Introducing Edidion – Music’s Hottest New Star!

Article by: Jenny Aluning

There is no denying the transformative power of music. For massively talented emerging  artist, Edidion Musique, it is through music that he releases his alternative persona – “…I am normally very reserved, quiet and soft spoken generally but when you see “Edidion” the artist he’s very bold, stylish and exudes a little sex appeal…”  While others are terrified of the prospect of stepping on stage, the limelight has been Edidion’s comfort zone from the beginning.  “…My first performance was in London, UK at Kempton Park. It was an unsigned artist competition, I signed up because it was a great opportunity to get a real feel of performing on stage as a solo artist. I have performed in  school plays, talent shows and workshops within a group  so this really tested my boundaries confidence-wise and once I hit the stage I felt so at home and so comfortable…”


Since that fledgling performance, the London-based musician has slowly, but surely been making his mark on the entertainment industry.  His first single, ‘Put In That Work’ (released beginning 2013) hit #1 on multiple indie/unsigned websites.  The unexpected, but very welcome, success of that song catapulted Edidion from an unknown to an artist definitely worth watching out for.  2013 saw him being interviewed for BEN Television’s (Bright Entertainment Network in the UK) ‘Lifestyle on BEN’; featured on ‘Young Celebrity News’ and ‘BWD Magazine’; signed a 2-year endorsement deal with NUTZ Headphones as well as winning his very first award. The award comes as part of the ‘U Store Awards’ run by popular music website ‘US1 Magazine’ and hosted by Princess of All and Jay The Great of ‘The Gud Tymez Show’ radio stream.  Edidion was nominated for 3 categories with him winning the “First To Chart” award.  Needless to say, 2013 was quite an auspicious start for the 20-year old solo entertainer!


Originally from Westside, California, Edidion works hard at becoming a well-rounded musician, perfecting his craft not just in front of the microphone but behind the scenes as well (he has graduated with a major in Performing Arts/ Business).  On stage, what he enjoys most is “…bringing my song to life and seeing the crowd react to it. I love to sing in general so I get a real buzz out of singing live and adding ad-libs through-out the song…”  But his aspirations extend well beyond the notes and lyrics – he has dreams of one day becoming a “…future businessman/mogul.  I would like to become a household name and leave my mark on music the way Michael Jackson, Usher and other legendary artists who inspire me have…”


The singer/songwriter’s journey has been helped along by the tremendous support he receives from his grandmother.  “…My Grandmother who is pretty much my second mother is very supportive of me and my music. She also makes it clear to me that I should always have a back-up plan in case things don’t go as planned but overall she is very supportive of me… my Grandmother is always in awe when sees me perform or when she listens to my music…”  She even hung the promotional poster from his first show in Kempton Park on the wall!


Big things await Edidion. Already, he’s started off 2014 with the release of ‘Heart Won’t Cry’.  Edidion was handpicked by international producer/urban music star Piotr Turek, aka 21, to work with him on the song.  21 described Edidion as “…great R’n’B singer, that’s why I wanted to work with him. I really like his professionalism and creativity, which resulted in an interesting final version of this song…”  Later on in 2014, he plans to release a “…5-6 track EP. I really want to put out a solid body of work that reflects my originality and raw talent. Overall my plans are to continue promoting my music to the world, doing shows and hopefully creating hot collaborations with other artists and producers…”

He has the talent and now the momentum, and so is now poised to explode onto the mainstream music industry.  Watch out for Edidion Musique!

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