This Man Tried To Manhandle Supermodel Gigi Hadid But He Ended Up Getting Elbowed In The Face


Take heed of our warning all you wannabe pranksters out there; don’t even think about messing with Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid was leaving the venue for the Milan Fashion Week when a prankster who goes by the name of Sediuk decided to come up behind her and pick her up. Now this infamous prankster has been notorious for targeting a number of high-profile celebs such as Kim Kardashian, America Ferrara and Brad Pitt so he has done this before.

Well Gigi did not appreciate being randomly manhandled by a punk so she was able to break free from the pranksters hold by knocking him right in the face with an elbow – serves him right for picking on her!

Check out the video below (source: Access Hollywood):

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