Top 10 SEXIEST Female Vampires Of All Time


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10. Darla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Darla is actually one of Joss Whedon’s vampire creations and was played by the gorgeous and sultry actress Julie Benz. Darla made an appearance at show’s very first episode as a hot and sexy blonde vampire – and from her debut appearance you can already tell that the series was destined for greatness! Darla was definitely one badass vampire as she tried to trick Angel (Buffy’s love interest) into killing Buffy and then she also had the audacity to snack on Buffy’s mom. She was ultimately slain by Angel himself only to be resurrected by Wolfram & Hart later to harass Angel yet again to the point of *gulp* even bearing his child!

Darla is hot, she’s blonde, she’s manipulative and she has fangs – really now, can any vampire or mere mortal resist this vampiric vixen?


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9. Alice Cullen in Twilight

Alice Cullen is the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle and she is played by the saucy and seductive actress Ashley Greene. Since everyone seems to be engrossed with the Twilight phenomenon these days, I don’t have to really spell out the story then. In a nutshell, Alice is a member of the Cullen family- a family that consists of hot, sexy and pale looking vampires. Bella Swan (a human) gets involved with Edward (a vampire), the whole things gets blown out of proportion and yadi yada yada we all know how the story ends. In the movie, Alice is actually one of Bella’s loyal and sworn allies. Although there are vampires a plenty in this horror/romance flick, Alice Cullen is still our babe pick from Twilight.


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8. Akasha in the Queen of the Damned

Aaliyah was actually the hottie who played Akasha – an ancient Egyptian vampire (the mother of all vampires) who was awakened by Lestat’s racket he otherwise refers to, as music. After waking up from decades and decades of slumber, Akasha sets her eyes on Lestat and she immediately fell for his boyish sex appeal. She desired to make him her lover and partner in crime- for all ETERNITY.

Talk about an everlasting marriage!

Akasha actually kills both humans and vampires alike – which doesn’t really sit well with Lestat since he is after all a vampire lover. She eventually invited Lestat to rule beside her as her king and she also offered him a deal he can’t resist – the power to walk in the light. In the end though, Lestat ultimately busts her cap, but at least it was a great eye candy while it lasted.

7. Princess Karody in Vampyros Lesbos

Horror flick? Check.

Vampire movie? Check.

Hot lesbian vampires? Double check!!

Princess Karody was played by the ever gorgeous Soledad Miranda. Director “bizarro” Jesus Franco is actually famous for directing bizarre horror flicks that involved lesbians and prison- which for some strange reason, we don’t really mind at all. And one of his bizarre creations is “Vampyros Lesbos,” a perverse interpretation on the Nosferatu legend. The film follows lawyer Linda Westinghouse as she travels to the island of Kalidados to resolve the inheritance issue of a certain princess Karody. But the moment she steps onto the island, she instantly finds out that that the princess is actually the very woman who has been haunting her dreams and giving her erotic fantasies. As the story proceeds, Linda of course gets seduced by princess Karody and the rest you can say is lesbian vampiric history. Regardless of how bizarre this movie is, princess Karody is one lesbo vampire that you won’t mind saying “pardon me madam, but I think your teeth is in my neck.”


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6. Olga Kurylenko as a vampire in Paris, je t’aime

I don’t know about you, but I simply hated the movie Paris, je t’aime. It was a bunch of short films that’s supposed to radiate love and romance, but guess what? romance – shromance! It only left me bored to tears and with a sign on my forehead that read “WTF is supposed to be romantic about that??”

Anyway, stuff the actual film, the only segment that caught my attention was the 8th Arrondisment which was directed by Canadian filmmaker Vincenzo Natali. In the segment, we observe clueless backpacker Elijah Wood meet gorgeous model Olga Kurylenko for the first time. He ends up falling for her but little did he know that she had a grave secret – and we all know what that is …

She had HERPES.

Okay, I was only kidding – she was a vampire of course! Nevertheless, I don’t give a damn if a woman this gorgeous had a horrible secret. Heck, she can even have a tail and three legs and I would still welcome her with open arms – and an open neck!

5. Sarah Shagal in the Fearless Vampire Killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers is actually a 60’s vampire flick so some of you might not have heard of it at all. Sexy siren Sharon Tate played Sarah Shagal who was the daughter of a tavern keeper in the movie. The horror flick starts with the gorgeous actress being kidnapped by the creepy Count von Krolock. After the kidnapping, a pair of vampire hunters set off in a bid to get Sarah back from the Count. Unfortunately, by the time they make it to the Count’s vampiric castle, Sarah had already been bitten by the Count and had been transformed into a vampire. The clumsy pair manages to ultimately seize Sarah to escape in a horse-drawn carriage, only for her to turn around and bite them in their necks.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being bitten by this hot vampiric lass!


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4. Selene in Underworld: Evolution

Selene is a member of an ancient clan known as the “Death Dealers.” This clan have been given the task of protecting humankind from the ferocious creatures known as the Lycans – a race of hairy werewolves. Of course, it’s not a vampire movie without your token hottie and this is where Kate Beckinsale comes into play. In the movie, Selene uncovers a plot hatched by Kraven to evoke an ancient bloodline, feeling that no one else believes her, she singlehandedly sets out to handle the situation and crush the conspiracy in her hot and sexy leather outfit.

Most of the time during her action sequences, it’s so hard not to drift away and shift our focus towards her body hugging tight leather outfit and sexy accent. And what about that sex scene with Scott Speedman?

Got damn girl! That was downright nasty!


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3. Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk til Dawn

Santanico is actually a vampire queen and a stripper at the ‘Titty Twister’ in Texas – What a combo!

Let’s face it, that name alone is a force to be reckoned with! The writer that came up with this name is definitely a sheer genius! And the actress who played Santanico herself is one heck of a sexy being from another planet.

Santanico was played by none other than the super sexy siren – Salma Hayek. The odd thing about From Dusk til Dawn is that it starts out as your typical action flick – then all of a sudden half way through the movie all the strippers transform into these bloodthirsty vampires and Salma Hayek even takes a bite at Quentin Tarantino’s character Richie Gecko. The first bite then triggered the vampiric strippers, and they proceed to snack on whoever moved!

Although massacres aren’t generally considered as sexy, Salma Hayek’s sexy outfit and striptease sequence in the horror flick is enough reason to welcome bloodbath, carnage and gore in your system! Roarrr …


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2. Dracula’s bride in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Dracula definitely has it made.

He probably thought to himself, “Well, since I’m going to be roaming the world for all eternity as a vampire, then I might as well find a gorgeous piece of ass to roam with!”

And gorgeous she is.

The woman I’m referring to is Matrix hottie Monica Bellucci. She is hands down one of the hottest woman in the world with a face that can make any gay man think twice about his sexual preference and an ass and a set of rack that can send scores of men melting in a pool of drool. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 classic is one of the best Dracula films ever made, and casting Monica Bellucci as the bride is one of the main reasons why. There’s also a heart attack scene in the movie where she and her vampire sisters place Jonathan Harker in chains and then they indulge in *gasp* GROUP SEX. Now don’t you suddenly just feel like running to your nearest video store and grabbing a copy of this horror flick?


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1. Dracula’s Brides in  Van Helsing

Okay, maybe it’s a bit unfair to rank three drop dead gorgeous women at number one on the list when all the other contenders were just individuals, but the hell with the rules! There’s just no way in the world we can disregard Dracula’s Brides from the list – I mean, these women are the epitome of vampiric sexy!

So the big question is: Why does Dracula ALWAYS get the hottest women? You just saw who was at number two right? He’s dead already for goodness sakes; give the other guys a go! This creature is dead yet he still gets the girls! The world is such an unfair place to live in.

Anyway, the three brides I’m referring to are played by three stunning supermodels – Josie Maran as Marishka, Silvia Colloca as Verona and Elena Anaya as Aleera. Josie Maran alone is enough to get our blood boiling, what more if you add two supreme supermodels in the mix?

Be still my heart…

In the movie Van Helsing, the three Brides are part of a scheming plan to exploit the Frankenstein monster’s capabilities to give eternal life to their offspring’s. Van Helsing – always the meddler that he is, gets in the way of their plans and what follows is an all out brawl where Van Helsing gets his ass whooped by the three sexy supermodels in the form of overgrown bats. Of course, since they are villains in the movie they all end up dead in the end.

But come on now, after decades and decades of mind blowing happy times with his three stunning brides, I’m sure Dracula died a happy man.

  1. Am I just to darn old? Laura Parker as Angelique, Dark Shadows 1967-1971. Is , and will for ever remain, not just as a vampire, the most beautiful woman of all time!

  2. Hi Just_Erin, thank you for pointing out that significant fact- I must’ve been half asleep when I made that error! That mistake has now been rectified, thanks again!=)

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