4 Surefire Tips For Breaking Into The Modeling Industry


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There are literally thousands of young guys and girls (just like you) wanting to break into the modelling world. But it ain’t all that easy at the end of the day. Of course for some people you can just tell – WOW! – they’re just born to be a model (damn them!). But for most of us who are lacking in perfect, model-esque genes, then it can be a bit harder to get there. With the following tips, you’re sure to be one step ahead of all other model wannabes.

So you’ve made the decision that you want to be a model. Ok, that means you’ve got to start eating, exercising and thinking like one. No more late night trips to Max Brenner (awwww). Make sure you start hitting the gym, yoga or any other exercise which will firm up those pesky tuckshop lady arms. Even if you want to get into plus-size modelling – you’ve gotta be firm people! Most importantly BE CONFIDENT, believe in your ability. Don’t tell people you’re ‘trying’ to become a model, tell them you ARE a model.

Fit and healthy – check! Now its time to really get into the fun stuff!

First things first – whenever you are going to approach ANYONE in the industry, the first thing they’ll ask you for is your look-book or portfolio. And I’ll tell you what, those happy snaps taken last Christmas just ain’t going to cut it! You need to build a professional portfolio, which can usually cost upwards of $600! But don’t fret – websites like StarNow and Model Mayhem are fantastic places to get in contact with photographers, makeup artists, stylists, the list goes on. Like you, they’re working on expanding or building their portfolio too, so usually the artists on these kinds of platforms work on a TFP (time for photos) basis. Basically, all parties give up their time and everyone gets a free copy of all images taken and usually some touched up photos. TFP shoots are also a great way to network and get advice from people who may be more experienced than you. Always try to make friends with the people you work with. You never know what doors they could open for you.

Now that you are a model with an amazing look-book, it’s time to start approaching agents. Send a concise, friendly and professional email to all the agents your interested in, along with six killer photos. Always ask for other people’s advice on the photos you send. Usually, the photos you like of yourself aren’t the best choices. Email your dream agents first and always ask for their advice on your look. If none of those are interested, don’t give up. Remember, Tyra Banks was rejected from seven agencies before she was signed! It’s incredibly competitive out there, so don’t be disheartened by a few rejections.

I guess the question at the end of all that is – is it all worth it? There is no doubt modelling is a tough and sometimes nasty industry, however, when you’re in – its a whole lot of fun!

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