6 Vital Grooming Tips Every Model Must Know To Nail Their Next Casting Or Audition


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Before a big date or any big event, it is quite vital that we make sure our grooming is on our “A game.”

Are we right, or are we right?

All jokes aside, before a big casting or shoot, it is also very important we look our best and we made sure we groomed the heck out of ourselves. We find that these grooming tips work both for men and women so if you find yourself needing some help, we’ve got your back.

Tip One: Product Control

It is always wise not to use a new product the night before a big casting or the morning of, mainly because you never know the side effects or how your skin will respond to the product. Use what you know and love that works best for you. Make sure you are cleaning and exfoliating your skin like you should be.

Tip Two: Keep your Face and Body Protected

Now this doesn’t always seem relevant, but it is necessary. If you live in an area that sunny all day every day, or it is the summer season; make sure you are loading up on sunscreen to keep away from any sun damage, or sunburns. Sun is very harmful to the skin resulting in creepy skin and even wrinkles. Make sure you are keeping yourself protected like you should be.

Tip Three: Laser Hair Removal

If you seem to be on the hairy side (which most of us are) or you are just sick and tired of having to constantly remove body hair every time for a casting or shoot, it is always a good idea to look into laser. Laser can be an expensive process but it is worth it. Imagine not having to shave anymore? That means more time to practice and prepare.

Tip Four: Eating Right

While of course health comes first, you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself in a healthy way and for all the right reasons. Make sure you are putting good stuff into your body that will take care of your body and any problems you are facing. Make sure you are also getting plenty of water because water has been proven to clear acne and brighten your skin, so get drinking.

Tip Five: Hair Care

Hair is always very important. Make sure you are giving your hair some love by using the right shampoos and conditioners. Get those every six months cut for split ends and hair masks to protect your hair and renourish.

Tip Six: Your Overall Body

Last but not least, in the industry, you always need to make sure you are taking care of yourself entirely. Don’t forget to shower and moisturize every day for smooth skin and a pleasant body smell that no one will mind being around. Remember, body odour is not only offensive but annoying.

While some things are out of control in our lives, make sure you are doing your best to look the best that you can be. Take care of yourself not only for them but for yourself. You’ll thank yourself one day when you’re old. On that note, good luck and make sure you kill it!

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