How To Use Amino Acid Supplements To Burn Belly Fat FAST


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If you’re looking to lose weight but want to be fit and toned at the same time then you may be taking supplements or have at least thought about them. There seems to be so many products on the market that make promises to boost your workout and help you gain energy and shred fat faster. But, amidst all the marketing noise what really is the smart way to supplement?

When thinking about sustaining your body you need to think about its building blocks and that means we are talking about amino acids – the core of all cells in the human body. Scientific studies have proven a correlation between amino acids and weight loss. The biggest and most important function that amino acids have is the maintenance of muscle mass while losing weight.

This means not only faster recovery time after working-out but also a more sustainable (and therefore more reliable) weight loss result in the long run. The body in adequate quantities does not produce amino acids automatically so they must be derived from dietary sources. They perform two very essential functions – the synthesis of proteins and numerous biomolecules or oxidization to urea and carbon dioxide as an energy source.

There are eight essential amino acids that perform this process and assist with weight loss in specific ways. L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine work in combination to create active amines such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These active amines cause reactions within the brain that encourage weight loss. As a flow on effect, the increased production of epinephrine reduces the desire to eat.

L-Phenylalanine regulates the brain’s ability to identify fullness and allows the body to remain at an idea weight once it has been reached. L-Carnitine naturally suppresses weight by transferring fat to be metabolised rather then storing it. L-Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin (that also alerts the body to a sense of fullness which means that it acts to halt overeating).

The cumulative effect of adequate levels of all eight essential amino acids in the body is to regulate hunger, increase metabolism and suppress weight gain naturally. Through a diet that allows for a balanced and ample intake of amino acids an individual may suppress over-eating and thereby lose weight and sustain a healthy and ideal number on the scales.

There are amino acid supplements available on the market but always consult a physician to check if your diet is deficient. The best way to achieve an adequate level of amino acids is always via the maintenance of a proper diet and nutrition. Consider your protein intake in your diet – if you can obtain at least 30 percent of daily calolries in a protein rich form then you are more likely to absorb the right amount of amino acids to provide appetite suppression and thereby achieve increased weight loss.

Eating a balanced, protein rich diet (that takes care of your intake of amino acids) is a sensible and sustainable way to achieve weight loss. Not only will you feel fuller for longer but you will also maintain muscle mass and reduce your recovery time when working-out. It really seems simple, but sometimes getting back to basics really is the most efficient way to achieve a dietary or weight-loss related goal.

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