Interview: Photojournalist – Lauren de Sousa


Lauren de Sousa is a “photo-journalistic” photographer who tries to tell the story of her life experiences through each and every image she captures.  Lauren has travelled extensively and takes photographs of things that interest and inspire her the most – one of which is the ocean.

I have been surfing for quiet a few years now, and the ocean is my time to think and relax. It’s my way of connecting with my surroundings and has really given me the courage to explore the world and given me some great captures. Its my time to myself which allows me to clear my head and get creative.


Lauren has not always been interested in photography.  It was not until she attended university and studied photography that she fell in love with it.    “It was a subject I could be so creative with as everyone sees things differently. They either love what you do or they hate it, there was never any right or wrong – it was all a matter of opinion. I loved the criticism as it disciplined my style and taught me a lot about photography.”

After having her first exhibition last year, Lauren was recently given the opportunity to showcase her work and has been working tirelessly to ensure she gets the best shots.  Lauren is hoping to share what she ‘sees’ and how the ocean makes her ‘feel.’  “When you’re passionate about something and given an opportunity like this, to showcase what you love doing to so many people, you want to be able to show who you are as an artist in the fullest extent of your capabilities.”

In an industry that everyone wants to be a part of and which always seems to be changing, Lauren draws her inspiration by photographers such as Clarke Little and Zak Noyle.

“The difference between an average shot and a great shot is that a great shot has composition and tells a story and draws you in. A great shot stands out from the rest.”


Lauren describes herself as the type of person who takes nothing for granted and who grabs every opportunity in life.  It is these traits she aims to share with others through her work.  Her goal is to one day combine her love of travel and her passion for photography into a full time job

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