Top 10 Sexiest Vampires Of All Time


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10. Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt

Lestat is a vampire in the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire. In the movie, Lestat is partnered up with another beefcake in the form of Louis (Brad Pitt) for all eternity. Louis actually used to be a normal human being back in 1791, but then Lestat saw him, got bored, thought he’d make a great friend, turned him into a vampire (although initially Louis begged to be killed) and then the two vampires ultimately became BFF’s (Best Friends Forever). Lestat spent his spare time feeding off the local plantation slaves whilst Louis on the other hand fed off animals. As the movie progressed, things got sour and they both eventually ended up trying to kill each other later.

Now Tom has been around for quite some time now and has definitely aged but he is still as sexy as hell. Standing at 5 foot 7inches, he was actually voted the world’s sexiest “small man” in the online poll carried out by Yummy …


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9. Shane Brolly as Kraven

Kraven is the hunky vampire from the movie Underworld. He rose to the top of the Vampire elite ladder when he ended up as the only vampire to ever survive the intense battle between Lucian’s army of Lycans and his squad Death Dealers. He returned back to the vampire coven claiming that he has killed Lucian and he even took a piece of skin back from Lucian’s arm to prove his point. Little did they know that Lucian offered Kraven a deal if he ended up killing the rest of the vampire clan.

Although he was well liked by head honcho Viktor, he still failed to strike any points with the scorching hot Selene (Kate Beckinsale) after decades of attempt. Talk about persistence! Don’t worry Kraven, I’m pretty sure hundreds of ladies out there are willing to take Selene’s place in your vampiric lap.


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8. Antonio Banderas as Armand

Armand is also a vampire in the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire. When Louis (Brad Pitt) and Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) went to Paris, they encountered several vampires like themselves, and that’s when 400-year-old vampire Armand came into the picture. Armand is seen as inhabiting an ancient theatre (Théâtre des Vampires) where him and his vampire posse disguise themselves as humans and snack on live, petrified humans in mock-plays right in front of a live human audience. The audience actually believed that the slaughter house and bloodfest happening before their very eyes were simply just a very realistic performance.

Hmm … well there’s what you call stupid, and then there’s just plain DUMBASS! Well anyway, this Spanish beefcake is definitely a vampire to lust after. Give us a piece of that spanish stew!


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7. Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin

Michael is the first Lycan/Vampire Hybrid who is also from the cult movie Underworld. Michael came into play in the movie when he initially got caught in the middle of a shootout between the Vampires (Selene’s crew) and the hairy Lycans- this all happened when he was on his way to work. Talk about coincidence! Anyway, little did he know that he is actually the target by the Lycans for a hybrid experiment since his blood might contain a rare genetic trait needed by the group. He was later ambushed by the hairy Lycans at his apartment; luckily he was rescued by the leather clad Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and his posse though. Later on he gets bitten by the Lycan leader Lucian anyway and that’s when he became even more sexy and caught the attention of Selene.

Well he also spends most of the time shirtless in the movie which I’m sure the ladies watching don’t mind at all!


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6. Stuart Townsend as Lestat de Lioncourt

This Lestat is the dishy vampire from the movie Queen of the Damned. Contrary to Tom Cruise’s Lestat in the movie Interview with the vampire, this film sees him wake up after decades of slumber (giving the sleeping beauty a run for her money) after hearing the racket caused by a rock band. He ends up liking the band and then eventually ends up becoming its lead singer. He probably threatened to suck on all their necks if they didn’t let him sing. Anyway, his group became an international success which the other vampires didn’t really approve of because it might expose their clan.

Okay, a rockstar vampire might be something that we’re not accustomed to – But who cares! Lestat is the king of the damned in the movie; now raise your hands if you want to get damned for all eternity with this hunk!


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5. David Boreanaz as Angel

“Angel” is actually a spin-off of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The main plot of the show revolves around the ongoing trials and tribulations of Angel, a yummy vampire whose human soul was reinstated to him by some gypsies as a form of revenge because he killed a gypsy. After more than a century of torturing and killing innocent people, His restored soul now tortures his damned soul with guilt on a daily basis. He works as a private detective in the TV series where he and a group of friends “help the helpless” and save the souls of those who have veered away onto the wrong path.

Angel is actually considered to be one of the sexiest men in TV – and we’re definitely not surprised! With a name like Angel, no wonder he’s a heart stopper!


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4. Gerard Butler as Dracula

Dracula 2000 opens in present-day London where a group of thieves are seen breaking into the antique shop Carfax Abbey. Little did they know that this shop was owned by none other than Abraham Van Helsing – Dracula’s nemesis for life. After successfully breaking into the innermost vault, they end up discovering a sealed coffin. After attempting to move it, some of the treasure-hunting party were horrifically murdered by the vault’s security system, leading the rest of the survivors to believe that this coffin was the treasure that they’ve have come for. So they fly it back to US and whilst in the middle of the flight, one of the thieves manages to break into it, releasing the infamous Dracula. Mr Personality, a known charmer and a people person then proceeds to snack on the thieves of course to make up for lost time and the rest you can say is history.

Now we’ve also seen this man as a super sensitive dreamboat in PS I Love you, but the thing is, he’s not just a sensitive guy who can “bite”- he also has a damn fine ass and a killer smile as well! Roarrr …


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3. Jude Law as Steven Grlscz

Steven Grlscz is the lead character in the movie The Wisdom of Crocodiles. He’s a sexy vampire living in London; he is living only for the seduction of his next victim and is committed to no one else since he ends up sucking their blood in the end anyway. Somewhere along the movie, he ends up meeting the smart and sexy Anne Levels ( Elina Lowensohn), whom he falls in love with and then that’s when things get complicated.

Jude Law was People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2004 and with those piercing eyes and radiant smile, why wouldn’t he be? We’d certainly love a vampire heart-stopper like Jude to give our necks a bit of a bite!


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2. Brad Pitt as Louis

Seriously, is it even possible to leave Brad Pitt off the sexiest vampire list? Brad Pitt actually played Louis in the 1994 movie The Vampire Chronicles. In the movie, Luscious Louis was initially a young plantation owner living south of New Orleans, Louisiana. He was bitten by Lestat (Tom Cruise) and as previously mentioned, the two became the bestest of friends afterwards. Unable to feed off humans, he survived by feeding from animals. Gradually, Louis becomes influenced by Lestat and he also began feeding off humans. One time, Louis feeds off a plague-ridden young girl named Claudia – Lestat turns her into a vampire when she has nearly reached the point of death- and the three of them lived happily ever after. Well, not really because Claudia and Louis tried to kill Lestat, Lestat survives and tried to kill them back and it all just became one big mess!

Anyway, Brad Pitt is one of the all-time sexiest men in the whole world. With his golden-hair and chiselled face that can cut through butter, it was no surprise that he was People’s Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 1995 and was once again named Sexiest Man in 2000! And even though he has kids now, he is still a yummy daddy!


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1. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Now, now ladies let’s stop the screaming, we all know that Robert’s the hottest vampire right now but let’s control ourselves for a second. Seventeen-year-old hot gothic princess Bella Swan moves to Forks – a small town near Washington State’s rugged coast, and the small town was never the same again! She is quickly befriended by several students at her new high school (maybe because she’s hot?), but she is definitely fascinated by the mysterious and very pale looking Cullen siblings. Bella sits next to Edward Cullen in biology class on her first day of school; and weirdly enough he appears to be disgusted by her presence. He looked at her as if she was an Orc from Lord of the Rings! This confused Bella like hell because she knows that she takes a shower everyday so she definitely doesn’t have B.O. A few days later, Bella is nearly killed by a van in the school parking lot but for some strange reason Edward – who was some feet away, was able to run like the wind and stopped the vehicle with his bare hands. Of course we all know Bella eventually discovers that Edward is a vampire and now they have a sequel coming out.

Robert is so hot these days that women can’t wait to just grab his golden hair, pull his head back and take a bite at his delectable jaw! Two years ago, he was just an extra in a ‘Harry Potter’ movie, then he got casted as a hunky pale vampire and now he’s the heartthrob HEAD OF THE UNDEAD. We love you Robert!

  1. Okay, there’s something seriously wrong with this list.
    Edward Cullen gets first place and Eric Northman (True Blood) and Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary) don’t get a mention? Please define the meaning of the word ‘sexy’ because Cullen does nothing for me, while Eric makes me shiver with delight and Nikola? Just OH GOD.

    Cullen isn’t even a vampire, anyway. He sparkles.

    Also, the Tom Cruise Lestat IS NOT sexy. The other Lesta actor is, however.

    And what about sexy lady vamps? Akasha (Queen of the Damned), Pam (True Blood), Selene (Underworld), or that really hot one from ‘Blade Trinity’? Seriously. I could make a MUCH better list then this.

  2. The Prey! Now there was a freaky novel about werewolves. Set during the time of the French Revolution, it was about a man who inherits his family castle only to discover the land he lives in is ruled by a race of powerful werewolves. He himself becomes one, but fights it over the years. He meets a lady Lycan after attending a kind of werewolf orgy in the woods and she helps him to develop his powers. Meanwhile, the lord of the Lycans wants him dead and is determined to stop at nothing to see this through. There is one part where a powerful Lycan known as the Butcher comes after the hero. And I mean he keeps coming after him Jason Voorhees style. The part I recall about the Butcher the most was when he had his face almost totally burned off and then BOOM he comes lumbering out of this watermill that he hero and his lady are trying to escape through. And the Butcher is wielding this massive cleaver that keeps getting stuck in the wood of the watermill because of how wildly he keeps swinging it. If I recall correctly, the bulding crashes down on him and I am pretty certain even that did not kill him. It just stopped him for a time. One really weird scene was when the hero got to the hidden castle in the Alps where an alchemist lived. The alchemist was seeking this shape shifter woman who could take the form of a true hermaphrodite with both… ahem parts… fully functional. He was in love with her or something to that effect, but she turned out to be anything but his dream girl… guy… both. Whatever. Very intesne scenes in The Prey! Especially in the beginning, when the hero goes down into the cellar of his castle and finds the secret chamber there that the villain wants him to open. I liked the villain though, and how when you first meet him he is this totally cultured fellow who comes to dine at the hero’s table. And then he says some very sinister things and even embarasses the lady werewolf with his comments about her more savage nature. It takes the reader totally by surprise to see this massive turn about taking place. I would have to say that The Prey is the best werewolf novel I have ever read, hands down. It honesty should have been made into a movie. That would have been like Brotherhood of the Wolf, except with real werewolves instead of just a disguised beast and a man in a mask with an animal’s arm. Though I still do love Brotherhood of the Wolf. It was excellent.

  3. Like the Void Vampire just said… where are the ladies? Especailly Claudia! She was my faovrite too. I do not care what anybody says, that was Kirstin Dunst’s finest role ever. Do what if she was a child in body only? She was still hot, because of her maturity and intense sensuality. Just like Natalie Portman’s role in The Professional. Claudia was a vampire Lolita if ever there was one, and nothing is sexier than that. Except for Lucy from Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. Wow, was she ever sexy in that movie. As was Winona Ryder as mina. OMG! Now that Void Vampire talked about that scene of Mina getting molested I am totally picturing some perverted things about Winona Ryder. I think I might need to take a cold shower afterward. If Harker was impotent for someone that hot looking, then he was gay. Seriously. And I agree… I would let Lestat have his way with me too. And I am not bisexual either. Straight here too. I actually read Vampire Junction, Void Vampire, and I agree with you. That was surreal, dark, and intense stuff. A lot of really, really perverted things went on in that story, but it all made sense in regard to the characters and their strange motivations. A lot of 80’s references were in it too, like Valentine trying to make a pac man style video game based on his rock and roll persona. Yes, Valentine was like Lestat… a rock and roll vampire. Only he was a child, a eunuch, and extremely effeminate. Sort of an introverted male Claudia who looked a lot like a child version of Joan of Arc. At least, that is kind of how the novel described Valentine’s appearance. He seemed to bring out the beast in people though… even though her never tried to really hurt anyone. Very weird ending, too. A bunch of old, geriatric satanists come to challenge Valentine and something odd happens where he ends up with peoples’ thoughts (or was it their souls?) in his body. The satanists wanted to steal his power to make themselves young again, but I think what actually happened was Valentine stole their souls instead. Which fed his dark power and made him even more powerful still. God, I haven’t read it in years but that scene you talked about with Gilles de Rais really stayed with me. He was one sick son of a brick! Even worse, that guy was real. As in, he actually existed historically and was one of Joan of Arc’s most loyal generals during the Hundred Years War. I wonder if perhaps he did indeed have a thing for her? Supposedly, after her death he was himself taken before the Inquisition to be burned at the stake. But in his case, the charges were true. Gilles de Rais was a devil worshipper who sacrificed children at his castle and molested them before he killed them. He did worse things too, but I cannot even talk about them in a public forum. He was that sick of an individual! What he did to Valentine in that novel was atrocious beyond belief… and I think he was even slightly in love with Valentine. Which makes it even sicker how he treated the boy. The scence with the concentration camp was heartbreaking. Valentine had to climb over the dead bodies of people he knew, even loved, just to get free again. I wanted to hug him and tell him it was going to be alright. God, he had such a horrible life! He was very beautiful though, like Lestat but with shades of Claudia thrown in. I think I would let him bite me too, but only if it would cheer him up and make him happy. He really needed someone to genuinely love him in that novel, and not hurt him, abuse him, or use him. Then again, everybody in Vampire Junction ended up having terrible lives. Even the villains lives were tragic. In some cases, comedically tragic… but still tragic. I remember one funnt part though… perversely funnt, anyway… where the head satanist was in Thailand and he bought the services of a prostitute only to find out she was a he. What did the satanist do? In the words of the nove: “He got his money’s worth anyway.” which really says it all about what kind of a person he was. God, what memories! Thanks for mentioning Vampire Junction. One of my favorite novels ever. Other than the werewolf novel The Prey, which was creepy as all heck.

  4. Where are the ladies? Give me Claudia (my favorite) from Interview with the Vampire! Give me Akasha from Queen of the Damned. Give me Lucy from Francis Ford Coppola’s Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. Give me Marishka from Van Helsing. Those are some seriously sexy vampire babes. Heck, give me them for real! I’d let any of them bite me anytime. Mmmm. I am not bisexual (I am totally straight, actually) but I would not mind Lestat showing me a good time though. He is the only exception I would ever make when it comes to that sort of thing. He is just so beautiful. Especially in the novels! This is slightly off topic… but has anyone ever read the novel Vampire Junction? It features a very unique child vampire, a boy named Valentine who was made into a eunuch before he was turned into a vampire. In one scene he is kidnapped by Gilles de Rais because Valentine reminds him of Joan of Arc… who Gilles has a perverse obssession over. What he does to Valentine is unspeakable, and it shows just how vulnerable a child vampire can be if they are not protected and guided the way that Claudia was. There is a lot of excellent vampire literature out there, and sheer perverseness aside Vampire Junction was a classic. At least, in my opinion. One of the most haunting scence in that novel depicts Valentine escaping a Nazi death camp by climbing over piles and piles of corpses. The whole novel was filled with surreal images, and the ending had to be one of the most ambiguous endings I have ever read in any novel. The reader is left with a lot let to his or her imagination by the time the story is concluded. The novel Mina was horribly written though. In it, Harker has trouble getting it up so Mina dumps him for Lord Gance who turns out to be Dracula’s latest host body. It was a bit of a slap in the face to Brahm Stoker’s original novel, honestly. Especially the part where Gance puts Mina in one of those chairs used to assist women giving birth and he then basically molests her. Disgusting, and it did nothing for the plot either. Unlike the Gilles de Rais scene in Vampire Junction, which was necessary to the plot for a number of good reasons. Anyhow… farwell for now, all.

  5. Robert pattison is so frikin ugly and where is ian sommerhalder from vampire diaries seriously people

  6. I was maybe 10 when most of those “vampires” on this list were around so I don’t really have an honest opinion about them because I’ve only heard of them and not actually seen them in action..The only one I do know is Robert Pattinson and I gotta say I knew he would be number one but in my opinion he doesn’t deserve to be on this list at all. I don’t know if the problem I have with him as Edward is because of bad producing, bad directing, bad script or simply bad acting but the Edward I had in mind is nothing like the way Robert portrays him. Forget looks, it’s the way he acts that just feels wrong to me and it is definitely not sexy. If I had to chose the sexiest vampire out of the twilight movies it would without a doubt be Kallen Luts as Emmet Cullen but my all time sexiest, hottest, smartest, most funny, most beautiful and most perfect vampire is Damon FREAKING Salvatore!!!! I cannot believe he’s not on this list!

  7. oh my you forgot to mention

    DAMON SALVATORE from VAMPIRE DIARIES..he’ definitely hotttttttttt!!!!!!
    and also the guy from VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT ~ Damien.

  8. LMAO, I dunno what you’re talkin bout Veronica, Nosferatu is sexy. just LOOK at him! XDDD

    But in all seriousness here, who the heck did this list? Now whatever if Edward Cullen is on this, but WHERE is Spike from Buffy and Eric Northman from True Blood? THOSE two are damn fine. DAMN fine. Hell I’m sure even the saner twilighters would agree.

  9. I wanna know how the HELL Edward Cullen is hotter than Lestat or Angel. He’s so UGLY in that picture it’s not even funny. I mean, you’d look at that picture, and then at the others and go “who the HECK would think HE’S hot?” Whoever thinks he’s hotter than those other guys, you’re on crack. Period.

  10. No offence, but you guys have no clue what sexy is lestat/Stuart townsend all the way he is the most sexiest vampire that ever existed and in general is the sexiest person on the whole entire planet sorry, but Robert pattinson is not sexy and very unattractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s very skimpy looking, like a fairy


  12. i personally would pick robert pattinson as edward cullen for the sexiest vampire.

    answer to the previous comments: yeah sure, i like robert as edward…so? hes hot. edwards character is insanely beautiful and i’m not just talking about outside beauty.

    so you anti twlights dont like sparkling fangless georgous vamps…some of us do.

    and there are twlight fans for a reason, because we like how meyer gave us a different look on vamps.

    n sure edward broke bella’s heart…at first. but only to keep her safe.

    n yeah there are a lot of jacob fans too…n i personally like both of them…as there characters aswell as growing actors. i think they’re actually good actors…but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    n for anti twilights…you don’t have to agree that rob is sexy…but you also dont have to diss the other voters…

    it just starts an argument for nothing. n anti twilights say that edward is not even a vampire..n that he represents nothing of the real vampires…i mean…be a little diverse…

    i like vampires with fangs with dark coats who burn in the light, but i also happen to like the inhumanly human edward cullen who guys these days cant even live up to…not even close…

    but bottom line is…dont diss.—and in saying this, i have nothing againsts anyone… i love vamps of all sorts…

  13. What kind of “hot vampre list” has no SPIKE in it?
    HE is the most absolutely gorgeous undead eva.
    Check him out in Buffy TVS and in Angel season 5. He’s HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  14. woah…what about Eric Northman from True Blood? Armand from Interview with a Vampire?? Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000?? Mitchel from Being Human?? Henry from Blood Ties???

    What is becoming of the vampire fans???

  15. Gerard Butler and Antonio Banderas–ROWRRR!!! Those two can take a bite outta me anyday, preferably at the same time. =P

    But where’s Gary Oldman and Vampire Bill???

    Yeah yeah, I know every list is subjective. Anyway, these are my top bloodsuckers right here. I can do without the rest, thank you. =)

  16. yeah, James Marsters should be on here, and Gayle, he’s not english he’s american!! he’s just, way hot!!

    i’m female and never been a fan of Robert Pattinson, it’s the character the girls are in love with, not the guy, nobody knew who he was after harry potter (which he was hotter in by the way) it’s just his character! wait til New Moon comes out in cinemas, i’m predicting many Jacob fans!! i know he’s not a vampire but hell…. so much hotter than Robert Pattinson… and i’ve never liked edward cullens character anyway.. he breaks bellas heart and once someone does that they don’t deserve forgiveness… Jake was there for her when she needed him but yeah, i suppose that’s the more mature outlook on the whole story

    i am very disappointed Spike didn’t make this list.. FYI! where are the femailes… Kate Beckinsale is HOT in the underworld series

  17. Ammy, have you gone absolutely bonkers? How is Nosferatu in any way, shape or form, sexy?! Or have you simply a fetish for balding, paedophilic looking men? If so, whatever makes that g-spot tingle, hun!

    Yes. REALLY sexy there. We get it: you have a superior knowledge of vampires. This is a hot list. Not a list of the most infamously known ones.

  18. i think robert is where is supposed to be on the list and i am not a teeny bobber as some one said yes i do love the books of twillight they are great so whats the big deal about who is number one is is hot and he deserves it and brad i think he is overrated lol

  19. This is a really great top ten list Miranda, lots of great vampires in this list. I would have to have Brad Pitt as my #1, Robert Patton still has a lot to prove as an actor. At least he has at least another 3 or 4 movies in the near future. Anyone can post their own list to our site The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  20. A true testament to the cult of edtard you are, Gayle and a fine example of throwing a temper-tantrum that was. Are you done now?

  21. Kylie: Jealous? Of the fact that he’s what, exactly? The man looks like a hobo and I’m CLEAN, Besides that I have more personality than a wet MOP.
    I am NOT a twi Tard and I do not wish to be insulted. Buh Bye 😉

  22. Wow, thank you for the nice and very touching comment of “movie illiterate” – nice touch there Mr VillaWolf.

    So you’re an intelligent 25 years old with a well rounded love for horror movies – Interesting … Gold star for you!

    And since you have this “well rounded love for horror movies” you’re suddenly an AUTHORITY on “sexy vampires??”

    Pleaseeee … Don’t even get me started there.

    Maybe those words mean something in your happy gothic place.


    I have to be honest with you.

    You are a geek Mr VillaWolf.

    Why the hell would you even fuss about which vampire is the sexiest?? And to go to the extent of insulting people because you have this “supreme” knowledge on sexy vampires??

    I bow at your gothic feet Count Dracula *clap* *clap* *clap* there, happy? Would you like a hug too?

    I think I’m going to hand you the “BIG creepy geek” award for this week, dude. You totally deserve it!

  23. I am actually 25 with a well rounded love for horror movies. Yes, Metropolis is a masterpiece and I actually know who Mario Bava was. I also know a bullshit list when I see it, Gayle.

    If you had actually read Dracula, which at this point I highly doubt, you would know that the Count is described as ‘striking’ not as handsome/charming/witty. Bela Lugosi literally reinvented the vampire as we know it and the ONLY reason vampires are ‘sexy’ is because of him and not the rotting corpses of lore. (1930s-1960’s)

    Frank Langella was the FIRST to actively be described sexy, thus he should have a place on this list. 1960s-1970s)

    Keifer Sutherland’s vampire is the end-all-be-all of 1980’s bad-boy-sexy and thus deserves a place on this list.

    Gary Oldman took up the cape and donned the fangs and thus deserves his place on this list. (1992)

    You Gayle, like the author of this “list” are a movie illiterate.

  24. Gayle, speak for yourself. I happen to think Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson are both “meh”. I am not a fan of the prettyboy look, rather, give me a man’s man – i.e. Kiefer Sutherland! *drools*

  25. VillaWolf: I’m not talking about a tweenie poll! And how do you know that if you release a poll, only teeny bopper Twilight fans will vote on it?? Let’s look at the title again:

    “Top 10 sexiest vampires of all time”

    You can’t possibly believe that Kiefer Sutherland and Frank Langella can in any way come close to Brad Pitt or Robert Patinson?? Or even Tom Cruise or Antonio Banderas for that matter?? You must be like 60 years old or something if you pick Kiefer and Frank over the hunks mentioned in this post!

    But hey, whatever tickles your fancy I guess.

  26. Gayle : Then please explain to me the point of this article if it was not summarized in the title.

    The sexiest vampires of all time or a tweenie poll of what’s popular right now? I believe it reads “Top 10 sexiest vampires of all time” but I may be wrong here…

  27. To VillaWolf: Fair enough you don’t think Robert should be number 1, well that’s your opinion. I’m sure plenty of people will agree with me that he should be between 1st and second place. Frank Langella and Kiefer’s mullet might turn you on, but I think you’re on your own there. Even if you take a poll right now with people you know, I’m sure Robert and Brad Pitt would remain as the top 2 in the list- I doubt Frank would rate at all. Well I personally think that Brad Pitt should be number 1, but I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  28. Gayle: As I said, I have nothing against him as an ACTOR. It’s his placement on a list he does not deserve to be on. He’s not particularly good looking at all and ask yourself this: would he have this place if he were not playing the fangless glitter boy?

    Kiefer Sutherland’s vampire may be a bit dated with the mullet, yet he IS the end all be all of 1980’s sexy vampires. Perhaps you should go back and watch the origonal Dracula film and not Plan 9 or Abbott and Costello. Frank Langella may be an old veteran yet he IS one of the sexiest Draculas of all time and this is what this article was SUPPOSE to be about. The best looking vampire OF ALL TIME. not the 1990’s on.

  29. Stop bagging Robert Pattinson SICK OF TWI TARDS! He’s hot! You’re just jealous of him you sick twitard!

  30. What’s wrong with Robert Pattinson as number 1?? I’m not a big Twilight fan ut I have to admit that he is quite delicious! To VilaWolf – This is a list of SEXIEST vampires of all time. Kiefer might be good looking but he is NOT sexy, Bela Lugosi is in no way shape or form sexy- he’s just a creep old geezer! Gary Oldman cannot be considered sexy and Frank Langella?? PLEASE, I don’t want to even comment on this War veteran!

    To M Werner: I think you’ve lost the plot there yourself. This is a list of SEXIEST vampires! Who cares if Kraven an utter jerk and a coward in the movie? What, are you taking it personally now? I’m not a big fan of this guy but I must admit that he is yummy.And for your info Scott Speedsman like you said is a VAMP- werewolf hybrid! SO technically he is still a vampire!

    To Ellie Rose: I’m not a big fan of Angel either, but I don’t think Spike is sexy. He’s an english stick! There’s not a sexy bone in his body!

  31. I’ve got nothing against Patterson as an actor, it’s the Twi-tard fans who are making his life hell and dragging down the entire horror genera. And why the hell arnt Kiefer Sutherland, Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman and Frank Langella on this list?

    This is why fans should not be allowed to vote for these things. The twi-freaks ruin it.

  32. Jeez…. First, how could you leave Langella off the list? Likely the first “Dracula” that got the term “sexy” associated.

    I agree on James Marsters.

    Shane Brolly? Sexy? Who decided that. His character, Kraven, was an utter jerk. Cowardly, duplicitous, traitorous…

    Now Selene…..Nobody looks better in a corset than Beckinsale.

    And Scott Speedman? He wasn’t even a vampire! Only some sort of vamp-werewolf hybrid. And dumb as a post as well….

  33. Um… James Marsters as Spike. Check out seasons 4 thru 6 of Buffy, people. He’s delicious!
    I can’t beleive he wasn’t even mentioned and Angel (a.k.a. Captain Forehead) made the list. Ugh.

  34. You know, I’m so f*cking SICK of this Robert Pattinson is HOT sh1T! He really freakin’ aint! I swear. you SUCK.

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