7 Skin Care Mistakes That Cause Premature Aging

Are you concerned that your skin might be aging prematurely? Many people might notice signs of premature aging despite their best efforts to implement a skincare routine. Unfortunately, some skin care routines do not result in healthy skin, instead being the leading cause of premature aging. What are some of these mistakes? 

Choosing ineffective supplements

As you advance in age, supplements become part of your daily routine. To prevent premature aging, some vitamins and minerals can be especially helpful. 

Unfortunately, you might just not be seeing the results even after prolonged use. Why is this? Oral ingestion of vitamin supplements is the most common method used by most people worldwide. However, these supplements could be rendered less effective due to the digestive system. 

Opting for direct injection or intravenous delivery ensures your body receives the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals possible. Drip Hydration, IV Nutrition Now and AZ IV Medics provide Phoenix IV therapy in the comfort of your home. The supplements include NAD+ and beauty IV drips that naturally promote healthy skin.

Using soap for your face

What do you use to wash your face every day? Most soap brands use chemicals that help remove dirt and grime. Unfortunately, those chemicals harm the skin’s texture and appearance. 

Instead of using traditional soap to wash your face to prevent premature aging, choose a milder alternative. Some gentle face wash creams are designed to slow premature aging and promote healthy skin. Using a soft face wash twice daily to prevent premature aging.

Scrubbing dirt and grime

After a long day at work on a hot sunny day or after outdoor activities, you might be tempted to scrub all the dirt and grime away using an abrasive sponge. However, scrubbing can actually harm sensitive skin and could cause premature aging.

Refrain from scrubbing and gently use a face wash cream to wash and rinse daily. Then, exfoliate to remove dead skin and any dirt clogging skin pores. That is much more effective than using a face cloth or shower scrub to feel clean.

Unhealthy diet

For healthy skin, watching what you eat or drink is essential. Some foods and beverages – such as fatty foods, sugary drinks, and excessive alcohol – might be counterproductive to healthy skin. Setting up a diet with enough healthy fats will improve your skin’s elasticity and texture.

Focus on foods such as fatty fish, avocados, tomatoes, walnuts, and so on. Minimize any junk food that does not benefit skin health. Also, reduce the amount of soda you drink and instead opt for water or healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit juice. In addition, smoking expedites premature aging, so try to quit for healthy skin and overall general health. 

Using the wrong creams

Moisturizing your skin is essential in prolonging elasticity and preventing premature aging signs such as wrinkling or a different texture. Although skin moisturizer is vital in preventing premature aging, you should also stay away from the wrong creams. 

What creams are not suitable for prematurely aging skin? Regular body moisturizer has chemicals that might not be good for face skin. Although moisturizers with fragrances may smell wonderful, the added fragrances can irritate some types of skin. It’s important to know your skin type and tendencies and adjust your cream accordingly.

Living a sedentary life

Believe it or not, living a sedentary life is not suitable for healthy skin. A sedentary lifestyle negatively affects sleeping patterns, which could cause eye bags and wrinkling. Instead of this, choose the alternative and get out there for some exercise. 

Exercising increases your water intake, which is great for the skin. Also, exercising in the morning with the sun still rising helps you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. At the same time, blood circulation increases, bringing oxygenated blood to skin cells.


Exfoliating improves skin health, but it shouldn’t be overdone. Over-exfoliating has adverse effects that could require medical attention. For example, your skin might start developing pimples or red blotches. In addition, you might feel dryness or an itchy sensation at times. If you are exfoliating with organic products, aim to exfoliate at least twice a week.

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