’s A-List!

1.            STEVE AISTON


                For StarCentral Magazine’s Male YouTube Artist of the Month for March 2013, Steve Aiston “…singing has always been my passion, and my inspiration comes from all my friends and family who have supported me from day 1…” He recently released

** ORIGINAL – “Is This Love”

Facebook page:

YouTube channel:

Photo by: Nicolle Aiston




                With nearly 1,100,000 views and over 3,400 subscribers on his YouTube channel, many have already discovered the extremely talented Miguel “Miggs” Tiongson – StarCentral Magazine’s Male Artist of the Month for December 2012. Pretty amazing for a young man who only started taking his music seriously 3 years ago!

**COVER – One Direction – “Little Things (acoustic cover)”

YouTube Channel, “Armando Miguel”:

Facebook page:


3.            DAVID WONG


                There’s nothing conventional about violinist, David Wong. Passionate about both the classical and electric violin, David hopes to smash the image of the instrument being ‘boring’ and ‘stodgy’.  His cover of ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons might give you an idea how he’s going to achieve just that!  He is also about to release his EP of violin covers in about a week!

**COVER – Radioactive – “Imagine Dragons – Dubstep Violin Cover”


YouTube Channel:

Facebook page:

Photo by: artist’s Twitter feed


4.            INTERPLAY CREW


                The Interplay Crew is a shining example that ‘age’ is no barrier when one has the talent, drive and ambition to go for their dreams.  Originally formed out of Interplay School of Music and Art in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA, this teen pop singing group sensation has achieved the unprecedented feat of coming in tied for first place as StarCentral Magazine’s Best Duo/Group for June 2012!

**COVER – “Home – Philip Phillips”

YouTube Channel:

Facebook page:


5.            HUNTER RAE


                “There is nothing I want more in this world than this…”  Such a definitive statement for so young an artist.  Then again, Hunter Rae, StarCentral Magazine’s Female Artist of the Month for September 2012 has always known that she had wanted to become a recording artist.   She recently made big strides in this pursuit when she recorded her first EP to be released soon!

**COVER – “Untouchable – Luna Halo”

YouTube Channel:

Official Website:


6.            STEVE REASON


                Many believe that one’s childhood defines the rest of one’s life.  For Steve Fertil, aka Steve Reason, it is the fuel that drives his passion, creativity and ambition. Coming from a “very underprivileged background”, Steve believes that “you have no other choice but to work hard to make yourself something or someone and stop the cycle.”  It is a belief that has transformed him into a multi-talented artist, a decorated US Marine and StarCentral Magazine’s Musician of the Month for September 2012.

**COVER – “My Homies Still feat. Big Sean – Lil Wayne”

YouTube Channel:

Facebook page:


7.            YUWEN and WEIWEN

Yuwen and Weiwen

                While some twins may try their hardest to distinguish themselves from their siblings by having different interests, tastes, etc…this is definitely not the case for Canadian sisters, Yuwen and Weiwen – StarCentral’s Group/Duo of the Month for August 2012! They love “…having someone to share experiences with. It’s also great because…harmonies can be sung to enhance the overall sound, giving depth to the music. Being able to make mistakes, laugh at them together, and help each other improve musically is also a rewarding part…”

**COVER – “Still Into You – Paramore”

YouTube channel:

Facebook page:


8.            INNO GENGA


                Singer/songwriter/pianist/dancer, Inno Genga admits that “…music has been in my family’s blood for generations…”, so it is no surprise that talent and ambition is in no short supply in StarCentral Magazine’s YouTube Artist of the Month for July 2012!  “I feel that performing is the perfect outlet to spread positivity and release all the energy inside me. Performing is a great passion of mine and I enjoy getting the crowd hyped up and performing is a great way to express feelings and emotions.”

**COVER – “Back To Love – Jay Sean”

YouTube Channel:

                Facebook page:

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