Swimsuit Models Of The Month – March 2018 Edition

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1. Kate (Australia)


Kate Ball’s modeling career started when she was at University where she completed a few jobs here and there. However, more recently, she dedicated more time to modeling along with various filming tasks. In fact, she has been awarded a hat-trick of awards at the Top Model 2017 finals: Over 25’s category – Beach Body Award and the Public Vote Award. She has also been awarded Miss British Isles Elegance 2017. Kate loves sports and participates quite frequently in Triathlons, Marathons, Half Marathons, Endurance Events, Cycling, Tennis, Badminton and even Swimming. She’ll try any sport and will always put forth the effort to ensure that her body is in great shape.

Instagram: @katecjball

2. Madi (Australia)

Madi Munro

Madi Munro is a motivated and ambitious 20-year-old with a passion for good health and fitness. She has ridden horses all of her life and she also enjoys cycling and running. This year will see her complete her personal trainers course so she can not only better herself but reward others and help people reach their goals. She has represented New Zealand at the Australasian Show Horse Council Grand Nationals in 2017 and has had the opportunity to compete for her country again this year. She has a background in dance and theatre, which includes over 10 years of classical ballet training.

Instagram: @madi_munro

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3. Anastasia (Australia)


Anastasia is an open-hearted and kind 26-year-old living in the sunshine state of Queensland. She is a full-time student, studying a bachelor degree in health science Nutritional Medicine. In her spare time, she loves to practice yoga and meditation, swims in the ocean, hikes through mountains or paint with watercolors. She’s a strong believer in practicing self-love and kindness and promoting a culture of consciousness and universal love. She enjoys dancing freely with others, sharing smiles and laughs, and is always open to trying new experiences.Anastasia is a 26-year-old Australian living in the Sunshine State of Queensland. She’s a full-time student, studying a bachelor degree in health science Nutritional Medicine. In her spare time, she loves to practice yoga, go for hikes amongst the mountains, and paint with watercolors. She actually lives on the beach and makes sure she swims in the ocean daily. She’s also a big believer of self-love and respect, she loves to meet new people, share smiles and laughs, and promote a culture of universal love every wherever she goes.

Instagram: @spacedustandlove

4. Diana (Australia)


Diana is 21 years old and she originally came from Ukraine but she has moved to Australia as that’s always been her dream all her life. She finished Bachelor degree in International Business in Poland. SHe always wanted to work as a model because she believes that it is kind of industry where she can show herself, her personality, her features, and different kinds of lifestyle.

Instagram: @diananalad

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