Super Powers And Gadgets From Movies That Would Be Great In Real Life Scenarios


Presently, one of the most well-liked movie genres are superhero movies. Audiences find superheroes appealing for their diverse and fascinating super powers that set them apart from mere mortal characters. Some of these powers or gadgets may even be useful in real life situations.


Who hasn’t wished at one time or another for better luck? Longshot’s super power is able to increase his luck. When one is gambling at an online casino such as, this would be an ideal super power to have.  Having luck in your favour can result in even more casino winnings.


Everyone could benefit from having the power to fly faster than a speeding bullet. Consider the times when you’ve been running late, how great it could be to arrive at your destination in a few seconds. Traffic can be a thing of the past as you’d be able to travel faster without obstacles.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has the uncanny ability to communicate with animals. What animal lover wouldn’t love to have this ability themselves? No more guessing what your pets may want or need. This skill would also be beneficial for those working in the field of veterinary medicine.

Iron Man

Tony Stark’s creation of a high tech suit of armour performs diverse functions. Not only can it help Iron Man to fly but it is strong enough to deflect just about every type of weapon. Who wouldn’t want a suit like this hanging in their closet? Imagine the implications for law enforcement and the military.

Luke Skywalker

One of the most fascinating weapons used in Star Wars is the multi-colored lightsabre. While it is often used for protection, imagine using it to cut through anything. This could be quite useful for construction workers or simply doing home repair.

What other superpowers or gadgets do you wish you could have? Perhaps one day it will be possible!

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