The Mindset To Stardom: 3 Powerful Ways To Change Your Thoughts And Transform Your Life


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Getting to stardom requires more than just sheer talent. Whether you are in the entertainment, sports, or fashion industry, experts will tell you that there’s more to fame than just mind boggling talent. To a certain extent, resilience depends on the dictates of two things – innovation and mindset.

Mindset is the mental framework that stars live by. To some, the right mindset is like the creed that they almost always need to recite in their heads to keep them going. If you are aiming to reach the pinnacle of stardom, then it’s about time that you exercise the right kind of mindset that will help you get there.

The Natural

“Naturals” are those who think that they were born to excel in something. They seem to have figured what they’re good at an early stage. They are the born-for-this superstars. In terms of sports, they are those who play and move like pros at tender formative ages. In entertainment, they are the ones who seem to effortlessly belt high notes even before they can even spell full sentences. Thinking that you’re a natural will help you have a solid foundation of self-esteem and confidence because you know that what you have is something innate, something inherent. This kind of mindset, should however, be balanced with modesty and hard work. That sense of musicality or that model figure may have been embedded on your DNA, but all the technical aspects of it are not. Put in some time and effort in improving what you’ve already got, and learn to accept reproaches while learning from them. Have that ‘natural mindset but be open to criticisms that will help you improve in your craft.

The Growth Mindset

This, perhaps, is one of the most ideal mindset that beginners should have. This kind of mindset puts a premium on learning the ropes and regards hard work as an absolute imperative. If Naturals seem to have sheer talent embedded in their genes, people with the growth mindset are those who acknowledge that they need a lot of learning to do, and that they need to start from the basics. Their focus on growth is not undermined by setbacks, and they readily accept that they have talent or trait deficits that need a lot of work. With this mindset, you will become less vulnerable to crashing your self-esteem because you perceive rejection as a channel for growth, not as a losing end. With this mindset, you will develop a strong sense of resilience that can bring you steps closer to your ultimate claim to fame.

The Mirror Mindset

Remember the time when you would look at yourself at the mirror and notice just about all the flaws that you have? Well the mirror mindset is just the opposite. Others do this early in the morning, right after they wake up. Face the mirror, with that messy hair, un-brushed teeth, and look at your raw-look. No makeup, nothing. Then tell yourself “I am beautiful” and mean it. Therapists say that having constant and positive affirmation that you are good or beautiful will help you attract positive energy towards you. Think of it as the basic law of attraction. Optimists attract positive energy around them, and so do pessimists. Being too hard on yourself will divert your attention from the good things that can make you a star. Muhammad Ali did not have the built of a boxer, the same way that Tyra Banks did not have the popular color for runway-worthy models. They weren’t naturals, but they had the positive mindset that helped them excel in their chosen fields. You need to believe in yourself first, before others can see the potential in you.

Talent may help you get noticed, but mindset will dictate whether or not you’ll last under the limelight. If you want to be a star, you’d have to quit having the I-wish syndrome. Stop wishing for those high notes or the hourglass figure. Work hard for it and remind yourself the things that motivated you in the first place. Whether it’s a lifelong dream that you want to fulfill, or it’s a goal that will change the life of your family, your reasons for working hard should remain anchored in having the right mindset.

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