Victoria’s Secret Has Been Blasted For Suggesting That Women Should Wear Lingerie As Outerwear


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Victoria’s Secret latest campaign called the “(Un)Dress Code” is sparking outrage all over the internet because now they are suggesting that women should wear lingerie as outerwear.

Yes, you read that right.

Their latest campaign encourages customers to “take it outside in easy, edgy satin and lace” and a lot of people are fuming over this statement because they feel that the famous brand has just gone way too far.


Victoria’s Secret Facebook page

Victoria’s Secret is recommending that items such as Bralettes, lace bodysuits and slip dresses should be used as everyday clothes and a lot of people are simply not happy with this recommendation.

Below are some complaints about Victoria’s Secret latest campaign – do you agree or disagree with them?


Source: Buzzfeed

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