This Insane Before And After Transformation Of An Acne-Ridden Girl Will Literally Make Your Jaws Drop

Screenshot from Kali Kushner’s Instagram account 
Let’s face it; everyone dreads acne. There’s nothing more demoralizing than to have your face full of pimples especially if you have a big date coming up.
Kali Kushner had cystic acne which is worst of the worst when it comes to acne. She tried a number of over-the-counter treatments which only made her condition worse. That is until her dermatologist suggested Accutane which is an oral medication that reduces oil production in the skin.
The result was mind-boggling.
She posted her entire acne journey on Instagram and definitely inspired a lot of people going through the same experience. Here’s what she said on one of her posts:
“I probably don’t have to tell you this BUT experiencing psychological effects from acne is a REALLY real thing,” she wrote referring to the above photo. “Things like depression, anger, and anxiety can be linked to acne- regardless of the severity. Many times this gets swept under the rug but I’m here to tell you that is a completely NORMAL feeling & you’re not alone!”
Check out her amazing transformation below courtesy of Kali Kushner’s Instagram account :
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